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  1. I managed Norway, took them to the final of the WC in 2022, only to lose to Wales... 😬 (should mention, this was on FM18)
  2. When searching, remember to turn off the filtrering for players interested in transfer. It will leave out many if you're managing a smaller club
  3. One way of doing it is searching for all players developed by the club. Go to player search page and filter all players Home Grown by club -> Man Utd
  4. I love starting in the lower leagues and taking a team up through the divisions. I know lots of you do as well. And one of the most rewarding aspects of it, is finding players early who can grow with the team, and stay competitive through multiple promotions. My best example of this is with the striker Chris Benjamin, who I signed for my South Park team all the way down in Isthmian D1S, and who played and scored for my team all the way up to League One. Another example is the defensive midfielder George Dobson, signed for my Maidstone team in Vanarama South, who went on to captain my team all the way up to the Premier League, where unfortunately he suffered a serious injury and chose to retire before getting any official games. What are your best examples or memories of players joining your club on the climb up the league pyramid?
  5. I'm struggling to grasp quite what the impact of this feature is. Intuitively, it improves the quantity and quality of team reports and tactical information. Right? While the benefits of this are useful for me as a manager, I still wonder about other benefits. Do the other coaches at the club also perform better as a result? Does the assistant manager perform better at the tactical tasks delegated to him? What I'm asking, is basically: Does improving the data analysis facilities have any other benefits besides improving the tactical analysis data available to _me_ as a human manager?
  6. I'm a fan of asymmetrical formations, and I've actually been using a tactic similar to yours: As you can see, the left side is the same as yours, while the right side is more "normal". The inverted wingback is slightly less attacking, and the right back is told to stay narrow, making him a mix between full back and inverted wingback. The goal threats are the DLF, the left IF and the BBM, with crosses provided from the left WB and the right winger. Also some good long shot opportunities for the DLP when playing against a more defensive opponent.
  7. Brentford is also in the Greater London area, right? Very strange move that, as well. Makes you wonder if there's an error in the DB which makes the game misplace Blyth geographically. Had a look in the editor, and couldn't find anything, though...
  8. Save game uploaded: Trond-Atle Farestveit - Blyth.fm The stadium change should happen a couple of days after the save game date. I've continued playing this save into the following pre-season, and requested the building of a new stadium. The board agreed, and the club will move back to their new ground in Blyth in three years time. The temporary move to London is still very strange, though...
  9. So, I finally managed to get Blyth Spartans promoted to the Premier League, after a gruelling playoff final against Leeds United. Yey. However, Blyth doesn't have a stadium to match the requirements of the PL, so we need to relocate. But, to use a tabloid phrase, "you won't believe what happens next". What happens is, that the club decides to ground share with QPR at Loftus Road. IN LONDON. Which is 300 miles away from Blyth, located not far from Newcastle. Also, there is no plan to upgrade their original stadium. Surely, this must be some sort of bug? I mean, I get that they don't want to invest huge sums of cash in what could very well be a very short stay in the top flight. But London?
  10. He might have. But then they should have been given a free kick. That's not what happened. It ended in a goal kick for Orient.
  11. I have encountered this bug also. And I checked with the in-game editor. The rating is indeed 20, but I can still request to improve it. Playing with Newcastle in PL.
  12. I just experienced a very strange disallowed goal (well, not disallowed, it was simply just never given) in a match managing Blyth Spartans away to Leyton Orient. In the 66th minute, a cross comes in from the right wing and seems to be chested into the goal by my striker, clearly crossing the line. Should be a goal. However, it just results in a goal kick for Orient. The match report doesn't really tell me why, just stating that "Blyth Spartans are claiming that the ball crossed the line!", then "it doesn't look like they have a case". So, it would seem that the report is saying that it's not a goal because it hasn't crossed the line, when it most certainly has. And it's so blatantly obvious that it would be hard to write it off as a referee mistake. Is this a case of the visuals giving me an inaccurate picture of what's actually happening in the ME, or is it some other bug or problem with the ME? Or has some infringement happened which the commentary or match report isn't telling me about? Leyton Orient v Blyth.pkm Leyton Orient vs Blyth_68 minutes.ogv
  13. Excellent tactic. I have had trouble getting defensive formations like that to work properly, but this gave me some valuable insight into how to approach it. Have been trying it out with Leverkusen, which is loaded with good central midfield players for this tactic (the Bender twins make excellent half backs). And once I got the young wingers (Bailey and Brandt) familiar with the slightly lower non-AM positions, they performed really well.
  14. Same here. Much improved. Seing better crossing and finally... some THROUGH BALLS! 😁
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