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  1. dont know this is right thread but the bolton wanderers stadium is still called "Reebok stadium" in dutch. When i change my language fe English, the stadium called correctly: The University of Bolton Stadium". Can this be correctly changed? Because only in dutch database its incorrect. Sorry if its the wrong thread (nothing to do with database)...
  2. thx for your help mate! thats why love this community so hard. Also for your quick response and your time taking for your answer! Great i can restart my FM experience again... Hope SI fix this in the future, because i cant play fm without editor. Did already made 3000 changes to database (mostly data which are wrong or changes wich been made after data lock)
  3. Don't know or there is an error, or it just me: the editor wont shown anymore results when searching for humans. It tells you the results, but dont show them. When you search for clubs, nation, ... it will shown any solution? thx in advance
  4. Jayden bennetts (paderborn today) should be linked with Keanan Bennetts (Gladbach). they are brothers
  5. naby keita: he's 2 years in England. As I remember his transfer was announced earlier as well. He has no knowledge of English language? I dont know the Lad in person, got no idea of his languages, but guess the minimum of his english language must be "2" in editor. Imagine the guy must go to the bakery.... :-)
  6. To brighton research: lallana missing premier league winner with liverpool, also fifa club world cup winner (21/12/2019), which he came in as substitute neverming: whole liverpool squad missing the club world cup achievement: https://www.fifa.com/clubworldcup/matches/match/400089362/#match-lineups
  7. https://www.rsca.be/nl/news/marco-kana-verlengt-tot-2025 Its 25. :-). cheers mate!
  8. Gerry Peyton (ex Arsenal) is assistent at Odisha since the summer
  9. Hannes Wolf // in real life Hannes Wolf has a must buy option after 15 games
  10. darida renewed his contract till 2023 with hertha end of september. Dont know what was the data lock for germany maximilian beier renewed till 2024 at hoffenheim
  11. flanagan was on a one year + one year option contract. the option is not in the game: https://www.sporting-charleroi.be/actualite-detail.php?id=6700 Hoggas cercle renewed till 2022 Marco kana contract till 2025
  12. about Nouri (ajax). I see he will retire in 2020 according to agreement ajax and fm. I like that because ajax confirmed they will pay his wage till end of his contract However, he isn't injured and still in ajax A team. Before i start a game, can someone confirm he actually play games in fm 2018? or Nouri can't be selected? Oherwise i delete him through editor. thx for your answer!
  13. lol, the average brain of a man u supporter? Look at the red line...
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