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  1. In my opinion, the tactic is balanced, so it might work But above all, the tactic seem to make use of the strengths of the attacking players. I don't know which players you use, but the WH squad has a few players suited for the CF role (Sakho, Calleri, Zaza) with very good physical ability (pace, strenght) and good finishers. There is pace and skill on the wings, which all come into play with fast balls from deep (Ball playing defender, early crosses). You have 2 playmakers in the center, (I asume Noble is in the DLP role, ), and a more aggresive BWM (which i like if he's not the most defensive role in center midfield), that should give a stable midfield trio. I always find it difficult to find balance in a top heavy formation, but with less adventurous defensive line, like the one you use, it should give enough defensive stability. I rarely used the "early crosses" myself, but it makes a lot of sense in this tactic. The combination you use in roles and TI's seem to allow variation in attack as well. This just pops into my mind: I am wondering: does a Complete Forward need a team which is set up with various sort of attacking threats? Back to topic: Which were the games you struggled? Against big teams? Did you had troubles with certain formations? the tactic as a whole makes sense to me. There are a few potential issues (top heavy, so there will be some gaps, maybe limited width on the left) but the players involved will add to the solution (or problem ) as well. I am going to test this tactic anyway , or at least a few ideas
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