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    I'm Ashley and I love cows!

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    Manchester, the benefit capital of the UK.


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    Manchester City
  1. New laptop...

    I'm looking at a long game, like say 30 seasons i'm generally drawn to starting at droylsden and i go from there.
  2. New laptop...

    Intel® Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD Thats the graphics card.. and i'm not drawn to 3d mainly because i will see my players going nutty
  3. New laptop...

    I'm shopping around for a new laptop, came across a decent one for £349 just wondering if the memory on board is good enough for 2009 (and 2010 considering there wont be much difference in whats needed.) Thats the explaination i got from the website 3072MB 800MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM [1x2048 + 1x1024] Thanks
  4. Player promises!

    Being a Manchester city fan (I disclose this infomation knowing I maybe verbally abused) anyway I always try to keep a keen eye on the transfer goings on of my team. This season I have noticed city seem to be promising alot to players..(also sky high wages) but I was wondering would this be a good addition to fm2010. For example man city have promised G.Barry champions league football within two years also promised they will sign certain players. They also did this with robinho in the summer of 2008. These promises of success and star names seem to be enough to persuade these players to join a club with let's be honest not a good a standing in the world of football(not for long I hope). I just tried signing David villa on my game as Aston villa. It's 2013 and I have secured my second premiership title and champions league double. Anyway he rejected us on the basis that it would be a step down. But Valencia just managed to scrap 5th spot in la liga. So I was thinking if I could promise him we are going in the same direction as him and we are the club to help him progress as a player. Anyway feel free discuss people. (sorry if this was already discussed)
  5. club stature

    I think it means where the club stands on an national/world scale!
  6. WHAT IS "hardcore fans percentage"?

    It is the fans of teams like Leeds, N Forest and Manchester City. I'm a Manchester City fan, and i'v been asked lately if i was ever a chelsea fan. I'v been a blue since i was born and i was there when went down, then down and down then up then up then down and so forth. They tend to be season ticket holders, go to all away games, buy each kit, go to finals if they can get a ticket etc!
  7. Southport 2 - 6 Arsenal Although it was in the League Cup and i don't care
  8. The fun is still here!!!

    My tweaking i mean't, if you go 1-0 down after the first 2 mins don't change your enitre tactics and formation just stick with it. It's all to serious and i do agree with some people that you can go on a inconsistant run of games however i stuck with it i lost my 5 games in a row, 3 at home and 2 away but i didn't swap stuff.
  9. The fun is still here!!!

    Screenies .. My formation.... My tactics.... My top place finish.... SORRY ABOUT SIZE!
  10. The fun is still here!!!

    I'm not suggest they'll work for everyone or anyone for that matter, it's annoying seeing people say you NEED to tweak. But in truth if you have basic a formation and some solid tactics in place(to suit your players.) it's not that confusing.
  11. The fun is still here!!!

    I will post a few screenies now
  12. The fun is still here!!!

    Now with all the people moaning about tactics going mental and not working,and wondering where all the 'fun' has gone? i have found a solution.....DON'T TWEAK!!!! I just ran a season with southport.(was a old save) So decided to go through a season, with one formation, one set of tactics, and making sure i didn't change alot in match(formation maybe). I finshed the league, top 21 points clear, 80 goals scored and only 20 odd conceded. So just a message to people that success can be achieved without tweaking and trying to be a tactical mastermind!
  13. FA Cup provides no shocks.

    I'v saw Oldham beat Man U, i found that amazingly funny !
  14. Regens Vs Orginals.

    Do you prefer the game when all the starting players are present OR do you prefer a regen run game? Personally i love regens makes it more challenging as you can't go off past experience or peoples suggestions(besides scouts)
  15. Stadium Expanion questions:

    I'd say your best bet is 65000 it's a good figure for a top team