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  1. Ronaldo Signs For Chelsea.. :O

    Happened to me too.
  2. Havn't read every comment, but I started a new game on the new patch and during pre-season, all my French players (Clichy, Sagna, Diaby etc) were suspended for all the games during pre-season. Eventhough it's for internationals?!
  3. Man utd v Wolves

    You might get a private message from Fergie telling you to field a weaker side and he might add a little to your transfer budget
  4. Metal_Guitarist's FM10 Update

    Thanks, and thanks again for the update, everyone seems to be please and sounds like I will be another! Cheers!
  5. Metal_Guitarist's FM10 Update

    Just a quick question. I have got Forbie and Dial Square updates, can I remove them and just keep the latest MG update? So the lower leagues will be called the NPower etc? Thanks
  6. Metal_Guitarist's FM10 Update

    He is under 21.. Lookin forward to the update!
  7. Your Best Bargain

    Luis Suarez - 5.75m. He became unhappy and got transfer listed. Lovely jubbly.
  8. Im sure I saw a screenshot where 2 players had a fight during training, maybe I was dreaming lol. Cheers then.
  9. I have used the search bar aswell. Can't find it.
  10. I want to show my mate. It was 2 players who had a fight, think it might have been in traning. Thanks!!
  11. Your First 11 [spoilers]

    Gillingham, don't actually have anymore Gillingham players unfortunately! Lol! Im in the 3rd season, with the update of the transfers, in the Championship. GK - A.Smithies RB - K.Gilbert CB - De Laet CB - C.Dawson LB - M.Williams DM - D.Plessis/J.Emmanuel-Thomas CM - M.Eikrem CM - T.Cohen ST - Wellington Silva (Loan) ST - L.Griffiths ST - F.Borini Subs GK - W.Szchezny CB - A.Williams CDM - D.Plessis/J.Emmanuel-Thomas CM - J.Bostock AM - R.Morrison ST - K.Etuhu ST - E.Cani
  12. Have they played the match that they play for clubs to scout them? I have noticed that I had to wait until after they had played the game so that I could sign them.
  13. I remember offering Denilson + 15m for Gourcuff, then Gourcuffs club came back to me and said Denilson + 6.75m.. DEAL!