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  1. Parma actually have a few decent strikers out on loan such as mastriani and ishak so i'll reassess the striker issue at the end of the season, thanks for the tips though Peter. Cerri is also coming on really well, he's been sent out on loan to Reggina. Kone also coming on really well, will send him out in Jan as he's behind Bellusci, Paletta, Lucarelli, Benalouane in CB pecking order. anyway after 12 games i'm sitting in 4th with 22 points which is unbelievavble. only scored 13 league goals but we've also leaked few and in typical italian style we grind a lot of results and rely on late winners for points! Juve are beast, conceded ONE goal in tvelve games Lennon thanks for the advice on releasing youth players! all players with less than 2.5 star potential were released which free'd up a decent amount of money!
  2. Nice, just had a look - barbosa joining Real for £1.3m, feel disappointed i could have afforded him (even with my poor budget!) ive brought it: Bellusci £1.5m (Catania), Zuculini (Free), Antonelli Loan (Genoa) & Zambelli (Co-own £850K). as you can see no attackers but parma's defence is very weak, especially with palletta out for a few months - having said that just lost first game to juve 4-0 away, they only had 9 shots to my 8 though & hit bar twice. now for inter at home! as lennon said, how has kone turned out? also sansone as he's 4.5 star potential
  3. Just seen screenshot from PeterPistola - looks amazing! ironically Milan have just bid £650K Dont think i'll accept.....
  4. Right Milano's, I've just started a game with Parma and there isnt a thread so could someone in 2nd/3rd season please screenshot young striker Cerri so a can get a sneak preview of how he develops:) as i have no intention of selling him at a discount rate to a big fish like Milan! Btw, surprised no ones really mentioned Catania's Belluschi for a CB. 23 years old with some decent stats and good potential. i just signed him first window for £1.5m - which is less than his value. As some of you have been splashing out £10m on the likes of astori and other CB's maybe he could be a money saving option? Anyway i'll stop telling you guys how to manage your clubs - screenshot would be appreciated though! Cheers
  5. Where do i find the editor?? cheers p.s. whilst we're at it can you get the real german squad?
  6. Can someone tell me what specific training to help a keeper's rushing out ability? Got an amazing 16 yo through my academy worth £4 mill already with amazing attributes all round including 18 reflexes, 15 handling, 20 determination but only 5 rushing out! thanks anyone who knows
  7. Not happy with Sterling's attributes - he's a first team player for christs sake. also - why hasnt suarez got agility & flair at least 16? everybody knows how hard he is to tackle in the box!! Joke
  8. not to be a party pooper to the thousands of people who have put their ideas forward on this thread, but do SI actually a) read and b) give a **** whats being said here?
  9. nice one frase, but your emphasis is all on defence (which i'm not against) but i would like to hear your view on width/passing/defensive line contribute to balls being played to the right players
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