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  1. Its like we've stepped back in time: OP asks a straight forward question: "How do I prevent a player not on my set penalty taker list from taking a penalty?" The forum replies (albeit in a more subtle way): "It's your tactics". It seems like a part of the game that, due to the low probability of it happening (a player scoring 2 goals and not being a forward/preferred PK taker + being awarded a penalty), has never been revisited to be balanced or addressed. To me, it should have been removed in the same version as it was introduced, as it can have frustrating and unintended consequences that are nothing to do with 'realism'. It just feels poorly thought through.
  2. Just a quick question - have you found issues with having your FBs on Support that having them on Attack has actually solved? I find that having FBs on support still allows them to get up the field to support the attack well, while maintaining a useful distance from the wingers as to allow passing triangles to form. But support also keeps them from being caught too far up field. It's probably my optimum position to have a 'Support' role. It works so well.
  3. Personally, I would say this sounds like a bug - especially from a usability point of view. Might be a good idea to raise the issue in the bug forum, at least you'd get an answer if it is an intended feature or not. (The fact that it works differently than all other tactical settings would be my main bug bear!)
  4. Chelsea are currently on 78 points with 2 games to go IRL. Not sure why you think the points total represents a poor season for all the other teams :S
  5. An F9 will be your friend. He drops back more than a DLF, so you get a bit of movement between your midfield and forward line. Also, WM on A do still get up and down the flanks quite well, don't think you'll suddenly lose some potency
  6. Initially I found FM14 frustrating just because of the change in difficulty. In previous versions it would be easy to go on long undefeated runs and punch above your weight using average players. I found this version brought me back to reality. I started finding it more difficult to beat teams above me, and started drawing games with teams around me. I've been tempted to walk away a few times but I've stuck around and now I'm back enjoying it. The main change I made was in my attitude and expectations, rather than my tactics. Learning to take a loss when playing bigger teams went a big way towards it. Not getting frustrated when I didn't walk the league, but instead being happy when I finished a place or two above league expectations was the turn around I still think it should be a bit easier to determine what tactical mistakes my team makes, but the Tactics forum gave me a lot of insight . Give it a try
  7. I think the pressing style is hard to replicate - their front line and the mobile midfielders press when the opponents have posession in their own half, but their defensive line and slower midfielders are set up to be well positioned, allowing them to intercept passes once the opposition cross the half way line. I'd be worried that a team instruction of 'Hassle Opponents' might cause the defensive side to come apart. Perhaps individual instructions against the forward players and wing-backs is what you want? Also, I wouldn't say they press high up - they rely a lot on Gerrard playing killer balls from deep over a high opposition defensive line. Perhaps 'Drop Deeper' would be more realistic?
  8. I've used this occasionally during some games - my issue was that my FB was constantly chasing the play into the centre of the park (no closing down PI, I think he just had lots of energy that day). I used this PI to keep him in the channels his role/duty was set for - i.e. run up and down the wing, not across the park. Can't really claim that it had a dramatic effect, but he was a bit more disciplined in those instances. I'm not convinced at all that 'Hold Position' really means stay still, maybe it just makes the player play less risky/more rigid in a positional sense.
  9. You could try going with playing a little wider and having your outside CMs on slightly higher closing down? Also, I usually find with playing against 4-5-1s, their central/deep CM is the guy who is mainly spraying out passes to the wings. You could sacrifice some of the creativity from Commons and get him to pressure their CM/DM a bit more, thereby cutting off some of the supply early? I've always found my CMs get too clumped together with a 3 man CM midfield, players were typically getting in the way of each other. I haven't tried it since the last patch, so this may have improved Oh - and about your FB position issues - perhaps it is a good time to blood a youngster? I'm sure your team would be able to carry them in the standard SPL matches so he could pick up lots of experience?
  10. Also - since the media prediction is set at the start of the season, you may have picked up a couple of good players who have enhanced your overall team after the season kick off. If your team is in better shape this season than in last season, your expectations will adjust accordingly. If you are feeling the pressure, it also works the other way
  11. I think if you were trying to accurately replicate the team positions, your left hand side would actually be a LM rather than the AM/L perhaps with the 'Get Further Forward' instruction, but the right hand side would still be an AM/R. The tricky thing is always going to be replicating the team movement. Everton are really good at moving together as a team, such that there is usually very little space variation between their back line and their front line (and also why they get caught out so easily with through balls) and I think that is why most people usually play the wingers in the AM L/R positions rather than the more reserved positions. If that is the starting positions for the midfielders, the D L/R should really be sitting in the Wing Back positions in line with Barray and McCarthy, because when the wingers are in advanced positions, typically the fullbacks are also already over the half way lines and in close proximity.
  12. From my experience playing in the lower Scottish leagues, teams simply don't have the talent to load players up with so many individual and team instructions. In particular, it is hard to both maintain possession AND be creative. The lack of technical skills usually means trying to play a slow build up will only really work if you keep your team closer together (play more narrow) which in turn makes you easier to defend against. Have you tried playing with all team and individual instructions turned off, just to monitor how your team keep their shape and play their natural game? I've found this really useful in the lower leagues, making it much easier to determine their capabilities. I'd also really think about your inside forwards. Chances are your attack is getting too narrow, making you easier to defend against simply by crowding the centre of defence (something all the lower Scottish teams are good at ). Might I suggest you change these to either defensive wingers or just normal wingers to see how you go. From your last picture, the opposition seem to be having an easy time against you down the wings, suggesting your FB is getting isolated a lot through 2v1 situations. Certainly try get your wide players to defend more. Playing a solid 4-5-1 can still be as effective as your current formation, just a little more solid.
  13. I thought Amateur players still get paid expenses, travelling costs, that sort of thing.
  14. I agree with what you say - I think the issue is more that the financial modelling needs to be more realistic per country/league reputation level but I wonder if this would actually impact the overall fun of the game.
  15. I don't get why people have an issue with this other than they can't sign who ever they want to sign. Club chairmen will accept offers they feel are 'too good to be true', so being able to force a transfer through with piles of cash is already in the game. They obviously have a far-higher threshold than you believe they should have, but this isn't a game bug in the slightest. It is great that teams hold onto their young superstars - if it was easy to hoover up all the best talent around then WHERE would be the challenge? People often complain about the game just getting easier in the future, while holding a 25-man squad of uber players. Also, I am assuming you are playing in the Scottish leagues (with one of the old firm?). I always play in the Scottish leagues. I know that if I had a 2 million pound player and a rival team tried to buy them, I wouldn't give them up for anything less than 10 million, unless my club was bankrupt. Attracting players of that quality to play in your team in the first place is a challenge in itself, I'd hold onto players with both hands until their contract was finished.
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