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  1. Hi I've been playing CM/FM since day one and I think FMT on the ipad is bloody brilliant. Especially as I have little time to play anymore. I'm also an avid DJ too and use my Ipad for mixing. As I only have a 16gb ipad I am unable to have my mixing app with all my tunes and FMT on the ipad at the same time. My question is can I use the cross save feature to 'store' my save games? E.g. Can I use the cross save feature with steam, delete the FM app, re install the app and carry on with my save? I hope this makes sense, any other suggestions would be welcome Thanks
  2. I've literally had an awesome end of season moment. I've finished 2nd 3 years in a row, lost 2 Fa cup Finals, 2 CL Finals and a League cup Final in my first 3 years in charge of Spurs. I'd thrown away all the league titles with them in my hands. 3 games to go in the 4th season and I'm 6 points clear of Arsenal. I lost 1-0 away to Arsenal and then 2-1 away to relegated QPR. I was thinking here we go again. I was playing Bolton at home and being level on points with Arsenal but my goal dif. was down by three. Arsenal were home to Swansea on the last day abd went 2-0 up almost instantly so I switched to a 4-2-4 formation and went balls out with 4 strikers on the pitch. The first half we dominated but missed a hat load of chances and led 1-0 at the break. The second half however, the heavens opened, we battered them and the goals flew in to record a massive 7-0 win and clinch the title by 2 goals.
  3. Yes. Dispite having RVP as my taker, Valencia stepped up, I shouted WTF?! Then he curled in a 30 yarder Beckham would have been proud of! Against City aswell.
  4. I tug on my testicles
  5. Ba went mental at me for subbing him, two days later he played for Lille.
  6. Seeing as he's branded us all geeks I might just apply to annoy him!
  7. Dumbarton have been inundated with application for their managerial vacancy, but chief executive Gilbert Lawrie says 75% of them come from computer football management game geeks. Come on, own up! Just read this on the BBC Gossip column, it relates to a story in the Daily Record.
  8. One of mates was on an older version, he was LB on the game and Striker in real life, he was also listed as 6ft 2 and he is one of the smallest people i've met!
  9. Work rate 15? Thats a joke, even when he plays crap he is always giving 100%.
  10. Liverpool are far more valueble than Chelsea and City. Im a United fan.
  11. I think their rep needs to take a big hit everytime they get sacked. AVB has managed about 10 clubs in my save.
  12. My Tottenham save in FM12 was one of my favourites. The first 4 seasons I came 2nd in the PL on all 4 occasions, I lost a Europa League final, 3 CL finals, 2 FA cup finals and 3 League cup finals. I then stopped playing the save because I couldn't handle anymore heartbreak! A month later I started playing the save again and bounced back with a quadruple, then the following season with a treble (PL, CL, FA Cup) as well as the world club cup and super cup and to top it all off I won the World Cup with England on penalties!
  13. He's half inched the ball from the defender, he's avin a tin bath if he thinks he can score from there!