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  1. thanx cragswfc, where did you find it mate? i also noticed that in real madrid tactic the wingers and the left striker are having support duty , and the one you uploaded all up front having attack. is there any difference ? have you ever tried it?
  2. Hi everyone could someone help me download this tactic from the same site?? thanx in advance. http://www.fm-thai.com/board/index.php?showtopic=105491&st=40
  3. hi everyone , i can't understand how it works. and from where i should load my save.if someone can give some help with a few words.thanx in advance.
  4. thank you TATOX ,have a nice day.
  5. hello everyone ,In this post there are many tactics.can someone tell me witch is the best tactic for 11.2.1 patch ? the original one? basal? antwerp? or Devasto 2 punte.thnx in advanced