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  1. You need to either move them to the senior squad, or assign them to train with the senior squad (don't have the game in front of me right now, but I think you can do that from the units tab in the training screen)
  2. Ok, thanks. So the name pool for a country's newgens is basically just names of all existing persons in the FM database with that nationality?
  3. But how does one go about adding the names? Can it be done in the editor, or do you need to make a lnc-file or similar?
  4. In some older versions of FM it was possible to add names to the pool used for generating new players. Is this still possible?
  5. Ok, so I've played the first half of the season with Newcastle United and things are going very well. Sitting in third place in the table and managed to pull off some good results against the top teams. I've also developed a more cautious version of the tactic for use against the best teams. I used in the away matches against City, Arsenal and Leicester, as well as the home matches against City and Liverpool. Didn't win them all, but those are still very decent results. This is how the adjusted tactic looks: And here it is, for those who want to try it out:
  6. Good post, mate. Gave this a go in my Newcastle save. First thing I noticed is an extreme increase in number of yellow cards. 21 total in first three games, which is a lot. No reds though, thankfully. Have you noticed this also? Second thing I wanted to ask is about your reasoning for setting cross aim to near post for all wide players. What's your thinking here? Crossing hasn't really proved effective so far, so might try changing things a bit there, unless you have a really good reason for the current setup. Otherwise I'm seeing some really good things in the build-up play. Fa
  7. "Stay back if needed" I hope his decisions attribute is high :P
  8. I do this too. I play IWs in the LM/RM positions, with the corresponding preferred foot. Tell them to play narrow, with wing backs coming up on the outside, and they almost play like two mezzalas.
  9. Yeah, this penalty bug is really getting out of hand. 9 penalties awarded in my first two games of the season! Hope you manage to fix it for the next update.
  10. That's a tricky one. Maybe a false nine, if your tactic uses one. Or a pressing forward who can also create. Might even do a job as an inverted winger, if you can improve his dribbling a bit.
  11. A little tip for those of you playing with this tactic: If you are facing way better teams and need to tighten your defense, switch the wide defenders to FB(s) and tell them to take fewer risks. Also, turn off overlaps. This will lead to fewer but better chances, while also making your team harder to catch on the counter.
  12. Hi. If you are having trouble scoring, you could play around with the striker roles. Depending on the player, the flank strikers could also be set as AF, CF or P. You could also try changing the crossing to "mixed", if you have players who are good headers. If your team is very competent relative to your league, you could also try changing the tempo from slower to normal or higher. This might help unsettle weaker opposition. Good luck with the rest of the season!
  13. It's in the name. They close down more. Also, their default position in attack seems to be slightly lower, somewhere between an AF and a DF(A).
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