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  1. Genoa

    I'm currently in 2021, and Genoa became champions 5 years in a row now.... The same thing happened in an earlier game.
  2. Sleeping Giants

    In FM2009 I had great fun with Leeds. Currently I'm managing Carl Zeiss Jena, also a lot of fun and also a club with quite a history.
  3. Funny Screenshots Thread

    @Ozzsam How about my Godinho?
  4. Couple of new Ideas

    Completely agree with you there Cougar. It would help managing finances a lot if the history would be a bit longer, being able to look back a couple of months and comparing them to each other. A small feature that wouldn't be too hard to incorporate into the game I think.
  5. I too am surprised at the cynical attitude some people have. FM I think is the most rewarding game in terms of price / quality. If I calculate the price I paid per hour of playing time, FM is by far the cheapest game I ever played. (just wondering btw, if you guys at SI ever did some research into the average per user playing time?). Besides that, FM10 is the best version since a while when it comes to bugs IMO. Proving SI are genuinely making an effort there. (Though the language bugs keep annoying me, playing the Dutch version). Also the developers keep finetuning every release, like DirtyACE said, and name me one other game where you can directly discuss with the developers about the game? Anyway, there's my two cents.