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  1. Apologies for bumping this thread but I was wondering if anyone had attempted this in FM19? Would be great to see how this can be interpreted with the tactical changes. Mainly where to put the line of engagement, in transition & out of possession instructions plus the defensive width.
  2. Hi all When I select a role on the main player screen to show the key attributes I can see two colours pop up as indicators beside the attributes. 1. Which colour are the key attributes? 2. which colour are the nice to have additional attributes? thanks in advance Jonathan
  3. Reading this thread is so funny. Being 36 I remember the old days before steam when you didn’t get a beta. Back then it was whether your local computer shop would release the game to you early. I do remember driving around on my way home from work one year as SI decided to let some stores sell it early. Ended up in a blockbusters of all places. Then it progressed on to internet shopping & the forums having threads of play.com have sent my copy early with the usual melt down threads of people getting their copies through the post late. How times have changed 😬
  4. I agree the information is there but a nice improvement would be on the loan offer screen would the head of youth development saying “this choice of loan isn’t going to help player x for the above reasons” Of course it is ultimately up to us as manager to make correct choices but would be good for newer players of the game to have their staff give their opnion to help them along. Just my 2 cents & would stop a lot of the “Loans are broken” thread in the forum.
  5. What is needed is feedback to us the manager about where our younger player is going to as potential Loan destination. How does the train facilities match up? Does the level of competition they play in compare to where our assistant manager or coaches feel the player currently is? Then the out on loan reports should also mention these aspects as the reason for a good or poor loan performance. Finally the AI code for the DOF or which ever staff member is sending players on loan looks at these when making a decision.
  6. Looks a great additon & should aid managers in knowing if any players are in the “Red Zone” as mentioned by a certain Mr Wenger in real life! It is more of a visual guide to how training workloads & number of matches can have an impact. Plus you can spot the Daniel Sturridge’s & Andy Carrol’s of your team so you can get rid of them
  7. Great little tactic this one & got Walsal promoted up to the Championship for me & helped me land the Hull job. I would say moving down from Control to standard helps when you are in the lead to shut up shop at times.
  8. Hey guys Now that the FM17 beta is out I was wondering if anyone has tried to implement this on the new match engine. Would be great to know if the standard & very fluid combination is still working as well? Had great fun using this tactic in FM16 & am trying to implement it using Blackburn in the championship for FM17.
  9. Yep I enjoyed FML & yes it had it's problems which I don't believe can be resolved even if it was released again today. People at the end of the day want to play a game to win & sign their favourite players. Unfortunately this isn't always possible & so players would sign up & then leave after 5 mins because they couldn't handle not being great at the game or bitter that they arrived too late in a game world & there was no way to catch people up. As a result the game worlds became barren & full of computer controlled teams etc. Anyway just my view on it
  10. Hi Have just seen the Telegraph interview that Miles has done & wanted to check if this is also being applied to FMT? Thanks Jonathan
  11. Hi all, I understand that the full fat game is getting a features video tomorrow night. I was just wondering if SI or Miles is playing on any sort of information release about FMT 2017 with new features or changes etc? As I have for the first time purchased the single FMT version of the game instead of the full game as I have since the original Championship Manager. Jonathan
  12. This year is the first I have bought the standalone Touch version on steam. A sign of the times as I have found myself always going classic / touch the last few years after begining on the full fat game. I play 2D pitch so as always the match engine is important that it reflects the choices of tactic in the best possible way
  13. OK many thanks my source was the screen with all the different versions on it. Confusing as it said Touch version is part of the full version price etc. OK great news for the 13th then
  14. Hi all, Having now read through all the various release information I just wanted to check something. If I buy the full PC version of FM 2016 my understanding is that on the 13th November only the full version mode will be live. The touch (Formerly Classic Mode) although included in the price will not be live 13th November but will be available at a later date before Christmas. Am I correct in this assumption? Many thanks Jonathan
  15. Signed a player not realising that his appeal on a work permit would be rejected. On FMC am I now stuck with a player I can't appeal to get a WP or can I appeal again after a season etc?
  16. Thank you for the prompt reply Mr Rosler & appreciate you like to do a comprehensive write up to accompany the upload.
  17. Sounding good Mr Rosler! Would that be tomorrow morning or evening for the tactics potentially being uploaded? Looking forward to using them on my Blackburn FMC save I started during beta. In my third season & still in the championship but have massively reduced my wage bill & started to pay off the massive debt we have focusing on youth products. Hoping the tactic(s) will get me to the premier league & debt free sooner rather than later
  18. Hi all Thank you for your replies. Ok will load as many Scandinavian leagues as I can then
  19. Hi Lucas Sorry if this already has been answered somewhere else. On FMC if say I wanted to load all Scandinavian players how would I do this? I see that I could load all of the division from Sweden, Norway but is there another option where I click to load all players from a country. Thanks in advance Jonathan
  20. Loving your work as always Mr Rosler! Looking forward to what you find out.....
  21. I would say with the match engine now including ball physics there is only so much you will be able to do. However looking to better yourself is never a bad thing Looking at real life & how Bayern were just playing with Arsenal last night shows you that even with Pep's perfect tactics players are human & make mistakes!
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