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  1. Hey everyone, This might be a bit of a stupid question but I was wondering if the Beta is worth playing. What I mean is that I have access to it having pre-ordered the game, but I am just asking if it is worth investing my time in a new game that I will look to play for a while or if I should just wait til the official release? Thanks all.
  2. Very interesting recommendations, hadn't thought of quite a few of them so thank you very much RTH. I am attempting to play a quick possession game with very high pressing which is why I've pushed the defensive line even further up and play attacking in order to actually close down their GK/DFers. Perhaps it's too far up though like you say and I should remove a few of these instructions. About an even spread of shots missed and shots blocked I would say so there is no obvious pattern there and they are coming from the 3 AMCs and the striker mostly. What do you suggest I do if I want to keep the Fluid setting? What sort of roles should be changed, especially for the 3 AMCs behind the striker. I've tried to keep the same settings for every match as I want to impose my play on others rather than have to compromise. I'll try to play with some settings a bit more and will report back for some more feedback.
  3. Hey, currently playing with Southampton with a narrow 4-2-3-1 formation and I'm not doing too badly but I can't seem to understand why I'm getting a lot of shots on goal but very very are on target. Looking at match reports and the like it seems that the shots are realistic shots from inside the box etc but they always seem to be going off target whereas other stats like tackles, possession all look good. Any thoughts? Starting XI is: GK: Boruc DL: Shaw (CWB) DR: Clyne (CWB) DC: Balanta (CB) DC: Lovren (CB) MC: Yacob (DLP/D) MC: Wayama/Obiang (BWM/S) AMC: Lallana (T) AMC: Ward-Prowse (AM/S) AMC: Ramirez (T) FC: Lambert (DLP/A) Team instructions Possession: Retain Possession, Shorter Passing, Work ball into box, Play out of Defence Penetration: Look for Overlap Shape: Push Higher Up, Roam from Positions Defending: Hassle Opponents, Stay on Feet, Tight Marking, Off-side Trap General: Higher Tempo Mentality: Attacking, Fluid
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