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  1. Hey Tony! I've uploaded the save game to the SI cloud - the filename is 'Tommo Rogers - Salford bug.fm'. I have also managed to get circumvent the problem by changing the player's agreed playing time. This seems to override the Must Respond loop by cancelling the broken promise interaction and initiating a new one about his playing time that actually has clickable options. So at least I've been able to carry on with my save! Hope you find what's causing the bug! Please let me know if you need anything else
  2. A player has come to me unhappy that I broke promises made to him - but when I click on the Discuss button, there are no discussion options to select. This leads to a loop where I cannot continue past the Must Respond continue button. Please fix asap as it has broken my save!
  3. Okay, I spoke too soon. It happened again. Crash dump files attached:{"response":"ok","_rxid":"600f0000-5a51-6205-0000-000000000000"}.dmp{"response":"ok","_rxid":"670f0000-5a51-6205-0000-000000000000"}.dmp
  4. Unless it's a glitch on my system, the new FM21 in-game match interface seems like a real downgrade on FM20. For a start you now cannot view any stats during play any longer. They also seem to have completely done away with a huge raft of statistical analysis tools like the Average Position maps and Action Zone maps. There are also now very few customisation options available so you basically have little choice but to live with a cluttered, disorganised, and extremely uninformative in-game dashboard. Is anybody else finding these drastic interface changes hugely detrimental to the FM21 e
  5. 51B2DC4A-EF84-4826-BB65-888C71C63CFD.dmp{"response":"ok","_rxid":"c40b0000-69c2-4f05-0000-000000000000"}.dmp{"response":"ok","_rxid":"b90c0000-69c2-4f05-0000-000000000000"}.dmp Hi Lucas, Please find the 3 dump files attached - all of them are for crashes after I transfer listed a player and set their asking price. Unfortunately the game file is 44Mb so is too large to upload here - just let me know if you need this! Just FYI: I haven't used the editor or got any mods or anything - this was about an hour into my first save.
  6. I've had the FM21 beta crash twice after transfer listing a player and setting their asking price. Happened with both Jesse Lingard and Sergio Romero on separate occasions. This problem has occurred after following all the instructions to rectify crash issues in your pinned threads. Using a MacBook Pro 16' on Catalina. Screenies attached.
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