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  1. FM12: Looking For Thread

    Club: Hearts Budget: 1.5, maybe stretch to 2 million Looking for: poacher With: speed! Season: august, 1st season Wages: 15k max
  2. FM12: What Team Should I Be?

    Nation: Any in Europe but outside the UK Division: 1st or 2nd European Competition: not really necessary Media Prediction: low to mid table finish Board Expectation(s): Continental finish Transfer Budget: not too fussed, upwards of 100k would be nice Wage Budget: 60k+ Finances: secure Bored of my yearly save with Hearts & looking for something in a bit different. i must admit the Neuchatel Xamax suggestion a few posts above looks appealing.
  3. Looking for a German side to manage having never lasting a season there. Somewhere lower bundesliga, high bundesliga 2 with a few decent prospects to build a team around. Not too fussed about finances but a decent wage/transfer budget would be a bonus. Cheers.
  4. The FM11 Looking For Thread

    Club: Monaco Budget: 2mil Looking for: Amr or Aml (or both) With: Pace Other: better if they're from the EU Season: 1st (August)
  5. Most You've payed for a player?

    100 or so million for Messi quite a few seasons in for QPR in FM09. Didn't really need him but had the cash spare.
  6. u21 help!

    thank you.
  7. u21 help!

    Spoke too soon, same problem yet this time with my club. help!
  8. u21 help!

    It would seem it has fixed after i saved it and returned to the game. thanks anyway.
  9. u21 help!

    Yes, both main and vice captains, who are both selected to start the match.
  10. u21 help!

    Yup, all players are eligible, have a keeper selected in the formation and a player in the relevant slot. Also selected new captain and vice captain who are both in the first team set it says i haven't done this.
  11. u21 help!

    Accepted the job as England u21 manager, however once i select my squad i can't continue to a match as it says i haven't selected a captain or goalkeepers, both of which i have done. Any help, I'd rather not just holiday through it as its my first game in charge.
  12. The FM11 Looking For Thread

    Club: Hearts Budget: 1mil Looking for: def mid With: all rounder with a bit of creativity Season: start of the first season
  13. Looking for a team outside the big European leagues, maybe more eastern Europe or even further abroad (although already done Australia, Brazil and Argentina). Not too fussed about size but a decent youth setup would be a bonus. Thanks!
  14. FM 11 Heart of Midlothian fc thread

    Season 5: won the league comfortably, although lost my first ever Scottish cup game to Celtic at the semi-final stage, they also beat me in the league cup final. Done wonderfully in champions league however by reaching the semi-final stage. Could really do with a bigger/new stadium as its holing me back financially (wages are close to the 300k mark). Team looks like this at the end of the season: GK: Asenjo/Boruc RB: Thomson/Richards CB: Demidov CB: Demerit/Chicao(regen) LB: Wallace DM: Ropotan/A.Diarra DM: Gago/Corsini(regen) AMR/AML: Driver, Templeton, Ben Arfa, Andrezinho(regen) AMC: Kranjcar/Robinson ST: Eduardo, Goodwillie, Griffiths The league is getting a little boring but going to stick with the save as i'd love to win the champions league - never managed it with Hearts before.