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  1. Lowestoft Town FC - End of Season 2029/30 13th in Premier League Final League Table | Squad| Transfers | Schedule 1+2 | Awards | Season Review | Finances | Dynamics Lookback As expected this season was going to be harder than the previous one. We started horribly with 7 losses in the first 7 games. We only managed to pick up 4 wins and a draw until the new year. Placing us in relegation territory. Thankfully we managed to pick ourselves up in January and collected 4 wins in a row against other relegation candidates - with a great defensive performance as well! Only conceding 1 goal in the 4 games. After 3 additional wins until Mid March (also against Man City :o)) it was pretty clear that we wouldn't go down this year. A strong showing in the final league games pushed us up to the 13th place with 45 points. Overall that meant we collected 3 more points than the year before! The main improvement was our defense however. "Only" 65 goals conceded was a significat improvement over the 101 goals last season. However Ugo Savi was having issues with injuries and only featured in 26 league games - scoring only 8 for us. I signed Fran Jozanovic from Dinamo as a replacement at the start of the season for 11,25m €. He's supposed to replace Ugo Savi at some time in the future. But the Croatian Wonderkid wasn't ready yet ... 33 league games 5 goals and 8 assists are his current stats. The greatest transfers we did in the January window however. Wonderkid Sebahattin came from Bayern Munich for 17.25m € - he can play any position on the left and is currently our main wing back on the left. Mark Simmons came from Tottenham - who never used him and only loaned him to Championship sides - we paid 8 million and got a great Winger! He played 16 league games, scored 9 times and made 5 assists. His average rating of 7.34 is top. In goal we're still undecided. Cristian Canu who joined from Juventus made 19 apps but was also out for 1/3 of the season. His stats are still a bit better than Karl Lynchs - but the Irishman did catch up. Outlook We're going to aim for a mid table finish ... I think the potential is there to move into a single digit table spot. We occupied the 9th spot taking only the final 19 games into account. I'm not going to do a major revamp to the squad since I'm quite confident that the current lads have what I takes. If all my players stay that is. Good news from the youth front: We've been upgraded to Youth Level 2 and U23 and U19 are both playing regular league games in the next season. Additionally we're going to increase our stadium to around 20.000 seats and will be playing in Norwichs stadium for the next season. Finances are looking okish - though the next years wage budget is still only around 40m € ... but with 80m € transfer budget. Not looking to spend that much next season ... but hey who knows whom my scouts discover
  2. Lowestoft Town FC - End of Season 2028/29 14th in Premier League Final League Table | Squad| Transfers | Schedule 1+2 | Awards | Season Review | Finances | Dynamics Lookback So our first Premier League season is behind us ... and somehow we managed to avoid the drop. In the end it wasn't as close as I had assumed and we could secure another year of Premier League football with 2 games still to go. As mentioned before I decided to take a rather cautious approach: signing 11 players and only spending around 7.8 million € for them. The fact that most players that would have given my squad a significant boost wouldn't have want to join us anyway just reinforced my position. With Ugo Savi as my main striker I was confident (he finished 3rd in the top scorer list with 29 goals) and Karl Lynch I decided pretty early to keep as my first Goalkeeper. He is from our academy and has the potential to play Premier League - even though he's even after this season considered to be only at Sky League One level. He did however manage to win his first senior cap for Ireland - that made me happy However the 101 goals that we've conceded this year in unacceptable and hinders us from shooting for a mid table finish. Due to the bug we were playing in our old stadium the whole season ... it only has 2216 seats. That meant that our gate income went down to 1m + 1,2m season tickets vs 1,7m + 2,6m season tickets in the Championship. In any other league this would have been a huge issue ... but the awesome TV deal in England that gave us 103m made it irrelevant. Our facilities are still subpar but we're investing next season as well to improve things (Adequate training, average youth, basic youth recruitment). Additionally we're going to repay our stadium debt of around 18m with the 65 million profit we made from the first Premier League season. Since this season we also have a U23 team ... even though it only takes part in the Checkatrade Trophy. Also our Youth Team isn't playing any league football and is only participating in the FA Youth Cup - Youth Level is still at 3 and will also be at 3 in the next season. Outlook I expect the next season to be thougher than our first Premier League season. From what I've scouted, tried and approached sofar it seems like the players would still consider us one of the last clubs to join in the Premier League and sometimes even prefering Championship teams. I'll try to invest into the squad however. The TV deal makes this possible and also my tight control on our wage budget. Next season we'll also have a "normal" stadium with 13.751 seats - still the smallest in the League but we should be able to generate some income here as well - additionally it will help us tremendously should we relegate back to the Championship. If you would offer me the 17th place next season I would immediatley take it To achieve that we'll need to avoid getting slaughtered by the big teams and in general stop the leak in defense. From what I've seen it's not only the fault of my defenders though. My system is relying a lot on my AM L and AM R that are pretty much excluded from defensive duties. I'll be looking to change this and maybe signing "true" wingers for those positions as well. Right now I'm opting to sign strikers for the wings and play them as Raumdeuter or Wide Target. However those are not my priorities at the transfer market since those positions usually cost a lot more to fill. I'll be signing for all 4 defending positions and the 3 central midfield positions mostly. Additionally I've also signed a great Italian goalkeeper talent that will enter the fight with Karl Lynch for the number 1 position. Some of those decisions will be hard since a lot of my players are close to my heart already ... I guess you never forget your first Premier League team ;-)
  3. Well I do have a new stadium on the way ... it's coming at the end of the season (13.000). I guess the game is not able to handle 3 different stadiums at once for a club? I don't know. I've checked the rules and that's why I assumed we would be going into a different stadium (we did this when going up to National League before) ...
  4. So ... we're playing in our old stadium. 2200 people can watch us play Premier League ... yay.
  5. Lowestoft Town FC - End of Season 2027/28 6th in Sky Bet Championship (Promoted) Final League Table | Squad| Transfers | Schedule 1+2 | Awards | Season Review | Finances | Dynamics Lookback What an awesome season. I was pretty certain that I could avoid relegation easily ... but gaining promotion wasn't the plan. Let's start with the signings at the start of the season Simone Colombi (GK, 36): was signed so my young goal keeper could gain more Determination. Was my first goalie until December - afterwards my young Goalie took over. Since he cost us insane 300k/year he was loaned to Ajax Amsterdam who took over his wages. Ross Bradford (DL, 22): I needed more stability in the defense and he did a decent job there. Was also named Captain right away. Paul Jeffrey (AML, 23): I felt we needed at least a second option on the left wing. El Mhassani who I had already was having issues with injuries all the time and the English season is a long one. 13 goals + 13 assists: he was a key player in our promotion. Marcel Ahrenstedt (ST, 23): Came in as a backup option for Savi and potentially my first striker should I have to sell Savi. Since Savi stayed he didn't get as much play time - but developed nicely. His ratings look good to me. Got 11 goals. Arturo Tonetto (MC, 18, Loan): I wanted more depth in midfield since I was going to loan my own talent into lower leagues. Contracted players took the play time ... he was decent but had issues with half of the squad. No way I'm making an offer for him. Guychel Pambani (MC, 24): Main reason why Arturo didn't get much play time. He bossed the centre midfield area. I have my doubts that he can compete in the Premiere League though. Darren Bartlett (DC, 23, Loan): I couldn't find any centre backs for reasonably prices that really helped me. Since I needed to make something happen I loaned him from West Ham. No injuries and played the whole season. Sonny Crabb (D LCR, 23, Loan): Alround talent in the defense. Didn't get any play time. Besides that I sold centre back Karamousis and my beloved Llewellyn for around 400k. Deadline day was a bitch. I got an immense offer for Chris Adams - who was a determinating factor in our early rise in the table - got an offer from Rotherham. 1.3 million was too much to keep him consindering his contract came up this year. Since I wasn't dreaming of promotion I would most likely not have been able to keep him around. In his 5 league games for me he scored 6 times, assisted 3 times. Was relegated at the end of the season which is a shame since I had an clause of 300k if they would have remained in the league. Oliver Younger - one of my 3 centre backs - also got an offer that I wanted to make happen. But since it was deadline day I would not have been able to get an replacement. So I negotiated hard and told them 250k + loan back until January. Savi didn't want to extend his contract and I got an laughable offer of 700k for him. Denied that. Mid season I was finally able to convince him to stay. I went to my limits and got him an 530k/year deal until 2031 (+ 5% yearly wage rise). That's 11% of my spent salary. No release clauses though. In the winter break I signed Matthew Clarke as a replacement for Chris Adams for 46k. Finally I got a real right winger in my team again. Peter Tait who helped out as centre back and actually was an decent left back choice was transfered on deadline day to Rotherham. They still didn't manage to avoid relegation. Idiots. Performance wise I didn't have many complaints. We clearly weren't able to challenge for direct promotion spots and until February it looked like we would be able to finish between 12th and 8th place. Playing possession actually did the trick and we managed to got into the play off spots. Horrible match engine nearly got me to rage quit after losing 7-3 (was 4-0 behind after 20 minutes) against the then last placed Barnsley. Could have accepted such a bad performance in general ... but I just had won 2-0, 6-1, 5-1 and told them after the last game to not get cocky ... Even though I managed to pick up 4 points from the next to games (also against Walsall who destroyed me in the first game 7-1, was the only game not sold out) ... my form and my defense were really shakey. From the next 7 games I only managed to get 2 more wins which was enough for 6th place. In the end it was the usual picture: best offense (109) - worst defense (102). Only 12 goals from corners though. Playoff games against Bournemouth and I really though I would go out there. However my team suprised me. Overall I was way better against better teams then teams at the bottom of the table. At home I was leading at half time 1-0 by goal from a corner. Bournemouth turned it around within 6 minutes to 1-2. Eaton equalized in the 86th minute and Savi got me the W in the 90 + 4 minute. Away I was actually dominating the game ... leading early 1-0 by Savi, got the equalizer with the first shot on target - but before the break Paul Jeffrey got us 2-1 in front again. We gifted Bournemouth a penalty in the 83th minute ... and they managed to force us into extra time by scoring a goal from 30 yards in the 90+2 minute. Not much happening in extra time and by pure luck I advanced in the penalties. Brighton was waiting in the final. The also needed penatlies to knock out West Brom. I cheated here a bit and mid game I employeed my 4-3-3 tactics since 4-2-3-1 wasn't working. Was in the lead until the 85th minute. Ahrenstedt managed to gain us promotion by scoring the 119th minute and avoiding another penalty shoot out! Outlook: So promotion comes at least one season too early for us. The team isn't really ready for this kind of competition neither are our facitlities or finances. My original plan was to challenge for promotion next year or even the year after that (with the newly gained income from the new stadium) I was actually thinking of throwing the play offs ... but hey who knows when we would get that kind of chance again. So I'll try to somehow survive and stay in the league. Finances look very bad since we didn't get any bonus for reaching Premiere League. I guess we'll have to play this season somewhere else since our current stadium is not good enough for the league ... Savi most likely will have to stay here - wether he wants to or not ... the board just decreased my retained transfer revenue to 20%. Budget wise I got 20 million for wages, 25 million to shop. Most likely not going to spend all the money - at least not in the first window.
  6. And just after writing that... we've a date & capacity for the new stadium: Another 2 years in the dump we're currently in ... and most likely 13k will not be enough in 2 years O:-)
  7. Lowestoft Town FC - End of Season 2026/27 19th in Sky Bet Championship Final League Table | Squad| Transfers | Schedule 1+2 | Awards | Season Review | Finances | Dynamics Lookback: So the first season in the Championship has just wrapped up. We did nicely and avoid relegation early with 52 points finishing 19th. Defending remains a main issue ... even though I think we got better after the winter transfer window. I lost against Hull 9-5. They scored 5 with 5 chances in 12 minutes. Not sure if this is a engine bug or just ********. But hey ... I managed to beat Leeds that had a 50 million € wage budget vs my 3.4 million ;-) I hope I get some decent budget for the next season since most of my players already are looking to leave. That includes my main star of the season: Ugo Savi came from Italy and made an instant impact. 39 apps - 23 goals, 5 assists in the league. He is already rated a leading Championship player and could go Premier League. Initially suggestions are that I should ask for around 12,5 million for him. I really would love for him to sign a contract extensions (currently bound until 2028) ... but if he doesn't I need to look for another striker. One special shout out to James Norman! He has been with the squad since 2021 in the National League. He's still my current captain ... and just made the "good enough for Sky League Two" assessment of my coaches ;-) Outlook Main target will still be to stay in the Championship. My great board signed a 2 year sponsor deal ... so I'm not hoping for an improvement regarding my income. I will need to sell main players and generate some income. I hope I don't have to sell Savi ... but should I really be able to get 12 million for him - that would be double my budget. So let's see. Still no news on the stadium ... we were sold out all season. Right now I wish we could just go to another stadium instead of building a new one...
  8. Lowestoft Town FC - End of Season 2025/26 1st in Sky Bet League One Final League Table | Squad| Transfers | Schedule 1+2 | Awards | Season Review | Finances | Dynamics Best Eleven Lookback I needed a break from FM since they game decided to crash on me after a very successful start to the campaign (I won the first game 7-1 and when I checked the stats it just crashed). So the whole pre-season I did like a month ago and the season over the last couple of days. So not much recollection of why I signed certain players. However it went magnificently and we managed to win the league. I'm still not able to field a decent defense ... therefore I was just not fielding any full/wingbacks. 75 goals conceded - 13 from corners. So "only" 17% - however it's less then last year so I'm a bit satisfied with that. Attacking play was simple and Raymond Lee whom I signed by loan turned out to have a blast of a season. 2x player of the Month, 3x young player of the month, 33 apps and 35 league goals plus 12 assists. Cup competitions were nothing special this year though. Since I was doing extremely well at the start of the winter tranfer window I started selling some of my players already. Reiner Berger did just join at the start of the season and was most of the time injured. So I took the offer for 60k + 20k. Will Swan, Junior Tiensia, Joe Redmon and Sam Hornby weren't good enough for this league nor for the Championship ... was happy to collect 50k for them and no longer had to pay their salaries. Also I managed to force another improvement for training & youth facilities. Acutally managed to get 3 decent lads this time from the youth academy. Don't think that they can perform at Championship standards ... but hey I've signed them as backup players at least. Outlook Well I'm already at the half of the season as of writing this. So just a quick preview: I'm going to sign a lot of new players to try an compete at this higher level. Budget-wise we're still a League One team at just 3,5 million. I guess the stadium is the biggest problem here. Crown Meadow with it's 2.216 seats ... it's not going to generate a whole lot of income. We have plans for a 10600 all-seater ... but that's not really progressing. Any idea how long I will have to wait for this?
  9. Lowestoft Town FC - End of Season 2024/25 18th in Sky Bet League One Final League Table | Squad| Transfers | Schedule 1+2+3 | Awards | Season Review | Finances | Dynamics Best Eleven Lookback: We've successfully established ourselves in League One. From the start of the league we were actually playing some football instead of just hoofing the ball upfront. I had the feeling that we could beat any other team in the league without calling it a fluke. However we still weren't really successful. Most of the games still ended with us losing closly. At the start of the new year I decided to switch away from my successful 4-3-3, 4-5-1 tactics and give 3-5-2 a try since we had a overwhelming good midfield (in my eyes anyway). This gave us the turnaround and was also the major reason we reached the semi final of the FA cup - we lost to the Wolves 3-0 ... the first team to really take us seriously. Besides that it was a real uneventful season. I decided to splash the cash and invested 450k into the team. My main signing Darryn Connolly (325k) took a long time to get used to the league but now I'm happy with him - he fits perfectly in the 3-5-2 system. However I still think I spent 25-50k too much on him. Mitchel Candlin came for 40,5k from Walsall and was the League One striker I was looking for. He banged 34 goals, 10 assists in his 52 games for us - noteworthy are his 11 goals in cup competitions I got a new board ... they injected 250k into the club ... I would have prefered the old one with my philosophies still in place - they agreed in January to upgrade my youth + training facilities for 1.5 million though. We raised our Youth rating to category 4 ... not sure what that means to be honest even though I asked for it. And plans are in place to build a new stadium. I have no clue where the money is supposed to come from this ... but okay. No date, no capacity is set yet .. they're planning around 11.000 seats though. Our youth intake we nothing to mention this year ... I released all the trialists. But overall I made the club more professional and installed a Director of Football, Data Analyst and Head Of Youth Development. The biggest thing we've too work on is the defense again. 20 goals conceded from corners is 20% from our 98 goals. I'm looking into that and try to get better central defenders. Outlook: I still want to take things slow. Next season would be the first I would consider a promotion possible but it will need some luck. I want to be in the top 12 of the league though. Hopefully our cup run and the avoided promotion has raised our reputation further ... our main sponsor deal last year was still only 75k. All my players are now reaching a point where it's getting harder to make them better. Hopefully the new training grounds will help here ... I'm also looking to overall the backroom staff. Also next season I've decided not to throw away the Checkatrade cup competition like I did this year I would love to sell some players for cash but nobody seems interested in my lads so far Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy Top Scorer Most Assists Highest Rating 2018/19 Vanarama North 19th 2nd Qual Rd 1st Rd Jake Reed (18) Lewis Taaffe (11) Eze Ebuzoeme (6.99) 2019/20 Vanarama North 5th 1st Rd 3rd Qual Rd Tom Hitchcock (34) Anthony Cook (15) Bernardo Rosa (7.23) 2020/21 Vanarama National 19th 4th Rd 1st Rd Daniel Griffiths (27) Rachid Tiah (11) Lezion Cela (7.06) 2021/22 Vanarama National 1st 4th Qual Rd 1st Rd Daniel Griffiths (21) Daniel Griffiths (21) Marcus Dinanga (7.44) 2022/23 SkyBet League Two 3rd 4th Rd 1st Rd Offrande Zanzala (29) Daniel Griffiths (27) Offrande Zanzala (7.40) 2023/24 SkyBet League One 20th 4th Rd 3rd Rd Offrande Zanzala (16) James Norman (11) James Norman (7.12) 2024/25 SkyBet League One 18th Semi final 2nd Rd Mitchel Candlin (34) Jonathan Llewellyn (14) Mitchel Candlin (7.21)
  10. Lowestoft Town FC managed to go to the semi finals in the FA cup! Great cup run so far ... even though financially it's not that great since we played a lot at home. In the league we at the bottom half but relegation shouldn't be in the cards (9 points clear with 8 games to go)
  11. Lowestoft Town FC - End of Season 2023/24 20th in Sky Bet League One Final League Table | Squad 1+2 | Transfers | Schedule 1+2+3 | Awards | Season Review |Finances Best Eleven Lookback: YEAH! We made it. It was the expect hard season but with a bit of luck and some teams even worse than ours we managed to stay up. My whole "restructing" project wasn't that successful though. I didn't manage to sign many of the players that I wanted and decided to rather keep my cheap squad. Nevertheless I signed 8 players during the first transfer window (3 on loan) to reshape my first team. Additionally I decided to drop the Attacking Midfielder from default tactic and switch to playing an defensive midfielder. This also meant that my captain and promotion hero Bernardo Rosa would be getting less and less play time this season. He already was playing above his level in League Two and his contract won't be extended even though he's favoured personal. No major cup runs this year - at least on the income side. In the Carabao cup I managed to knock out Bournemouth (CH) and Crystal Palace (PL) before losing to Sheffield United (PL). Checkatrade Trohpy I didn't care about ... managed to advance from the group phase to get knocked out by AFC Telford via penalties. In the FA cup we got some minor teams in the first 2 rounds ... then Wigan from League One away - the one that got us the most money from the gates. We managed to draw Liverpool in the 4th round but unfortunatley at home .. also unable to draw them - no big money for us. Even though TV money and gates were still decent. The league went as to be expected. We went to the bottom of the table pretty much with the 2nd game. But we always managed to stay close to the line. Since that was the case I invested around 350k (transfers + salary) in the squad in the winter. Those 4 signings were real difference makers in the end - specially since I could play a 4-1-4-1 finally. Previously I was lacking any capable wingers. The reason we stayed up was a 7 game unbeaten run with 5 wins at the very end of the season. However since we lost the final 3 games it was nerve racking situation. Specially since we managed to lead 2-0 at 4th placed Accrington and still managed to go down to 10 men and lose 2-4. I really hope that we get better sponsors for next season ... the 50k/annum that I got this season hardly makes any difference. The first half of the season I spent ~700k in wages per annum, after the winter transfers it went up to 1 million. Still the 23th placed in wages is paying 1,5 million. Oh and upgrading the youth facilities already paid off! We signed Aaron Green (Defender Left) and already used him in the first squad. Outlook: I'm happy to stay another season in League One. But currently it's very difficult too somehow get some financial space to do crazy things. My wage budget has been fixed to 2.5 million but I don't know how I'm supposed to not get bankcrupt with that. Goals for the next season are to stay up - continue to rebuild the squad and hopefully get a good financial opponent in the FA cup. Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy Top Scorer Most Assists Highest Rating 2018/19 Vanarama North 19th 2nd Qual Rd 1st Rd Jake Reed (18) Lewis Taaffe (11) Eze Ebuzoeme (6.99) 2019/20 Vanarama North 5th 1st Rd 3rd Qual Rd Tom Hitchcock (34) Anthony Cook (15) Bernardo Rosa (7.23) 2020/21 Vanarama National 19th 4th Rd 1st Rd Daniel Griffiths (27) Rachid Tiah (11) Lezion Cela (7.06) 2021/22 Vanarama National 1st 4th Qual Rd 1st Rd Daniel Griffiths (21) Daniel Griffiths (21) Marcus Dinanga (7.44) 2022/23 SkyBet League Two 3rd 4th Rd 1st Rd Offrande Zanzala (29) Daniel Griffiths (27) Offrande Zanzala (7.40) 2023/24 SkyBet League One 20th 4th Rd 3rd Rd Offrande Zanzala (16) James Norman (11) James Norman (7.12)
  12. Lowestoft Town FC - End of Season 2021/22 3rd in Sky Bet League Two Final League Table | Squad | Transfers | Schedule 1+2+3 | Awards | Season Review | Finances (Incoming details) | Dynamics Lookback: What a rollercoaster season that ended with us lucking ourselves into 3rd place. I actually though I could manage to start the season with a similar small group as last year. Only then I started researching the tight schedule and I knew I had to boast my squad with more than complete idiots. This proofed extremely difficult since my one scout retired and didn't come up with a lot of recommendations. I started signing some loans on value of the players alone. And then tried to find good players based on the clubs the formerly played for. Hired a new scout too get at least an idea of new players. Most of league 2 talent weren't interested in signing with me anyway since I was predicted to go bottom last - as usual. The only player that I got that I'd say had league 2 expierence ended up being my target man striker (Offrande Zanzala) - the bad thing about him is that he's a Conga international and sometimes he's just missing in important games. Awesome start however to the season since we beat Crewe 4-0. Then first Carabao cup round and we somehow managed to lost in extra time after leading 2-0. And in the league we only managed to get some draws and we started slowly declining in the table. I wasn't expecting promotion so all was good. However the defense was giving me more and more trouble ... the inability to hold onto a lead was really pissing me of. I started asking for a 2nd scout and got one. He found me an decent centre back that made the team immediately. That started my amazing win streak ... we won every single league game in November, December, January - pushing us to 2nd place. Besides that we did decent in the Checkatrade Trophy we were only eliminated in the final group game by West Hams U23 scoring in the 93th minute. I didn't mind much since the cup was not a priority and I was glad not to have additional fixtures. FA Cup road was AMAZING! Got TV rights in the first round against Mansfield (League 1 relegation candidates) and managed to beat them in the replay 3-2. Another TV match vs Peterborough at home and we advanced 1-0. Then the first big draw saw us travelling to Sheffield Wednesday in the 3rd round. We were cleary the better team (the fielded some kind of B-team here ... 3 were injured and 6 injured on the bench), we only got a 2-2 draw though. The gate for this game managed to push us into black numbers though and then the draw was made: Man City/Middlesboro would be the next opponent. Was very happy about that and even happier when we managed to beat Sheff Wed 2-1 at home (leading 2-0 and only conceding in the final minutes). The Man City game was awesome for the club! Horrible for the team. We lost 6-0 after already being down 4-0 after 10 minutes. Man City didn't choose to rest anybody as far as I could tell ... the cheapest guy they fielded was valued 10 million €. Financally this was great though. Around 1.5m € we made thanks to this - and I immediately requested and was granted new training & youth facilities. The team actually got money together and paid our fans 80k for their trouble of watching this (that's more than 10% of what they were making) ... I don't know what they were expecting - but hey I would have been happy to pay the 80k as well However after this game the team didn't seem the same. We still managed to get some wins (which proved to be important) but our dominance was gone. 37 games played we were sitting at 2nd place - Shrewsbury at 76 points, us at 69, Crewe 63, Plymouth 61. The last games were horror. Managed to only pick up 8 points form the last 9 games - we were losing against the whole bottom table basically. And in a fashion that I cannot explain. Most of the times we were leading 2-0 and then losing the game somehow in extra time. Was not pleasant to watch. We only managed to get 3rd placed because the teams around us were also struggling ... nobody wanted the promotion I guess. So in the end the result was very much pleasing but how we got their really got me concerned and somewhat pissed off. Outlook: I'm going to restructre the squad. I can no longer play those Nation league talents and hope for the best. Most likely I'm also going to switch to more conservative tactics. Not sure who I can get though ... but hey I got a transfer budget of 800k for the new season. I don't think we can/should go for another promotion ... I would take safety at the last fixture any time. However I would also be okay relegating back to League 2 ... but let's see. Transfers: Lezion Cela wanted out at the start of the new season. Some League 1 teams actually were interested ... I had no real intention of letting him go. He had a a release clause at 180k ... so I told him that's what I want for him. He wasn't happy ... cry bitch. He was one of the guys who promoted from the North league ... he thought everything was good - but wanted to leave. I didn't let him since the offers were all ***** (only market value, no sell on) ... however at the winter transfer window I let him go to Mansfield. I only got Market value again but this time 20% sell on and a friendly. His contract was expiring and I was already close to reach 50 points ... so I thought there would be no need to keep him here. And hey my first player that I sold The end of the story is that he's playing League 2 next season because Mansfield got relegated Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy Top Scorer Most Assists Highest Rating ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 Vanarama North 19th 2nd Qual Rd 1st Rd Jake Reed (18) Lewis Taaffe (11) Eze Ebuzoeme (6.99) 2019/20 Vanarama North 5th 1st Rd 3rd Qual Rd Tom Hitchcock (34) Anthony Cook (15) Bernardo Rosa (7.23) 2020/21 Vanarama National 19th 4th Rd 1st Rd Daniel Griffiths (27) Rachid Tiah (11) Lezion Cela (7.06) 2021/22 Vanarama National 1st 4th Qual Rd 1st Rd Marcus Dinanga (25) Daniel Griffiths (21) Marcus Dinanga (7.44) 2022/23 Sky Bet League Two 3rd 4th Rd 1st Rd Offrande Zanzala (29) Daniel Griffiths (27) Offrande Zanzala (7.40) [The formatting is somehow messed up right now ... I'm aware of it but to tired to fix it right now ... I accidentily deleted this post also because I thought I double-posted it ... need sleep ]
  13. Lowestoft Town FC - End of Season 2021/22 1st in Vanarama National League Final League Table | Squad | Transfers | Schedule 1+2 | Awards | Season Review |Finances Best Eleven Lookback: Finally managed to post after I finished this season last Sunday. I bought new defenders + goalkeeper as I assumed I would - but I couldn't fix my defense. Therefore I decided to just play for as much goals as possible. Ended up with one of the weakest defences and the best offense that got us the automatic promotion by finishing first. Cup performance however was extremely miserable ... didn't help my finances a lot. Transfers: Marcus Dinanga, Striker - don't know why nobody used him ... his stats looked good to me so I signed him. 39 apps, 25 goals, 17 assists - all good. He was last season in Vanarama South only playing 4 games ... god knows why. Daniel Griffiths, Striker - Loaned him the previous season ... and he looked good enough (20 goals) ... this season he was part of my amazing offense. 43 apps, 19 goals, 21 assists - The assists in the league (19) were a new record for the league. Neal Osborn, Goalkeeper - He actually declined over the season ... I'm thinking off offloading him - but his contract auto extended after the promotion. James Norman, Midfielder - His stats looked great, was meant to help organize in the midfield. He played a lot but was mostly under the radar due to my amazing strikers. (41 games, 1 goal, 4 assists) Ed Luer, Striker Loan - needed a backup up front mid season ... he came in and did a decent job. 32 apps, 18 goals, 11 assists Outlook: I guess I'll try the same tactic in the new season. Most of my players are still under contract and I'll try and replicate what we did this season. I hope for a good mid-table finish. But we need to advance in the cups as well ... money is very tight right now. Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy Top Scorer Most Assists Highest Rating --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 Vanarama North 19th 2nd Qual Rd 1st Rd Jake Reed (18) Lewis Taaffe (11) Eze Ebuzoeme (6.99) 2019/20 Vanarama North 5th 1st Rd 3rd Qual Rd Tom Hitchcock (34) Anthony Cook (15) Bernardo Rosa (7.23) 2020/21 Vanarama National 19th 4th Rd 1st Rd Daniel Griffiths (27) Rachid Tiah (11) Lezion Cela (7.06) 2021/22 Vanarama National 1st 4th Qual Rd 1st Rd Marcus Dinanga (25) Daniel Griffiths (21) Marcus Dinanga (7.44)
  14. Lowestoft Town FC - End of Season 2020/21 19th in Vanarama National League Final League Table | Squad | Transfers | Schedule 1+2+3 | Awards | Season Review | Dynamics | Finances Best Eleven Lookback: So we went professional this year. This was much more of an issue than I though since everybody wanted way more wages (obviously, d'oh). We had an pretty uneventful season with the exception of the FA cup. We progressed to the 4th round where we were easily defeated by Brighton with 7-4. But financally this was a bliss. Ended up with a profit of roughly 200k € - this should help us for the next season and attract some talent. We extended our stadium to fit the league requirements ... costed us about 800k € - and a loan that we'll have to pay back until 2030. Additionally I found out that I was spending 6k/year for the idiots from my academy ... #facepalm stopped this, this year. I have to admit that I started simming games at the start of March since I was too far off of either side of the table ... Transfers (noteworthy): Nothing happening here really. I was mostly busy keeping my main players on full time contracts and unable to afford any improvements with new contracts. Therefore I signed 3 strikers on loan, 2 centre backs on loan ... on left/right winger on a hot prospect contract, one striker on a hot prospect contract. None really stood out. Daniel Griffiths had a great run for us though - he scored 27 goals in 47 (1) games. Outlook: Better finances, better players next year? I really need to address my defense. So I'm most likely getting 4 new defenders + goalkeeper. I want to finish in the top 10 next season and with a bit of luck and good signings I could see us make the play-offs. Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy Top Scorer Most Assists Highest Rating --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 Vanarama North 19th 2nd Qual Rd 1st Rd Jake Reed (18) Lewis Taaffe (11) Eze Ebuzoeme (6.99) 2019/20 Vanarama North 5th 1st Rd 3rd Qual Rd Tom Hitchcock (34) Anthony Cook (15) Bernardo Rosa (7.23) 2020/21 Vanarama National 19th 4th Rd 1st Rd Daniel Griffiths (27) Rachid Tiah (11) Lezion Cela (7.06) 2021/22 Vanarama National
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