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  1. FM2012 difficulty.

    Wow, I'm really hopeless at this game.
  2. Doesn't work for me, lame tactic. Lost 3 of 3 friendlies.
  3. El Rumbo V2

    Care to share some more information? What you're saying sounds very interesting!
  4. Just finished season with ver. 1 on not patched FM. Chose Rayo Vallecano and finished 9th in Liga Adelante which made boards "extremely happy". Strange cause media predicted that I would finish 7th. Anyway, good tactic but very inconsistent - produced some great away wins including beating Las Palmas (league winners) in front of their fans as well as sloppy home run with draws and losses to teams worse than mine. It could be because I didn't really have a chance to strengthen up my squad. Okay, let's see what 2nd season brings to us, will keep you updated!
  5. I have FS Esprimo V5505 with Windows 7 Ultimate and FM is working like a charm!
  6. It's Susie Exclusive skin You can find it here http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=118430
  7. Decided to test your tactic with Polish team Legia Warszawa. Here are my results: League table: Not bad, nor awesome, as I am expected to win the league this season This tactic definately has potential, I always eliminated Stuttgart in UEFA Cup eliminations, 2nd round and they are much, much better team, currently sitting at 3rd place in German Bundesliga. Promising tactic, thanks Yerko
  8. I decided to try your tactic with Roma, didn't know that someone already did the same thing Anyway, took over Roma during the season, so no new players. Managed to get my team from 5th place in Serie A to 2nd, got some amazing results.
  9. I decided to try this tactic with my newly promoted Zaragoza side. Im currently 8 matches into season and sitting at the 4th place in league, which imo is great for team reckoned as half table finishers. Match record: Draw H vs Sociedad - 0:0 (Extremely unlucky as I dominated in all areas, but unfortunately unable to convert chances into goals) Win A vs Malaga - 1:0 (Easy win) Lose H vs Valencia - 1:2 (Very close game, Villa was in top form) Draw A vs Racing - 1:1 (Again, very close game) Win H vs Valladolid - 3:1 (Won, despite getting red card in 10th minute) Win A vs Xerez - 2:0 (Comfortable win, could easily be higher) Win H vs Espanyol - 4:0 (Easy win, dominated them) Lose A vs Atletico Madrid - 0:3 (First game when my team just played awful. Only positive side of this match is that A.Madrid is in amazing form, currently lying at the top of the league, with their 8 straight wins, 23 - 4 in goals) Not bad, I'd say, providing that I bought more than 12 new players and my team isn't gelled at all, and they also have to get used to this tactic. I intend to use this tactic as plug-and-play, will post more results and screentshots as season progress.
  10. Hi there lam, After reading your thread I decided to start new game and stick to using defaults. I chose Polish Ekstraklasa team Legia Warszawa. Won all my pre-season matches, signed some relatively quality players and even won Polish Super Cup! But few games later it all started to collapse. I just finished 13th league game, alt+F4, frustrated the hell out of myself. Last games I couldn't do anything to prevent my team from playing really poor matches. Winning 1-0 home while I was heavy favourites, losing to bad teams away. Hate FM atm, but I'm glad default tactics worked for you.