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  1. Big Show joining AEW feels like a big deal. He's the first one who you could really say isn't doing it because his spot in WWE is below his expectation like Rusev or FTR. I think there is a chance WWE have told him because he's old they won't use him a great deal anymore but they definitely wouldn't want this.
  2. Guys are going to have 10+ year careers these days, I think its more to the point that barring really Bryan and Drew none of them have reached a significantly different level to that they had in 2009. Kofi and DZ momentarily.
  3. Well I've cocked up my vote by not reading the thread properly. Only voted for Kettle Chips and original pringles.
  4. I grew up on the Barnsley side of Rotherham, so a 10 min drive from Barnsley. When I worked there and used to go to the shop for my dinner on occasion i'd even find myself wondering what the **** people were saying. I went through a phase of trying to be more eloquent for my southern colleagues and in the end I just decided they can **** off and deal with it.
  5. I thought you were trying to show what a guy he is for a second there.
  6. I wouldn't say yorkshire accent for myself, its very distinctly a modern rotherham accent. Not as broad as the older people that live here and nothing like other areas of south yorkshire such as Barnsley, Sheffield, Doncaster. Most people guess im from Yorkshire but can't guess where. Oh and the best version of what i'd call the geordie accent are softly spoken women from the Durham area. Not the smash you in the face with geordieness version.
  7. Clear winners here for me. Beef, SV, SV. 3 under appreciated options I would say. All of them strong in every flavour.
  8. Steve's quite a good player, ive seen his averages off stage and he's really capable. It would be great for the audience if these two ended up facing off
  9. They are a bit nice the first time you haven't had them in a while and then by the 3rd bag somehow a bit nauseating and don't get eaten.
  10. Undoubtedly. She looks good with it in fairness but yes lots of change.
  11. Out of the thread, now. I don't wanna hear anything more from you on the subject.
  12. For me its optimal with the freshest bread and plenty of butter with the addition of a good crisp. Walkers work but really they are an average crisp. You need a seabrooks or a tyrells quality crisp to really elevate it. A little revelation for you all is to add some peanuts in there. As a kid my grandad used to buy me crisps and nuts and id sandwich them together. Tried it again not long ago and realised the revelation i'd grown out of.
  13. Came in to say just this. Thats the way to do it. Love making a stack of the american ones, once i'd had them the thin pancakes lost their appeal.
  14. Yeah its a bit of a pointless move targeting a finger unless it does something meaningful, stops the opponent punching or grabbing etc. But it doesn't and never has as far as I can see. He's missing a trick by not being known as a joint manipulator full stop and going after every area of the body depending on choice/strategy. Nobody really does that.
  15. Not too happy with the collective 'we' here. I have memories of me filling in at the back stroking the ball around like a young Michael Carrick. We did alright up at the uni of sheffield, we shifted to Powerleague for a bit which is where the hammering took place. Good times though, I didn't think meeting fellow internet weirdo's would be as enjoyable as it was even at 32-0 down.
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