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  1. Windowed Mode for Mac

    Just to let anyone who needs to know, know...I found a way to run windowed mode on my mac at a resolution of 1024 x 768, it seems to work so far without any problems but if you try it and it makes yours run slow or stuff, don't blame me =]. I tried to load a game and it said "game could not be loaded"...and it minimised fm so I could find the folder, and that was it. So all I did was put a saved game from fm 07 in the games folder, start fm...and choose that one. Once it says it can't be loaded, then it goes to windowed mode and I chose the correct game file and boom...windowed mode, even though the option is still greyed out in the menu. The only slight thing is that you can't see the news ticker at the bottom, but if you need to see it...just press F10 . Hope this helps anyone.
  2. I'm sorry but I've looked long and hard through countless threads to find an answer but maybe I'm blind and can't see one. I downloaded the demo last year and it was fine...windowed mode worked, I could select it from the drop down menu. However, since installing the proper game...it's greyed out. Now my screen resolution is 1024 x 768 which should be big enough I think. It ran the demo in windowed, and it ran FM07 in windowed. If I was on a pc I could use the shortcut extension, but I don't think there's anywhere to put that on a mac. It's no big discomfort, but it'd be nice to beable to use this feature Any help appreciated Cheers (oh, and I have the second patch installed)
  3. I've got a problem similer, although I'm able to play the 2d mode...I can't play it in 3d as what happens to you, happens to me. I can't think of any solutions other than to check your graphics card and see if it's good enough? I've just assumed that mines isn't.