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  1. Fine by me mate... I was being honest when i said i don't want to be rude...i guess it would be best if i had ignored you. Take it easy I honestly don't care if you or anyone else that feels alike "passes on my stuff". Since I'm not doing this for the fame or the money (i doubt there are any to begin with) your choice to not use what i offer for free...has absolutely no effect on my life, for better or worse. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To end this pointless discussion...
  2. A) There is only one available at any one time...that should be self-explanatory when it comes to which one is the latest version of each file B) Given that i uploaded 0.2 on Sunday the 16th ....it can only be the one you downloaded on the 17/8 I don't want to be rude here...but you really need to think things through when it comes to things like that . It will save you a lot of time.
  3. 3d match pack 0.2 is now available. link can be found in the first post
  4. they will be up this weekend...as part of 0.2 of the "3d matchpack" . I'm trying to get the tracksuits to look a bit more complex in terms of design...but previewing any changes on the textures takes ages, so i'm happy to let them as is atm and move on to some other minor detail.
  5. So...not even SI knows how to do this? ...What is the point of having "official forums" when there is 0 difference with unofficial ones?
  6. Anyone knows how to move the commentary from the very bottom of the screen to the top (under the scoreline etc) ? Its placement is most unintuitive given that every other bit of information is displayed at the top.
  7. Current WIP: custom player profile pics (literally on the very bottom of the list) -the base of custom profile faces i might be making in the future. One for each skintone. DL link at the top of the post.
  8. Hiya , I was wondering if there are any pre-existing tutorials regarding the modification of match_events.xml and match_sounds.cfg. I'm interested in learning how to add a comment, how to set a trigger/ condition that the comment is displayed and how to create a sound trigger for said comment (the latter is pretty obvious just by looking at the in game files but it doesn't hurt to get an educated answer instead of my guesswork )
  9. Does this work with games that have no real players in them ? Facegen is meh
  10. Hi all, After a long hiatus from FM i decided to come back and give an old fling another go...at which point i was surprised both pleasantly and unpleasantly by the 3D match looks. My rant/dl thread about it back in 2011 for those interested on how i felt back then : https://community.sigames.com/topic/197422-fm11released-3d-match-graphics-by-dw420-aka-daweed420/ Being disappointed by the lack of evolution on what was subpar textures for 2011*...i decided to do what SI should have done ages ago...and added some much needed details to the default textures. *and how the FM community
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