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  1. Takes me a while as well, but that's fine. I like the game, so why rush through it? But if you want to speed things up, just delegate tasks to your staff. Could probably save a lot of time not dealing with training, scouting, youth development and so forth.
  2. Have you asked your captain to speak with them? With young players this sometimes does the trick. Otherwise, maybe try getting a feeder club with a loan agreement, so you can send them there for a season?
  3. Interesting tactic with a quirky mix of roles, which I like. Might give this a try. Also like the name, as I'm currently living in Trondheim, where Rosenborg are from 👍
  4. I would like to add a suggestion of my own to this – an option to make larger "jumps" in quality through a larger investment. For example, if you are a club in an obscure league that does well and qualifies for a continental competition, bringing in large amounts of cash, you might want to spend a large chunk of it on infastructure. If your club has poor facilities, it would take 8-10 seasons of incremental improvement to get top notch facilities. How about having an option for choosing larger investments for a more substantial "jump"? When requesting an upgrade, the board
  5. I agree. This would be very useful, especially for leagues and divisions where finances are tight, and where an upgrade might eat up a large chunk of your balance.
  6. Following the introduction of dedicated analysts to backroom staff, I've been wanting to see a more specific impact from them on the game experience. One way of doing this is to increase the number of requests you can make, as well as types of assignable tasks. I feel there should be a benefit to hiring staff like there is IRL, and one such benefit would be to lessen the work load on you as a manager. For example, I spend a lot of time analyzing games. I go through the match reports, I look at what my team does well and were I need to improve things. If my flanks don't provide enough qualit
  7. I play a 442 with two IWs and had the same dilemma. Actually ended up moving my central midfielders to the DM line, with one DM(s) and one SV(s). The SV is on the same side as the IW(s).
  8. Excellent post, mate. Really made me want to give this playing style a go in my next save!
  9. For those of you who set your own opposition instruction, how do you decide who to mark tightly and who to always press? I'll provide some example for discussion's sake. For example, which instruction(s) would you choose for the following: 1. A creative midfield playmaker with good passing and vision, strong mental stats, but slow and weak. 2. A creative midfield playmaker with good passing and vision, weak mental stats but quick and agile. 3. A strong but slow experienced striker. Typical target man. 4. An extremely quick striker with poor technique and mental stats.
  10. As indicated in the title, I wanted to get some input on the reasoning behind composing mentoring groups. What do you use them for, and what do you emphasize when choosing who goes where? When looking at the information available, there are three major reasons for using mentoring: 1. Giving young players "better" mental stats (both shown and hidden) and as a result, better personalities. 2. Integrating new players into existing social groups to improve team dynamics and cohesion (though there is little concrete information on exactly how this works, and how effective it is).
  11. Having same issue. This seems to happen when I enter the tactics screen AFTER finishing the team talk, but BEFORE proceeding to the tunnel. When I make my tactical/OI adjustments before the team talk, it seems to circumvent the issue.
  12. Experiencing this as well. Now I double check every change, and it often takes two or three tries to get it right.
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