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  1. Best Player of South Africa 2010

    1. Sneijder 2. Villa . . . . . 3. Schweinsteiger
  2. The Slovakia-Italy game. Suarez's handball. The Holland-Brazil game. The penalty drama from the Spain-Paraguay game.
  3. Saturday 10th July Uruguay 1v2 Germany Sunday 11th July Spain 0v2 The Netherlands
  4. Tuesday 6th July Uruguay v Netherlands 0-3 Wednesday 7th July Germany v Spain 2-2 (Germany)
  5. Friday 2nd July Netherlands 2-2 Brazil, 3pm (Netherlands) Uruguay 1-0 Ghana, 7.30pm Saturday 3rd July Argentina 2-2 Germany, 3pm (Argentina) Paraguay 0-2 Spain, 7.30
  6. The Official USA Thread

    Too bad Hiddink is already with Turkey, he could have been a good choice to help develop U.S. soccer in a very substantive way.
  7. He's fine. http://www.telegraaf.nl/telesport/wk2010/7050459/__VAN_PERSIE_RAAKT_GEBLESSEERD__.html?sn=telesport Thank goodness.
  8. Monday 28th June Netherlands 2-0 Slovakia Brazil 2-0 Chile Tuesday 29th June Paraguay 2-0 Japan Spain 1-0 Portugal
  9. Chile are playing very dirty, it's stupid because they're a good team and they were holding their own for the first half hour.
  10. Torres fooled the referee, which is unsporting. The referee fell for it, which is bad refereeing. Not very complicated.
  11. Torres' behavior was unsporting and disgraceful. He should be ashamed of himself. Bad refereeing. Again.
  12. Saturday 26th June Uruguay 1 - 0 South Korea USA 1 - 0 Ghana Sunday 27th June England 0 - 0 Germany (Germany) Argentina 2 - 0 Mexico
  13. @LockedOut420 Well obviously we're going to be talking about both games. One directly affects the context of the other. Watching one game at a time makes no sense because the unfolding drama is a direct result of both matches occurring simultaneously. You can't reasonably expect us not to talk about the other game and then yell at us for it. Seriously, you're the one being a douchebag, not anyone else.
  14. It would suck if I started to perform worse under pressure.