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  1. Happened to me too.
  2. Havn't read every comment, but I started a new game on the new patch and during pre-season, all my French players (Clichy, Sagna, Diaby etc) were suspended for all the games during pre-season. Eventhough it's for internationals?!
  3. You might get a private message from Fergie telling you to field a weaker side and he might add a little to your transfer budget
  4. Thanks, and thanks again for the update, everyone seems to be please and sounds like I will be another! Cheers!
  5. Just a quick question. I have got Forbie and Dial Square updates, can I remove them and just keep the latest MG update? So the lower leagues will be called the NPower etc? Thanks
  6. He is under 21.. Lookin forward to the update!
  7. Luis Suarez - 5.75m. He became unhappy and got transfer listed. Lovely jubbly.
  8. Im sure I saw a screenshot where 2 players had a fight during training, maybe I was dreaming lol. Cheers then.
  9. I have used the search bar aswell. Can't find it.
  10. I want to show my mate. It was 2 players who had a fight, think it might have been in traning. Thanks!!
  11. Gillingham, don't actually have anymore Gillingham players unfortunately! Lol! Im in the 3rd season, with the update of the transfers, in the Championship. GK - A.Smithies RB - K.Gilbert CB - De Laet CB - C.Dawson LB - M.Williams DM - D.Plessis/J.Emmanuel-Thomas CM - M.Eikrem CM - T.Cohen ST - Wellington Silva (Loan) ST - L.Griffiths ST - F.Borini Subs GK - W.Szchezny CB - A.Williams CDM - D.Plessis/J.Emmanuel-Thomas CM - J.Bostock AM - R.Morrison ST - K.Etuhu ST - E.Cani
  12. Have they played the match that they play for clubs to scout them? I have noticed that I had to wait until after they had played the game so that I could sign them.
  13. I remember offering Denilson + 15m for Gourcuff, then Gourcuffs club came back to me and said Denilson + 6.75m.. DEAL!