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  1. I have just got to my first PL game after getting promoted, i face newly promoted Watford. I get into the game and find that they are playing mostly youth players. So i've checked their squad to find out why and theyve only registered 10 players for the season despite the fact they could have registered 15 more and most of those not registered are first team players, not transfer or loan listed such as Hughes, Chalobah, Foster etc. Edit- Potentially ignore this, ive just realised the full update is still queuing, I thought id already downloaded the full version!
  2. I like a Championship save to start. I like to pick a side to begin with where I can make changes fairly quickly. So sides that have signed a lot of players and used all their budget in the summer aren't the best fit for me. That said I do really want to have a go at bringing Forest back to the PL.
  3. Players of that level do score brilliant goals, happens all the time and nearly every year the fifa goal of the year has a none league goal entry. Unless its almost every goal i can't see how thats an issue.
  4. Just bought using Voidu, using bluewinter as the code, all worked lovely and FM is sitting in my steam account ready and waiting.
  5. Might work but it could also suffer from a lack of width. Lucas and Pavard aren't exactly the type of player you want to be the sole source of wide play.
  6. They did that in match 1 and had Dembele in there instead. It didn't work at all, just all became isolated from each other. Giroud is the one that doesn't play in an individualistic manner.
  7. That's true, most goalkeeping mistakes start from something they do wrong before the ball has even been hit.
  8. The keepers play percentages though, you could try the catch as you suggest but with the power and movement on average you'd make more mistakes catching than you would parrying. A similar body postion for the parry would give him more leverage behind the ball to force it off course.
  9. Its an horrible error but Neville talks a load of crap, no way could he have caught that with how it moved. The mistake was not getting his body behind the ball for the parry.
  10. We've got a really awful midfield there. Good in attack and at full back but thats it.
  11. I'm not sure the output I'm seeing here is good enough to justify that decision tbh. I'll make do with the 3d(although I just defended a free kick with the camera looking the wrong way) but its not a good move for the series imo.
  12. Why do SI put off so many people dicking around with 2D? Why is it a problem to have a classic view that so many love? They know 3D never pleased everyone too so why do something that you know won't please a lot of people? Really poor stuff.
  13. I definitely agree a lot more can be done with tactical positioning especially with its growing importance in the game however it is possible to use individual instructions to do some of the things we see real teams do. For example you can set a CM to mark a winger and in defensive positions you will see them move into the wider area to close down and mark. I use this method sometimes with my players to change my defensive shape. I remember watching Man City early season and thinking it would be hard to replicate the positions that Silva and De Bruyne were playing in FM. But I found
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