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  1. There is a similar pic of Woodward pointing from inside OT. Wouldn't surprise me if he's arranged that shot in a Brent style bit of arrogance, probably thinks he looks dead cool.
  2. I could see this being a fairly straight forward summer actually. No stupid wild goose chases, just signing a few good available players. Mourinho apparently wants to bring in the guy who negotiates transfers for Perez at Real so he's probably spotted the farce we've operated under the last 3 years.
  3. Apparently when they were under attack most of the players hid in the isle, except CBJ who sat there like it was nothing. Not sure if that's cool as **** or just stupid Whoever allowed it to happen needs coming down on, West Ham should face punishment at least.
  4. If we want to play a 3 man midfield I think he should play in there. His last few appearances for United there have been admittedly been quite good and I'm usually his first critic. His acceleration has gone but over a distance he still has the drive to cover ground and he looks like he's starting to understand the role rather than be a Scholes mimic playing daft switching high passes unnecessarily. The England team if I look at it has some good midfielders but none are really convincing they can mix it at the highest level. I think a Dier/Carrick, Alli, Rooney midfield 3 can be competitive. I've noticed he's played a clever PR move and said he wants to play there too, I think he knows he's not going to get in as striker. And nor should he, at United Rashford is genuinely a lot better than him in the striker's role. No need to even mention Kane, Welbeck, Vardy etc. Worse case is he ends up out wide due to the lack of quality wingers. Those days are gone.
  5. No I've just watched them play football, you?
  6. All of them. Adnan is a much better player technically and a better decision maker. Depay's got a better long range shooting game and maybe slightly quicker but that's about it. Depay's been absolute *****.
  7. I feel sorry for Januzaj, he's a lot better than Depay but the manager has shown no trust in him at all. Hopefully he's Mourinho's type of player. LVG showed just why he's got to go today, absolutely no ambition to win at all. Resting strikers, no attacking changes, 1 up top etc etc. We are just lucky we got the break with their mistake. I think if we beat West Ham we will finish 4th now. I could see City dropping points tomorrow and us not capitalising on it, its just typical United at the moment.
  8. We looked like Manchester United again today, even though we nearly ****ed it up(although that is a bit United isn't it?). All of it stems I think from the movement of the forward line, just sublime and Rashford has the perfect skill set to lead the line, in a way he's got all the attributes we've wanted for years. Rooney made a difference in midfield as well. Hopefully we can just go on and do it before LVG moves on off into the sunset.
  9. That goal from Rashford was something else last night. Its amazing that at youth levels he's looked good and stood out but no more than James Wilson yet given the first team opportunity he's absolutely took the bull by the horns and took off. Physically he looks like he's got another level than Wilson and his skill and technique are immense for his age. Just hope he continues to develop and doesn't get pushed out wide. Think he needs to develop his pace over longer distances a bit though. Fosu-Mensah looks great too, think he is the best talent in our u18, u21's at the minute.
  10. He's a lot more complete now than he was then. Id say he's nowhere as exciting and unpredictable but that doesn't make a better player necessarily. He's stripped out all the waste in his game in effort of being a pure goal machine. I'm confident if he played here next season under a good manager he'd beat the goal record he hit in 2008.
  11. Martial is probably going to end up down the middle anyway unless we adapt a really tight front 3 like Barcelona. I think Ronaldo is so good anyone else has to make way whether it is good for them or not. I think it would spell the end for Rooney if it does happen.
  12. When has he played RW recently? He'd command his best place off the left.
  13. We should do if he is available. We still don't really have a proper playmaker to replace Carrick. I think Mourinho will use Herrera as the Oscar type advanced central player and then have a playmaker and a more combative ball winner behind him.
  14. I think Welbeck is still massively underrated based on his goal output. He's a top level forward in every other way and strangely was absolutely ideal for the kind of player LVG said he wanted. Absolutely massive mistake to let him go. Even if he doesn't score 30 goals he creates so much for the player you partner him with. In European competition there is also very few with the athleticism he has to spring a quick counter and hold the ball up top.
  15. I've read our current u14s are one of the highest rated groups we've had.