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  1. Sheffield Wednesday 0 - 2 Chelsea Last match of the 2025/2026 Prem League season.
  2. Genoa 1 - 2 Chelsea My team have had quite an affection for comebacks and late goals for the past month or 2. As a result I'm currently on a winning streak, my personal record amount of games won in a row (23 matches atm) - other people have probably had much longer and more impressive streaks, but this is quite an achievement for me personally. So every time I think that the run is going to end (when we're trailing in a match) my team somehow manage to get late goals from nowhere. Well, I'm not complaining...
  3. You always somehow seem to mention something regarding your FM savegame in day-to-day conversations with friends upto the point that they think you have found a substitute for having a girlfriend/wife.
  4. I've appointed Michael Ballack as my am at Chelsea and he's not that bad. I'm in either 2013/2014 and waiting for Terry & Lampard to retire. I've also released the following players at the end of their contracts: Deco, Drogba, Anelka. Deco is an unemployed manager. Drogba moved to Marseille on a free. Anelka is currently playing for and unhappy at Saint Etienne.
  5. I completely forgot about the bio page untill I saw it here... Haven't visited it once on FM10. lol
  6. Okay, guys I'm not 100% sure that this fixes the problem, but it should. I followed Nova's instructions on correcting the error (I only moved each 'sound file reference' to its own line) and uploaded it for anyone who wants it. You can find the file for download here: [url=]http://www.4shared.com/file/154674186/b4527374/match_sounds_fixed_.html[/url] Let me know whether it works for you or not.. Btw, you need to use Winrar or any similiar application to extract the file. Kind Regards Albert
  7. I am downloading this as I am writing this, thanks alot for all your trouble Bennico! It's greatly appreciated!
  8. Well I have the exact problem - my mouse cursor sporadically disappears. It's extremely annoying to say the least. Anyway, it has nothing to do with the skin as it happens on both of the default FM10 skins. I can see my cursor at one moment and the next moment it vanishes... I'm going to try windowed mode now - holding thumbs
  9. Well you can now scrap the comment from me that is quoted here, I won't be getting W7 anymore it seems (cash restraints) so I will have to hang onto good ol' XP for a while longer.
  10. That would be me that you are talking about there.. except that I don't have 64bit hardware atm, I'm buying myself a new pcin about a month and will then use Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on the new pc. I never used Vista, still using XP now..
  11. When you continuesly visit Zavvi.co.uk to check on your FM10 Pre-order and each and every time you are greeted with the same, "awaiting stock pick" message. :o Me too!
  12. I really like this idea, as a Chelsea supporter I of course like Gianfranco Zola, but having the stadium named after him is not that realistic.
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