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    Hi im Adam Johnson and i support Chelsea, my fave player is Micheal Ballack

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    In my house


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    Chelsea and Footbll manager

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    Chelsea of course
  1. Retirement Bug???

    You can retire me anyday Is there actually a retirement bug cos i didnt know?
  2. unbeatable

    Really! Your gay too? You wanna meet up? I have been unbeaten for 23 games in fm08
  3. Please Please Help

    its ok a gay is always ready to help
  4. Patch 2.0..

    I want 2 find a gay man on here while i help people
  5. The Official Waiting For The Mac Patch Thread

    This is confusing, even for a gay
  6. yes laptops for gays have usb so straight ones should
  7. Patch 2.0..

    Gay man looking for other gays . It has been posted so i think you should search for it
  8. How much money have you made?

    i made 30m from a transfer but im gay so...
  9. David Beckham's Loan move to Milan

    hes not worthy yo!
  10. unbeatable

    Im gay so i get tht feeling alot
  11. New transfer system is amazing

    YES it is just simply fanatically astonoshingly good! Wats the point of this thread?
  12. Motd

    Dont argue in my post or you will have me to go through!
  13. bonjour mon équipe est chelsea et j'ai été chargé en bas avec les blessures et je veux savoir qui est bon RB et Gréviste, pouvez-vous m'aider ?
  14. Motd

    lol you guys made me laugh
  15. Bojan for free!!!

    Fake, fake, fake!