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  1. Exactly this issue too. The game is now always perfect for me when the match starts, but still the whole game start to stutter like crazy after first sub. No matter if I use Tactic menu/panel or not quick-sub button. You can easily spot when the stuttering happens if you pause the game for a moment. Players move like 5m instantly. Edit: Found a temporary solution. Setting my refresh rate to exactly 100 hz while making sure fps never drops has fixed this problem. Obviously I'd prefer more FPS since the match engine seems capable except the goal-net behaviour (at 100 it was finally fixed too). Maybe it is caused by games 3D match FPS changing to menus FPS when you want to make a substitution and then it completely looses sync?
  2. Something is broken after the newest patch. White colour is now gray. I'm trying different Nvidia Control Panel settings but so far no luck.
  3. First thing I noticed was that some of my regens changed the way they look. Skin tone change varies from player to player, but I can't say it's improved, overall they look ever more strange. Anyone else having the same problem with regens after loading their save? I tried clearing the cache. Also, I played 1 match so far and everything was very dark (but so fluid, amazing performance increase - hope fps won't change).
  4. Thanks for the tip. I must say I didn't notice the connection despite trying to figure it out for days. I suggest forcing the mouse cursor to be always visible (for example: an option in some music players or in Borderless Gaming program). It may be a temporary solution for players stuttering.
  5. Thank you very much for this skin, especially the light version. And for releasing it just the day I bought FM20 after skipping some versions.
  6. This is what kept me from buying FM18, but I was sure it will be (finally) fixed in '19. As I play longer careers only, regen look is one of the most important aspects for me... :/
  7. Fantastic skin, I'd only recommend a colour change of those panels: -player interactions and talks -upper panel when the game is processing date (where the next opposite is shown) -individual training
  8. I'm looking for a way to make instant result function visible in the official light skin. I think you can modify this skin by adding files to the My Documents\FM\panels folder, but I can't get instant button to work. If anyone managed to find a solution, please let me know.
  9. How long does the course take? They allowed me to go on a course and said something about 4 months, but it's been months already and I still haven't received my diploma. Is it a bug and I'm screwed or my manager is just dumb and I'm screwed anyway?
  10. Any news about official light skin? I don't see any in the Workshop. The default one is a little too dark for me.
  11. This is the first skin I tried in FM 14, looks really nice and simple. Is it possible to show player's height and weight on player's profile page?
  12. Looks like fantastic work again! Can I open the file in editor to check and edit some stuff? When I try to open it, the message "could not open file" shows.
  13. This is so true. The amount of goals is crazy. 0-0 result is more rare than 5+ goals in matches. Also it is quite sad the devs don't pay enough attention to less popular leagues. Polish league fixtures were mentioned in bugs forum several times and they are just as broken as it is possible. If this is the final patch then it is not what I hoped for with this edition.
  14. Bad to hear that. A lot of countries have similar problem, I hoped they would fix it for all.
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