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  1. I paid £70m for Messi at the start of the 3rd season, he is a beast
  2. permits

    Cant you sign them and then loan them out to an international feeder club?
  3. In my save I am in 2020 and I only have 2 'real' players left, Balotelli and Dos Santos
  4. Takes me around 8 hours to complete a full season. Running EPL and Championship and large DB.
  5. Toni Kroos

    I have got him in my United team and I am in the 3rd season. Picked him up for £7.5m and he is currently keeping Anderson out of the team. He doesnt develop very quickly but his stats are still good for a 21 year old. I am waiting for 2 more years and then I can pick him for England. No SS as I am at work, will try later though.
  6. When you watch United vs Inter and tell your mrs that Balotelli is playing for the wrong team and then proceed to explain why he is so good for United in a 4-1-3-2 formation
  7. club coefficients

    The co-efficient is not based on who wins the tournament, it is based on how many wins you get in the tournament. You get points for wins and draws and it depends on who you play against also. Check the link but it is a very complicated calculation http://www.xs4all.nl/~kassiesa/bert/uefa/
  8. I sold Nani for £45m to Arsenal but got offered £62m for Guardado, didnt sell though
  9. I am in my 12th season for Man United, I only have 2 'real' players left, Liverpool have 3, Chelsea 1 and Arsenal 5.
  10. No insult taken, he had a free role, creative feedom was high. Basically I let him do what he wanted and go anywhere on the pitch. Pompey won the league that year so I had a good team but I think it was more the AMC bug than him or his tactics. I tried a few different ways of playing him AMC but nothing worked.
  11. I signed Kaka for Pompey in the 4th season for £30m, he was AMC and was rubbish. In the end I flogged him to Barca for £24m a year later. The fans loved him to begin with but with an average rating 6.1 he had to go
  12. teams rejected

    Managing Man United I have turned down Chelsea Croatia Brazil Sweden England Czech Rep USA
  13. I sold Saivet to Athletico Madrid in the 4th season for £26m. I didnt want to sell him but he became unsettled so he had to go. 2 years later he get sold to Arsenal for £46m and he is now scoring for fun, usually against me. He has scored 8 goals in 5 games against me, he also made me lose the FA Cup Final.
  14. how far in patch 9.2

    I am in 2023 in 9.2 and no problems for me, apart from it being a bit easy winning everything with Man United
  15. More than 1 assistant manager!

    I had 6 assistant managers on my Man United save so I could hire more coaches. When I tried it on my Spurs save the board blocked it