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  1. Thanks, Barbaric. Nice to know that times changed. So I won't have text mode sim hooligans trying to lynch me, lol. I will take a look myself on those 3d files and see if there is something that can be done. I have tons of beautiful stadiums I built myself, using 3ds, autocad and sketchup. I would love to find a way to use at least a part of them in the game. Thanks again and I will let you know how it goes.
  2. I been out for years (work, family, kids, damn RL things that hamper my career as an ascending star football manager...). But I am getting back, as finally RL is allowing me to do so (watch out Mourinho! I am out to get your job! lol) I have a question: I just bought Football Manager 2013 and I still didn't have time to mess around with it and its files. I was wondering if the stadia are structured the same way (xml file coordinating asset availability for the 3D engine) as they used to be? Thanks in advance if someone can kindly give me the heads up. Couple of other questions: Do we have any 3d stadium specialists here in the community? Has the 3d engine evolved enough so we can go and customize it? Is there any way to import 3d stadiums into Football Manager? If there is one, what is the format for them and what is the file extension? What is the maximum size an resource variables taking? And so on, so forth. I know I am asking a bunch of questions when I said I would be asking only one. And I know I am talking about the 3d engine, and at least by the time I left FM, two years ago, this was kinda taboo-talk (people would curse you and tell you to go play FIFA manager...) But I seriously need those 3d answers, because my main hobby is to build 3d assets for game-modding in general, and I am pretty good on it. From CityEngine to Acropora, to Blender, and Cinema 4d, and Vue, Sketchup, Poser, Daz3d, Maya, AutoCAD, whatever. I got a couple of fantasy and real life stadiums built in 3d, and I want to put them on my game. So, if someone can be so kind and help me, I will really appreciate very much. If not. I was also wondering if there are any 3d buffs that want to get together and build a FM 3d modding taskforce. I will be down to it, RL allows.
  3. Winning Update from that site brasfoot, I guess. Don't remember now. But I like MRTs pack better, because that update is too "Paulista" centered, so Rio de Janeiro's teams are weak. MRT doesn't change the players stats, so it stays realistic like SI made. Those guys from that other update make everything like a "Paulista" world domination nightmare.
  4. Like, 75% of Ronaldinho's salary is paid by Traffic and Grupo Sonda owns half of Conca's rights, so investors are very important for a good realistic Brazilian game. IMHO.
  5. MRT, I am waiting for patch 12.3 before I download your new update. Are you planing to have a final 5 version by March with all the transfers updated and done under 12.3 patch db? Also, are you adding Brazilian player agents (Assis, Gilmar Rinaldi, etc.) and Brazilian investor companies (Traffic, Grupo Sonda, etc.)? And what about news sources like O Globo, Sportv, ESPN, Band, and so on. so forth? I saw another Brazilian update where they have all of those, but I like yours most as yours is way better. However that would be cool to have biased Brazilian press attacking my Flamengo, as they do in real life...
  6. Actually depends. In São Paulo you must win Paulista Federation Cup, so that means any club from Paulista A3 to A1 division can get to Brazilian Serie D (granted they are not already playing at Brazilian Series C, B or A). In Rio de Janeiro is pretty much the same. The winner of Copa Rio goes to Copa do Brasil and the runner up goes to Serie D. But for 2011, the winner (Sendas) decided they want to go to Serie D and the Runner up will play Copa do Brasil.
  7. Mike, that is really a good done job you got there. I been doing something similar since November, except that I been struggling with a CONCACAF champions league restructuring, no avail. Anyhow, got all the logos and team crests you need, besides the NCAA expanded parallel tournament that sends players from college teams to the draft (includes Canada and the Caribbean shield countries as well on it). I will be publishing that as "MLS environment" in a couple of days, so if you want to take over from where I stopped and even merge that with your work, feel free to do so. You can even take my name out of the merged thing if you want. And if you need help with squads and players stats for players in the US states-metros/Canadian provinces/Caribbean leagues levels I can't get that to you as well. I just want a MLS environment I can play, and is not so boring like the one originally in the game.
  8. Hey MRT, sorry to bother but I have a quick question to ask: what are the main changes between your 4.3 version and your 5 beta? I mean, I already edited your 4.3 file, so I added the last transfers in Brazilian market, the TV money for the 13thnt Club's teams, the TV special money for Corinthians, Flamengo and Sao Paulo, the sponsorship contracts for each of the clubs, and so on. So, I don't want to replace the file and have to start a new game for just a few changes in the Acrean championship. Also, do you know this website: http://www.bolanaarea.com/index.htm ? I think that can help you with State championship stats and structures. Seems pretty complete. One last thing, man, I think you are the best advanced editor user I have ever seen here in the SI forum. Your structure for the Brazilian pyramid is kicking some butt. I wish I could have the time and the skills to work with the advanced editor like you do so I could do my MLS environment project. I will post my MLS environment topic later tonight. If, perhaps, you have some time to check it out and see if you can help with some insight in the Editor side, that would be awesome and I will really appreciate your help.
  9. Oh, one last thing: I also created Bruno (the "killer" (not saying murderer here, cuz they got no body to prove anything...) GK), and put him on the maximum injury leave, so he will be back in one year or so, as, IRL, he got 5 years in the pen for kidnapping (last news I heard from Brazil...), and with his money and the "very efficient" Brazilian justice system, he should be getting a parole in 1 year or so. The guy can be evil, but he is too good of a goalkeeper to be out of my game... As Jesus said: "don't judge so you won't be judged", or something along those lines...
  10. MRT I love your work. I had to change some stuff thou, because I am playing a Flamengo recovery season in 2011, so I had to destroy Flamengo (as they are doing in real life as we speak): no sponsor, all good players left to main competitors, Corinthians got 214 million Real to spend, all other Brazilian clubs got plenty of money, changed its main stadium to engenhao, and so on. I am also, merging it with the Japanese full league that was done by that guy from FM Sweden, so I can get Oswaldo Oliveira to be my assistant coach, as he is one of the best Brazilian DTs, IMHO. Not merging through the editor thou, as it messes up everything, so I had to export the .dbcs and .xmls and then use Stylus studio to mix and match both .xmls for both leagues. So, just some word of praise to you. Keep the good work, brotha. As far as my Flamengo recovery season, if you guys want to know, we doing pretty well. I managed to get some free players, and some unknown reliable average Brazilians from middle east and Japan, so I am on the way to recovery. Lost the carioca to Botafogo, but going to the Copa do Brasil finals against Palmeiras, and also doing good in Sulamericana. Also OO kicks plain butt as Manager, so I got no issue with my recovery, as I meddle at his first teams a lot, to keep the AI from messing up the game. Thanks for your efforts, MRT. When you get success on creating apertura/clausura systems, let me know, I think that is something about the spring and fall stages in the Editor advanced panels, but I been too busy at work to mess with it. If you manage to do so, that would be good, as I would like to play an Ecuadorian league. If BF was able to code it for Chile and Argentina, the variables to do it are for sure in the game, somewhere...
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