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  1. Hi I've not played FM for 5 days as I cannot decide what to do. I've been managing my beloved United and have had great domestic success. In 5 years I have won 3 Premier League titles, 2 FA Cups, a League Cup and 3 Community Shields. On top of that we have broken the PL points record, the consecutive wins record and Paulo Dybala scored 36 goals in one year to beat the highest scoring record. Despite this, we have been poor in Europe, losing 6-2 Agg. to Arsenal recently in the QF of the CL. In fact, we've lost in the QF 3 times in 4 years and one in the SF. When I started the save my aim was to win the CL and league in 3 nations. Spain, England and Germany. I have had to put up with R.Madrid unsettling no fewer than 8 of my players including Pogs, Dybala, Bernardo Silva and Delle Ali, all of which are described as world class. my question is, should I join them?! They have just offered my a 3 year deal and a £159mil transfer budget but I cannot decide if I should jump ship or stick with United until I get a CL title! please help
  2. Unable to watch games in 3D

    It doesn't work as well as anyone would like. It loads up as if it will work but is unbareable to watch
  3. Unable to watch games in 3D

    Thank you for replying and apologising but I don't think the answer iscacceptable. Saying I have lower end ipad shouldn't cause an issue as my ipad was listed as a supported device, so in my opinion it should work and it simply doesn't. My complaint is I've paid for something but have not received what I was promised. Saying you hope it's sorted in the future does not fill me with much confidence either. How do I request a refund?
  4. Unable to watch games in 3D

    Is a anyone from SI able to comment or answer my question? I can see that SI have responded to another person's issue within a few hours but I've gone 4 days with nothing?
  5. FM 17 Touch 3D match graphics

    This is what has happened to me except I'm on ipad Air 1. It would appear many people are experiencing problems but we're not getting any updates from SI. Very frustrating.
  6. Identical issue as me excpt on Ipad Air 1
  7. Hi I'm playing the latest version of FM on my ipad Air 1 and I'm unable to watch any highlights in 3D as it's very jolty and hurts my eyes after about a min of watching. I have the latest FM and IOS updates running and have been playing with no apps in the background. I've tried every camera angle too. I'm forced to watch in 2D which is rubbish frankly and I feel I'm not getting my money's worth. 2 questions: Is this being investigated and are we likely to have an update to fix this soon? and Who do I need to contact about a refund? I hope this is a last resort but if it's not fixed I'll be left with no choice. I'm not even after a full refund because I will still play the game but you can't sell something to someone and not give them what you've promised. It's like buying a colour TV and when you get home it only works in black and white! I love FM and have played it in one form or another since CM2 and this is the only time I've had a game breaking issue. I trust this will be looked into. Thank you
  8. Hi I've been playing CM/FM since day one and I think FMT on the ipad is bloody brilliant. Especially as I have little time to play anymore. I'm also an avid DJ too and use my Ipad for mixing. As I only have a 16gb ipad I am unable to have my mixing app with all my tunes and FMT on the ipad at the same time. My question is can I use the cross save feature to 'store' my save games? E.g. Can I use the cross save feature with steam, delete the FM app, re install the app and carry on with my save? I hope this makes sense, any other suggestions would be welcome Thanks
  9. End of season moments.....

    I've literally had an awesome end of season moment. I've finished 2nd 3 years in a row, lost 2 Fa cup Finals, 2 CL Finals and a League cup Final in my first 3 years in charge of Spurs. I'd thrown away all the league titles with them in my hands. 3 games to go in the 4th season and I'm 6 points clear of Arsenal. I lost 1-0 away to Arsenal and then 2-1 away to relegated QPR. I was thinking here we go again. I was playing Bolton at home and being level on points with Arsenal but my goal dif. was down by three. Arsenal were home to Swansea on the last day abd went 2-0 up almost instantly so I switched to a 4-2-4 formation and went balls out with 4 strikers on the pitch. The first half we dominated but missed a hat load of chances and led 1-0 at the break. The second half however, the heavens opened, we battered them and the goals flew in to record a massive 7-0 win and clinch the title by 2 goals.
  10. Yes. Dispite having RVP as my taker, Valencia stepped up, I shouted WTF?! Then he curled in a 30 yarder Beckham would have been proud of! Against City aswell.
  11. Venting FM aggression

    I tug on my testicles
  12. Who to sell? Cisse or Demba Ba?

    Ba went mental at me for subbing him, two days later he played for Lille.