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  1. Never actually understood this "finished game" theory. The game is a game, after a while you'll get used to it and it becomes easier etc. In this year's version there isn't any game breaking bugs if that's what you're asking.
  2. Try to loan out Rashford. In some saves he isn't getting any gametime for United and they will be willing to loan him out. If you want something more permanent, try Vincent Aboubakar. He's with Besiktas and previously used to play with Porto. Stocky striker and quite the goal scorer.
  3. Transfer it through a memory stick or else through dropbox. I actually save my game on my mac directly on dropbox and then load it on another machine that uses windows directly from dropbox all the time.
  4. I prefer the buying / selling of players, contracts etc. So I always make sure to have a good DOF / Ast. Manager to hand them over the training and managing the scouting.
  5. Yes Brexit is in the Beta already. Here's what I got in a game I holidayed
  6. What about if you're an international manager? I tested it out and you won't return before you have to submit your chosen squad.
  7. It seems that the options of returning from "On Holiday" are much less in FM16. I remember that in FM15 you could set it up to return whenever you're requested to submit the international squad, or else you can set it to apply for jobs and return for the interview. Has this been moved by any chance?
  8. In FM15 I used to press CMD & F and be able to search for anything I wanted, it doesn't seem to be working in FM16, was it changed by any chance? (MAC)
  9. #FM16 Big changes and improvements to transfer, contract, player & contract screens (and many more) That's something I wanted!
  10. #FM16 Go head-to-head with mates in Fantasy Draft mode .... how is that realistic?
  11. Football Manager ‏@FootballManager 1m1 minute ago #FM16 Match engine - 2000+ new animations, deeper set-piece control, improved AI & brand-new highlights package That's better
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