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  1. Some guy has posted his tweaky treaky tactic on here a while ago, basicly some modified version of the 4-1-2-1-2 formation from mr hough. Ever since i started using it i have not lost a match so far.
  2. Hi Why high aerobic and low strength training for DC's? Issent the high aerobic training gonna cause injuries? Also how do i know wich player to put in the forward training schedules?
  3. I understand your frustration, some people here are either to dumb or to lazy to properly read your input. And i agree, this latest tactic is producing the goods, i am unbeaten ever since i started using it.
  4. I am counting on this tactic to win me the champions league this season, i will let you know how it went.
  5. This new version is not doing well for my team. I am in my second season with Man city, still have a few players adapting but i can see the tactic is not working as it should do. I was having much more succes with your original classic tactic. I think the OI's are unnecessary and may do more wrong then right imo. I will play some matches without OI's now to see whats happening. I hope it gets better.
  6. V10.3 using the classic tactic. Still 1st season. Ok Portsmouth issent the best side but to win 10-0 is something special.
  7. I am getting my best results with your tactic set kimz, this has gotten me instant results and i can see it improving every game. My last match against manchester united, abdebayor red carded in first half and then we managed to score a 0-2 lead in the first half with v1.0 tactic. Second half i continued with 1.0 hoping to score on the break but manchester united started to dominate and quickly scored 1-2. I changed to the V4.0 at this point and we managed to hold the score line untill the end of the match. Will continue with this untill the end of the season before i make conclusion.
  8. Could you plz post in detail your teamtalk advice? Could you also post your yweaked training schedules? Atm testing your tactic and i am seeing instant results but its to early to make conclusion yet.
  9. So can anyone tell me where to put my strikers, i am managing manchester city?
  10. advanced forward is like mainly a target striker with high strength right? and wich positions are for wich type of striker in this tactic?
  11. Used makalele tactic in my 4th season as city and i won the quadruple however i must admit that the CL final and FA cup final where close matches with both sides getting chances only our finishing was better. Both played vs manchester untited. I got over 100 points in the league and chelshea came close in the end but the difference was 5 points with them.
  12. sleepydude's tactic is the better piranha i have tried to date, only adjusted the corner routine and i think the wingers should get more creative freedom
  13. Well GK=default RB=stay back LB=stay back CB=Challenge keeper (best header,jumping,bravery, strength) CB=Attack far post RM=attack ball from deep LM=attack ball from deep CM=lurk outside area (bets longshooting CM) CM=anything inside big box ST=attack balll from deep ST=attack ball from deep I get many more goals from corners now.
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