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  1. I tweaked it a little bit by making the support advanced playmaker ball winner support, and more aggressive player instructions, but I've found this is working very good. My team is much more stable, with less sporadic results, and concedes fewer goals.
  2. I find a tactic that works for awhile, then eventually falls to shambles. I think I've figured out a great tactic and system that maximizes my team and players, and then sooner or later I stop scoring goals and starting shipping them. I try to have one tactic, and rotate between variations on it as necessary with small changes, such as formation tweaks and mentality shifts. I know that even a terrible team can exploit my tactic that has been overplayed with a far superior team.
  3. I have Sunday - Tuesday all the time in La Liga and Champions League. It is brutal. One time I had La Liga Sunday, Europa League on the Wed that week, then 1.5 weeks to my next La Liga game. Scheduling is brutal.
  4. Yeah I agree it is the stupid knockdown. Nothing worse than being up 1-0, or even 2-0, and see the opponent comeback on 2 knockdown goals. I just put guys on the post, put every player to mark someone, and hope for the best. I found minor difference with defending set pieces as team training. It was a huge flaw regardless
  5. This has been eye opening to me, as my attempts to run "attack" and "control" were not going well. Time to switch to counter. Makes sense. I have issues with my team pressing. My pressing seems to just open up the opposition. They don't press as a whole, but just wait until the next guy gets the ball and a player on my team runs up, freeing another wide open player to receive a pass. This just happens in cycles. Granted I'm on my 5th season playing with a similar system, and maybe I hit a plateau, but what are the best ways to improve defense in the Barca closing down system? Perhaps individual player instructions? Opposition instructions to close down each player?
  6. Think I figured it out, should have paid attention - a good challenge like the youth one - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/319117-ri916-s-FM13-Anglo-Euro-Youth-Academy-Challenge
  7. Try to sell for double the estimated value- if the player is in decent form you will get it. I sell players for 40-50 when they are good enough. Sometimes players for 30 that are not nearly worth that. Like Wellington Nem to Barca.
  8. If you have a player you don't want to sell, make his transfer price 40 million or something ridiculous. If he cries, tell him he's so valuable to the team, he underestimated it. Then you won't get any bids.
  9. LOL 4 v. 1 I guess he has a point. Thats what your paying him the big bucks for..
  10. Hi, I wanted to know if people have some self imposed system or rules to make the game a bit more challenging. I sort of have formulas I have used in playing the game and have no problems taking small clubs to the top of the world, with new stadium, world class young talent, etc within a certain time period. Game has become more about "when" it will happen as opposed to playing a game like a real Manager would making changes on the fly. I don't want to hear start at smaller clubs or whatever, because I have with Pula in Croatia, and Baltika & Luch in Russia. Specifically I want to be Fulham, and use their players as my favorite club. I was thinking one way would be to not making at 4 year transfer offers, since those allow you to basically get free money on loans. Buy a player who is guaranteed to be good, then resell him on for a profit, and you got a player for free + profit, and leveraged his transfer out so you don't lose money. However, this is unrealistic and too easy for a club I want to be - like Fulham, specifically - can raid any lower league and get star talent to resell. But there is also the problem that in the latest version, many clubs don't buy players with cash upfront but spread out payments. Secondly, there is the problem that almost all established players at a club like Fulham in the game are overpaid and basically not worth having. Why pay Duff like 40k a week when I can get a future superstar for cheap, with huge sell on, and pay him 5k a week? There is no incentive to keep players, and I just clear out my squad with young talent, and the game becomes almost like a system to me after years of playing. Do any people have any other self imposed rules they have to play the game? Like no 4 year transfers, no loading Brazil + Argentina, no transfers first window.... etc, etc, to keep the game more realistic? One thing I've done is that I use my club as a development ground for a national team. For example, I will be Mali National Team Manager and also a European club manager, and buy Malian players to try to play/loan/develop them as best I can for the sake of the national team. That is fun, but can also be a nuisance when the Malian players are not nearly good enough for your first team.
  11. I started this challenge a ways back, but did not finish it and lost track. I am going to give it another go.
  12. It shows up right away when you ask on the news feed. Then the button is on the top right when you go to a clubs squad screen. Like in the area where the player interaction or send player on holiday normally is.
  13. I have a player who somehow lost his position and now does not show up in my squad or tactics list. But he shows up in his spot (for example P6 on the bench) when it is in game. He is a key player, how can I get him back? I've been training him to be a DL but no luck after 3-4 months. See screen shots - he has no position. http://img832.imageshack.us/img832/7...20315at541.png http://img805.imageshack.us/img805/7...20315at541.png http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/7...20315at540.png
  14. The fastest "Match speed" in 2D is not as fast as it used to be. Was this slowed down on purpose?
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