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  1. I perfected it with my own set piece instructions. Looks unbeatable for me now. I also understand why moussa sissoko is such a bad player for the dmc role, he always leaves his spot because wanting to go forward. I replaced him now with Lorenzo Crisetig who is a hot prospect but with lower stats. The difference in play is remarkable. Stupid that one ppm makes or breaks a player completely and he doesent want to unlearn it. I now have m'villa, song, cambiasso and vidal alongside crisetig and its going superb. For me Nani, coutinho and paulo henrique are top performers with nani scoring almost every game for me. For the striker role i have lukaku and lavezzi over performing in this tactic.
  2. I won quadruple in my first season at inter with this tac. This is the best but with set piece corner exploit works even better.
  3. Haha this looks to good to be true, gonna put this in my tactic set alongside mrhough's tactic wich has some similarities with yours. I have also bought lukaku and i am planning to snap up edinson cavani at the start of second season as inter milan.
  4. If i remember correctly franky always used CM's with high workrate, stamina. I put my most defence oriented CM in the middle and the more creative ones in LCM and RCM. For the strikers you need 1 targetman in the centre and 2 fast strikers on the sides. This is the best combination as you need someone strong that can hold the ball for a while otherwise the attack will be less effective. As for the defenders this should be relativly straight forward but put your best header in the right CB spot, this guy should have good heading,jumping,anticipation,bravery,strength. Important attributes for cornertakers are corners and anticipation, anticipation is key here.
  5. LOL, first game with this tactic against real madrid and beat them 2-0 as inter milan. Tactic is not even fluid yet and its already impressing me, i had 6 ccc's but uker cassilias was in super keeper mode. I also managed a 65% possesion wich is always nice. One small negative is that the CM's try longshots while its better to pass the ball.
  6. For feyenoord it will be hard to find quality cb's. You could try these if they want to come to your team that is : Pichu atienza (big header cb, much potential) Dedrick boyata (header CB with much potential) Christian Zapata (fast CB) Robert huth (big header CB) Phil Jones ( big strong and fast, much potential) Leonel galeano (fast CB, much potential) Theres probably more but these are just a few that might wonna join your team, perhaps even going on loan.
  7. Cheat tactic? This guy researched 2 years to make this tactic, calling this cheat tactic is an insult to his work and effort. If you not happy with the corners then put your own routine and let AI cheat you instead. I am disgust with this lack of respect!
  8. Some guy has posted his tweaky treaky tactic on here a while ago, basicly some modified version of the 4-1-2-1-2 formation from mr hough. Ever since i started using it i have not lost a match so far.
  9. Hi Why high aerobic and low strength training for DC's? Issent the high aerobic training gonna cause injuries? Also how do i know wich player to put in the forward training schedules?
  10. I understand your frustration, some people here are either to dumb or to lazy to properly read your input. And i agree, this latest tactic is producing the goods, i am unbeaten ever since i started using it.
  11. I am counting on this tactic to win me the champions league this season, i will let you know how it went.
  12. This new version is not doing well for my team. I am in my second season with Man city, still have a few players adapting but i can see the tactic is not working as it should do. I was having much more succes with your original classic tactic. I think the OI's are unnecessary and may do more wrong then right imo. I will play some matches without OI's now to see whats happening. I hope it gets better.
  13. V10.3 using the classic tactic. Still 1st season. Ok Portsmouth issent the best side but to win 10-0 is something special.
  14. On the AMC roles, i have in the middle sergio aguero with gourcuff and stephen ireland next to him. I am also retraining Tevez as an AMC and i will probably buy luca modric in second season.
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