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  1. Lower League Must Do's

    I think il start in BSS instead of BSP aswell lol
  2. Lower League Must Do's

    Yeah it looks like my pre season will take a few days at least lol. Im not sure what a 'good' stat for finishing is at this level though? Should I be happy with an 11 striker or is that decent?
  3. Lower League Must Do's

    Im going to start now, thanks for the tips. Is there any point in loading other leagues or will all the players i could realistically sign be in my 'load all players from'? (I like to keep my loaded league as small as possible)
  4. Lower League Must Do's

    Thanks heathxxx and Amarog. Im going to start today and it looks like this season will take over my summer
  5. Lower League Must Do's

    LOL.. Fair enough. Well im off to go find my scouting goggles lol..
  6. Lower League Must Do's

    Ahh much appriciated. It seems like its going to be quite tough but I guess if i take time over tactics and transfers and well pretty much everything I should be ok. Are defensive stats like positioning and concentration still as important and how much use would a lazy midfielder with decent passing be?
  7. First of all i'd like to say i am NOT asking for what team to be or anything like that i'm just wondering where to start as i'm looking to start a season in either BSS or BSP. I have never started this low down and i'm wondering what kind of management approach I should have.. Do I treat it like I would any other club just with lower quality players? Is training and wages and staff super important? If there is a thread about this on the LLM forum a link would be appriciated. I posted in here as there is generally more people viewing this. If you have any suggesstions they would be appriciated. Thanks.
  8. Every time I try and load a game (I have about 7 different saves) I get a crash dump. Im on 9.0.3 and played earlier on today. Any ideas of whats going on? :confused:
  9. Maybe VDS was the annoying one. Just because hes a great experienced goalie that dont mean hes a nice person. He could have been all moody and refused to talk to him and called him 'buy buy'. I just mean you never know lol..
  10. 3rd Season with Arsenal I got the Brazil job so its not impossible.
  11. He scores every single game against me for city lol
  12. I agree with everyone above me. This really can't be ignored. It would add so much more to the game. Well done CP
  13. I used to think 'You have faith' meant 'dont worry your playing crap and i have no decent subs i believe in you' but some one told me it was better used on players doing well and it seems to work ok.. Im not sure if individual team talks are better than team ones tho
  14. Im winning at half time and a few of my players are on 7+ I have been saying 'You have faith' for the last season or so, but is this the best thing to say? What do you say and does it work or not?