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  1. How about this guy:
  2. How do you change your match engine from 3D to just 2D blobs?
  3. Think I'm going to do this, as I don't have enough money for any good players I'm facing a lond, hard season...
  4. Cheers
  5. I'm from Cardiff and a City season ticket holder And all positions tbh
  6. Could anyone give me advice on who to buy for Cardiff? I've just been promoted to the Premiership.
  7. How would it work with the match engine? :confused:
  8. Ah okay, I was thinking of when you're one of a couple of clubs after a player, doesn't it tell you how much he's been offered by the other club(s) in the contract offer screen?
  9. Looks like news
  10. Doesn't it say on the news report? :confused:
  11. And I said it isn't unfair
  12. Wondering how long ago 2008 was.
  13. Ppm

    Maybe one defender who stays on his feet, one who dives in?
  14. What year is this in?
  15. What's unfair about it? He hasn't made the grade, so they let him go.