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  1. Is it possible to see this analysis for the whole season rather than just match by match? I'm trying to focus play through my wingers but in some games there's still a lot of attacks through the centre. I'm wondering if I'm over doing the width. Im telling them to exploit wings, clear to wings, play wider and I'm playing with attacking wingers. Could i be isolating the wingers and forcing my team to play more centrally?
  2. lmiddleham

    Hidden attributes of trialists

    Thanks MMitch19 - no more cheap scouting by pulling in loads of trialists then! Phnompenhandy - yes you're absolutely right, it's the masked attributes I'm after.
  3. Hi, I'm playing FM18. In FM15, the last version I played, you could uncover all attributes of a player by signing them on trial. It looks as if in FM18 you only uncover a few stats. What determines how much more of these become visible? Also, if I sign a player on a transfer who hasn't been fully scouted, will their attributes also remain hidden until later in the game? Thanks
  4. Any more info on this please?
  5. So the initial promise was to start negotiations on a new contract. I negotiated once but we couldn't agree terms. He's unhappy talks broke down when discussing the new contract promised. So yes he does reference the fact I was unable to agree terms. Now several players have complained because they feel I should offer him a new contract. I DID offer a new contract. I had a meeting with the squad but there wasn't really an option to say I did offer a contract and anything referencing the fact negotiations stalled etc. I've now got an unhappy team on my hands and I'm not even through pre season, through nothing I could really have controlled.
  6. So Steve Irwin came to me about wanting a new contract. I promised him I would sort it and immediately after the convo I offered him a contract. I wasn't able to agree terms. The save game I have is from after this (too big to upload). If you continue a few days you'll see that he comes to me demanding to know why I haven't offered him a contract. If you go to offer him a contract you'll see he's not willing to talk at the moment due to the last negotiation failing so you can see I did indeed offer him a contract. Maybe I should have continued a day after the initial convo to let the promise sink in, but as far as I'm concerned I've kept the promise. I said I'd offer him a contract and I did. The fact we couldn't agree terms is a different issue.
  7. lmiddleham

    Legends/All Stars Teams

    Awesome cheers. I saw that thread but I didn't realise someone had updated it for FM12. I've just gotta wait to get the actual game now!
  8. lmiddleham

    Legends/All Stars Teams

    Hi I remember back in the days of CM4 I created a squad of the best players ever (and registered them all to Birmingham City FC so I could get some glory there for once!) That was back before I was aware of the forums and the huge editing projects people do. I'm surprised there isn't such a database in production/built for FM12 yet. I'm thinking of all the greats at one team, or maybe 100s of legendary players at the various clubs they played for when they were at their peak. Does anyone know if such a database is being built? Thanks
  9. lmiddleham

    How do you play?

    Looks like lower league management is the way to go. I think I'll start unemployed and see where I end up. I'm watching key highlights of the match though, I'm not keen on commentary only
  10. What do you find the most fun way of playing a long career game? Do you prefer to start unemployed and try and build your way up to being a top manager working worldwide or is that too tough and you start high? When you're watching the games do you watch whole matches or just go for extended or key? Do you think you see anything more to help your tactics by watching something more detailed than just key highlights?
  11. lmiddleham

    Quality of Regens

    I've looked at the Redditch team on the demo, crap regens should fit right in! Thanks for the answers. Look slike I'll have to build them up a bit before getting any players with good potential
  12. Hi What effects the quality of regens that I will get at my club? For example I'm going to start a game as Redditch Utd whose facilities and reputation are both pretty poor. Are these the only 2 factors that affect the PA of a regen that will come to the club? Once I have a regen, what factors dictate how close they will get to their PA? Quality of coaches, reputation of matches played in? Thanks
  13. I'm getting this game around Xmas. Was gonna start as Redditch (my nearest BSN/BSS team) I'm really tempted to start as Alvechurch though (Level 9 I believe) How well does this download run though. It seems there are issues with cups etc and I don't want to start a game and find it's buggy then start again. Is it worth downloading and playing a long game with. I'm aiming to start in the low leagues and work my way to the top (as a manager, not necessarily with the same team) Thanks