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  1. Why would you play the striker on support and not attack duty? And does it make more sense to change the fullbacks to play as Wingbacks on support duty? Btw, Sassuolo is a midtable team in Italy, predicted to finish 10th. So I don't expect to beat the top teams, but I do expect to be able to outplay and defeat teams that are predicted to finish 15th-20th.
  2. Tested the tactic. Played against teams that I should be able to beat. Getting lots of shots, both on and off target, but not creating clear cut chances. Also my front three are underperforming in every match. They'll generally have 6.4 in rating throughout the match.
  3. Thank you for the input, based on the feedback I have made these changes, Do you see any flaws in the player roles combinations and the team instructions?
  4. I was thinking of using that tactic in home games where I expect to win. And then perhaps go more defensively once I grab a goal or two. What if I change FB-At and DLP-Su to FB-Su and DLP-De?
  5. What are the pros and cons of my tactic? Are there any immediate flaws that you see?
  6. Short passing attacking football, but defensively sound at the same time. I'd rather win 2-0 than 7-2 so to say.
  7. I'm managing Milan in season 1. Only Douglas Costa and Vidal have been added. I want to play 4-2-3-1/4-3-2-1. It doesn't matter if the central midfielder is playing as a DM or AM. What player roles and team instructions should I use, and why?
  8. I'm playing as Roma in Serie A, and these are our results Lecce Away (4-0 win) Genoa Home (4-0 win) Cagliari Home (1-1 draw) Rosenborg Home (2-0 win) Inter Away (2-2 draw) Torino Home (1-1 draw, Torino played with 10 men for the complete second half) Please provide insight on what I'm doing wrong, and why I went from winning 4-0 twice, to not being able to defeat Cagliari and Torino at home.
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