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  1. New Rivalries FM 2012

    Saying that, Reading's (Premier league) main rivals are Oxford (Conference) and Swindon (League 1).
  2. Why hasn't reading's tv money been fixed???!!!??!?!
  3. No Premier League TV money???

    Do I have to pay for FMRTE? This is madness, why should I pay for something I don't want/need purely because the game is programmed wrong?
  4. No Premier League TV money???

    I read somewhere that this was an issue, but surely it should have been fixed? Or have SI completely screwed this up?
  5. I'm playing 12.2.1 and I've been promoted as Reading, and kind of took a financial risk in going up knowing that I would get the Premier League TV money next season. However, now that I'm in October 2012 and I haven't received ANY TV money, my club is financially f***ed and it's ruining my game! Where's my money???
  6. two things which have just upset me on fm

    You're a fool for quitting with no job to go to...you wouldn't do that IRL.
  7. He was absolutely awesome for my AC Milan team for 2 seasons scoring around 30 goals per season, but then all his stats fell badly when he hit 27...and now he's terrible.
  8. Started a free player DB game?

    Shane Long and Gylfi Sigurdsson please.
  9. How to get an interesting job?

    Well then look for teams that are struggling in the Prem and apply for jobs???
  10. How has this happened? I don't keep a reserves side so now I'm going to have to field my U20s against their reserves! In the Champions League... This match is really important as well as I also have Arsenal in my group
  11. Fixtures - Pretty Annoyed

    This happened to my Reading team, except I think I got 4 points from the 9, so I was pretty chuffed tbh. See it as a challenge.
  12. How stupid is my staff?

    I love the irony of the thread title...
  13. Friendly mistake

    I'm managing AC Milan and I organised a pre-season friendly against Spurs on the 12th August, not realising that this weekend was an international break. It comes to the team selection screen and I literally have 6 players left in the squad. It's too late to cancel, so I have to fill the blanks with Under 20s as I don't have a reserve team (out of choice). My under 20s are terrible, and I was preparing for a battering, only to find that we dominated against a full strength team, and won the match 1-0! My 16yo striker did get sent off though, but still I didn't expect my team to perform so well. Has anyone else done something similar by accident?
  14. Very poor signings

    Chris Cohen makes the first team at Man City on mine....
  15. Have I been ripped off?

    It's ALL about Taye Taiwo.