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  1. Uh, I didn't know such a filter existed - that is just how I write normally. Sorry about that. Regarding your post - I just provided proof that your concerns are justified.
  2. Uh. I think those stats are rubbish. Look at this: 68-29 Converted CCCs in the past 30 league games. But the team only scored 52-18 in those games...
  3. I ran the benchmark with FM in the background: Plugging/unplugging or rebooting doesn't make a difference.
  4. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I deleted the folders, but no change. MBP_eGPU.spx
  5. Hi, I just tried to play on a Macbook Pro from 2017 with a AMD Radeon Vega 56 attached as eGPU. Checking the preferences in FM2020 shows "This PC's 3D Graphics Capability" is only 1 star, and the GFX during a match are atrocious. The same setup with a HP laptop (same eGPU enclosure, same GPU) gives me 5 stars. Is there an issue with Macs and eGPUs with FM2020?
  6. The second season: Transfers: Spahic was getting old in the tooth, so I let him go and replaced him with a nice, cheap Norwegian talent. I also wanted a striker with more potential than Wood, and I kinda broke Waldschmidt by playing him in the reserves the previous season, so I signed a big name striker from Sweden (you all know his dad). The full backs I have are good enough for the Bundesliga, but I want to improve long term, so I got another two prospects for there as well. Additionally, Ostrzolek made some noises about not getting enough playing time (I pre
  7. So you got rid of Cleber and Djourou within a year? What do you not like about them, i.e. which stats do you look for in a defender? I only ever play as HSV these days, so I only know transfers funds as lacking in the first 2-3 seasons. Fine by me, though - I like building my players up, so I ask my boards for the respective philosophies and then just sign them young. At the moment i am at the beginning of the third season, so I can post my second season bits in a moment.
  8. I went with the 4-2-3-1 counter, and the results are reliably good, even when starting with a 1/20 manager as in the below example: The transfers: Incoming: Soler was a mistake - he was a 5 star recommendation by my scouts and looked a great buy at first, but his low determination cost him in the end. He didn't improve and was shipped out to the reserves at the end of the season. Lameira was a brilliant buy - a wonderkid that does fill those stars given time, and he did a job from the bench or as stand-in when more seasoned pros were out. Velk
  9. Perfect squad for a 4-2-3-1 with wingers, not inside forwards and a counter mentality (so much pace - use the space!). In FM that works really well, unlike in the real world, I guess. Well, the first few games IRL were close, and now moral is shattered, that explains part of our misery, and the lack of cover in DC/DM. In my save the team performed really well and EL qualification followed. Started a new save with a more realistic me as manager (all stats a 1 ), and again the team started really well. Gotta keep the confidence up and it will be smooth sailing. There
  10. Especially as this may be the last chance, with the way things are going IRL. FM as therapy - that's the way it has been this decade, and there's no end in sight
  11. Shots are a meaningless stat, just like possession. What counts are chances. What were the CCC and half chances for the games?
  12. Regarding unambitious players: IIRC the strategy is to choose the second tutoring option (tutor him off the field), and let him be tutored by only slightly better characters (so the character difference isn't too much). You have to do this cycle a number of times only to get him out of unambitious, so it's long winded with limited success. Regarding WCs: So, it's 2052 until Africa finally wins one? Take that, Pele.
  13. Whoa! 10-1. That's the biggest win in the club's history! Thanks for that. Amazing that you spank Rangers like that.
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