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  1. Italy, England, Spain and France (especially France). Brazil have great strikers, but otherwise they're pretty much useless. And this is 18 seasons in.
  2. I know this is not exactly what the thread is about, but I thought it would be interesting nonetheless. This is coming from my Chelsea save - myself, as Chelsea, was taken over by a business consortium. In Dec 2026 the following takeovers has happened (since the start of the game - July 2009 - up untill now) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EPL: Consortiums: Man Utd, Arsenal, West Brom, Aston Villa, QPR, Sheffield United, Portsmouth, Everton and Newcastle(twice actually). Fans trust: Reading. Tycoons: Liverpool, West Ham (as well as a consortium takeover earlier on), Sheffield Wednesday. Serie A: Consortiums: Udinese, Genoa, Juventus, Atlanta, Palermo, Ascoli, , Sampdoria. Fans trust: Tycoons: Reggina, Inter Milan, Brescia. What a way to ruin a great chance to add to a club's history...
  3. What year your in?

    August 2026, have been Chelsea manager since the start of the game.
  4. Sheffield Wednesday 0 - 2 Chelsea Last match of the 2025/2026 Prem League season.
  5. Newcastle 0 - 4 Chelsea 2nd last match of Prem League season.
  6. Genoa 1 - 2 Chelsea My team have had quite an affection for comebacks and late goals for the past month or 2. As a result I'm currently on a winning streak, my personal record amount of games won in a row (23 matches atm) - other people have probably had much longer and more impressive streaks, but this is quite an achievement for me personally. So every time I think that the run is going to end (when we're trailing in a match) my team somehow manage to get late goals from nowhere. Well, I'm not complaining...
  7. Definitely needs to be enhanced in order to give one more reward for winning a competition!
  8. There is no way that it is too complex. I believe that it should be leading the field of sports management games and continue to expand on its enormous depth it has already.
  9. +1, I also don't think it's cheating.
  10. Lol, that's quite something..
  11. I have never had half my team all at once wanting a new challenge, but it regularyy occurs within a year after I have made a player team captain - especially if they are under the age of 27. Then I just try to get as big a possible transfer fee from their departure and replace them with a younger player. I had to chuckle when the following happened: my goalkeeper, who had been at the club for 6+ years, wanted a new challenge and strangely enough nobody wanted him so I ended up selling him for 1million pounds(even though he was worth a lot more than that). I bought in a replacement (24 years old compared to the 29 year old player who had wanted out) and he has consistently gotten higher ratings than my previous goalkeeper. What made me laugh is the fact that when I checked my previous goalie's happiness after a season or two he was already unhappy and seeking a new challenge yet again! What a troublesome player...
  12. Not cheating, just lazy
  13. Stay with Spurs untill you win the Champions League I'd say...
  14. Stadium Name Mess Up

    Lol, how did you manage to get Zola angry? He was really immense for Chelsea in his playing days...