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  1. hi @Rob Heckman - why is that relevant? Before I spoke to him, I could remove him. I was going to remove him and decided to talk to him. I spoke to him and then AGREED TO KEEP him as captain, but when I went back to the choose captain notice, I could no longer choose him. So essentially I wanted to keep him as captain, but couldnt once I spoke to him.
  2. Same issue. See thread: I can upload save too. Called: Jonathan G****** - Sunderland Beta
  3. Ah ok, thanks. I could choose him before I spoke with him though. Hope its fixed soon, dont want my team to revolt!
  4. I had a similar issue. I promised a player hed start more games. At the end of the season he was angry, and so were all of his buddies, that I didnt keep my promise. He played 32 games, all of them starts. This is definitely not correct.
  5. Hi, At the beginning of the season (3rd Season) I am asked in my inbox to choose my captains. I spoke to my captain about dropping him, but then said ill give him another chance. Now when I go back to the choose captain screen, he is not selectable (Tyias Browning). See screenshot. Any ideas? If I dont choose him my squad get annoyed! https://imgur.com/a/RRpB8pW
  6. Cool thanks, I was expecting something linked to the Data Analyst role, where the view itself provided analysis of some sort. Cheers.
  7. But why is it a "Data Analyst" camera? What about it allows any Data Analysis?
  8. Hi all, does anyone know what the Data Analyst Camera is for? It looks no different to a sideline camera.
  9. So just tried what you suggested and I scored 4 goals! Was only playing Cardiff but still, it looks like it may work. EDIT: Also switched the AMC (DeBruyne) to Shadow Striker and he banged in 2 goals.
  10. Thanks! Doesn't seem to be working that way :/ I cheated and added HUGE sponsorship deals and the cap is still at 46,000.
  11. I pretty much only ever play as Sunderland or Unemployed. I win more games unemployed though.
  12. Hey I'm sure this has been asked but I have searched and can't see an answer. Im wondering how often the limits imposed by the Financial Fair Play rules get changed? Is it month to month or every season? I.e. I have a FFP wage cap of 46,000 with Port Vale but I've been selling players and my cap remains the same 46,000. Do player sales make a difference in terms of the cap or is it only for monthly earnings?
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