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  1. I have a B team and am looking for youngsters to develop with them. The B team plays in a league (a few divisions down from me). My question comes when negotiating contracts. These youngsters usually only want about £500 p/w but then want £2-3-4-5000 'wage after reaching club career games' (Usually only 20). Would these B team games count towards this wage increase? If it does count then it doesn't make signing these youngsters worthwhile, if it doesn't then brilliant.
  2. It's not really a massive problem for people here in Oz. We've got the 2nd highest minimum wage in the world. It doesn't mean we're rolling in money it just means the Oz dollar is very strong compared to other markets. I used to earn £5.90 ph which I thought was OK and here in Oz I get $23ph which is like £14+ for the same job. Anyway I just order my games from England. I got FM11 for $38 delivered.
  3. Sounds like a great idea to me!
  4. cough AUD$37 cough Love getting games from the UK. Games in Oz have always been $90-$100 upon release, this USED to comply with the exchange rate of the mid 90's but not anymore. Oz is expensive but wages are high, (minimum around $20 p/h+) so $90 for a game isn't unreasonable. The savvy ones will net hunt and there are more dedicated sites exporting games to Oz for around half of the rrp. It's the stores/countries mark up anyway so SI isn't losing out.
  5. I've had a my Macbook Pro for 4+ years and played 07 on it no problem. Are you using Snow Leopard? Maybe that's the problem.
  6. International Caps

    Search Edit Filter Disable 'As assistant to filter unrealistic targets' Select International Caps PRESTO You have a list of players from most capped to least. (Currently 2018) Donovan retired with 176 caps Casillas - still in Spain squad and 175 caps DaMarcus Beasley - still in USA squad and 157 caps Sergio Ramos is 32 and is in the Spain squad and has 128 caps Carlos Vela - 29 with 100 caps and 101 international goals for Mexico!
  7. I bet Kilmarnock were glad they knocked that penalty in. They wouldn't want to be taunted that they couldn't beat 7 men.
  8. ^ But that is loan debt on the information page as opposed to balance of the finances section which will probably hover around the £0 - -£15m for you.
  9. I've dipped down to -£30m a few times and have a some lovely £30m pound loans to eventually pay back. If only I could have a bigger stadium, 12000 in the Prem is not enough.
  10. Paying £1Million more than a players minimum release clause I don't have all that much money just never expected him to have such a low one. Usually they are always for something stupid like £147m
  11. Stand Closed.

    North Queensland Fury IRL thought of closing 3 sides of their stadium last year as they were getting 4000 fans in a 20000 seater stadium.
  12. Now these are extremely rare in real life (bar friendlies) but I usually will change 2 or 3 players around the 60 minute mark. How many others do this? I usually do it as I can't be bothered to sub at 60, 65 and again at 70.
  13. Forgot to pre-contract an excellent youth prospect and off he went and jumped to Celtic on a free the second he turned 17
  14. England 5 - Senegal 3 Friendly so I played a 3-4-1-2, Senegal were leading 3-2 after 30 minutes. Great entertainment for the fans, they got their moneys worth.