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  1. Dragus - romanian kid. great inside winger on the left
  2. surprised no one has posted this http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/football-manager-2016-15-collect-17-delivered-dover-athletic-f-c-2331955
  3. 4231 mate Williams has 4 in 6 Mendes has 4 in 7 Nelson3 in 4 Started the season losing Ward and just now Burke is out for a few weeks. No signings made
  4. Finished August playing 7 games including the cup and i'm 4th in the league won 5 drawn 1 lost1 Jonny Williams is great at AMC. Mendez is superb as well
  5. I've made my mind up and Forest it is. Will check out your thread now
  6. I changed my mind after holidaying an unemployed game i'm starting with Blackburn not looking good up front with so many injured
  7. Was between Forest and Blackburn but I went for Blackburn. Will try to get this game going without stopping thanks though FFS I just cant be bothered to do them will start unemployed with regional/b qualifications and see what job i can get maybe....
  8. I done a save with Leeds in the beta and won promotion first season and finished mid table comfortably twice. Got a little bored of it as Massimo gave me 60m/80m transfer budgets in the premier league!! I was thinking Forest/Blackburn due to embargos or Bolton because of the finances. Heskey and Ameobi up front would be quite a challenge too
  9. Haven't really got a game going it was released Any suggestions on who to be?
  10. I'm getting the same problem, annoying... but holding shift + r doesn't do anything, any ideas guys?
  11. "We apologize that we are not licensed to sell Football Manager 2016 in this territory." Going by that I would of thought it won't be sold in Japan ever
  12. Unsure if this has been reported on or not but after finishing my first season I had a team meeting pop up, might of been about the start of the season I can't really remember but the problem was I wasn't able to finish it after choosing one option something like "we all did great last season, lets see what we can do this season" I had to go on holiday to get past it. Wasnt in windowed mode or small screen res, same as last year it's fine so can't be that.
  13. Hi Rashidi, I've been following all your threads on here and blog just never posted. What I was wondering was do you have counter/control/attacking set as your 3 formations so that the fluidity is not low when you change from attacking to counter etc. Also with TI's, as obviously if you have one tactic with short passing and change to direct passing in game with a TI then the bar is lowered.
  14. Squad is intact pretty much bar a few signings no out goings. I always start with first transfer window off and they spent around 5m in January on Skuse, Clarke and another which I can't think of right now. I've been given 7m transfer budget and that's with the Greek striker returning who is valued at 13m. This will be easy... Might just carry on with preston and see how well I do with no signings lol
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