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  1. Conquering Britain and Ireland [FM13]

    Gotta take United, better Club for sure and 80 Mil to finish 6th and there already 8th? No Brainer
  2. Brighton Went up through the playoffs
  3. Closest championship I've ever seen, I'm not involved in the league but it just stunned me when i saw it!
  4. FMS Final Awards Ballot - Awards Ceremony 27th November 2011

    Votes Claimed, best of luck
  5. why not sign them and sell them on for profit
  6. When i Play as Man United, as my 3rd backup keeper each season i pick a free agent well known old player no where near the quality to play for United like Hanenman, Turner, anyone that is free, and i make sure i give them 1 league game in there 1 season contract, its almost like a story they could tell there grand kids about, i actually played a game for Man United ya know Junior!
  7. [FM11] dafuge on tour

    Thanks for the excellent career Dafuge, always entertaining to read through, the differing styles people have to playing the game is fascinating
  8. Went to load up football manager for second time today and receive this error anytime i click to loan a game or anything "not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1 of profile0.xml" Have tried un-installing and reinstalling with Steam for no joy, any suggestions?
  9. Moldovan Monopoly

    Come on Kuthra!
  10. Moldovan Monopoly

    Wow a game! HuzzaH!
  11. Why Chelsea! Why Chelsea! of all the clubs in the world!
  12. Major interest early on but no moves for My Barrow lad!
  13. Sweeping Changes?! - Sign-Up Thread

    Player Name - Scal Taylor Player Nationality - English Second Nationality - Jamaican The variables that you can set for your sweeper; Preferred foot (main foot set to 20, weaker foot set to 10): Left or Right Up to 8 visible player attributes to set to 18 (all other visible player attributes will be left to be randomly generated) Visible Player Attribute 1 - Tackling Visible Player Attribute 2 - Marking Visible Player Attribute 3 - Influence Visible Player Attribute 4 - Decisions Visible Player Attribute 5 - Stamina Visible Player Attribute 6 - Heading Visible Player Attribute 7 - Jumping Visible Player Attribute 8 - Anticipation Up to 3 hidden player attributes to select and set to any number (all other hidden player attributes will be left to be randomly generated) Hidden Attribute 1 (and score) - Professionalism - 20 Hidden Attribute 2 (and score) - Consistency - 20 Hidden Attribute 3 (and score) - Important Matches - 20 One Player Preferred Move - Does Not Dive Into Tackles Blue Square Premier Club - Barrow Preferred Squad Number - 4
  14. Moldovan Monopoly

    Same Boat
  15. Moldovan Monopoly

    haha ridiculus lol! i swear he cant use a pen so just refuses every contract!