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  1. Well done on winning the league. Hopefully you get that stadium approved soon.
  2. I don't know the ins-and-outs of reputation and coaching badges. However, I would hate to think you could start as a team predicted 20th (for easy points) and move on based on reputation. Seems logical to keep the same team for the challenge. Personally, I'm going to start this weekend - work has had me too busy to start immediately. Not decided if I want to start with a top team like Bayern or try to build a lower team up. I'm thinking I could use Ones/Twos as buffers for my 'squad-building' seasons.
  3. I assumed he meant the coding for showing the club career rather than screenshots - like at the end of Bartrcm's post. But I don't actually know the answer.
  4. Does it make dominating the Champions League easier in the later game? I know in games I've played it is usually teams from nations I have loaded who win the Champions League.
  5. Out of interest, dafuge, what nations do you run on your game? Is it just England?
  6. Football Manager Yahtzee The dice game of Yahtzee meets a Football Manager twist. Each season you must choose your category to score points in. The Rules: You will take control of a team in top division of England, Germany, Italy or Spain. The challenge will take 12 seasons. At the end of each season, you must choose exactly ONE category to score points for - scoring will be explained below. If there are no categories you can score in for a season, you must choose a category to score 0 in. Changing team during the challenge is not permitted Any reputation Any Coaching Badges No additional languages Scoring System Section 1 Ones - sum of goals in games where you score exactly 1 goal during a season Twos - sum of goals in games where you score exactly 2 goals during a season Threes - sum of goals in games where you score exactly 3 goals during a season Fours - sum of goals in games where you score exactly 4 goals during a season Fives - sum of goals in games where you score exactly 5 goals during a season Sixes - sum of goals in games where you score 6 or more goals during a season Bonus - if the sum of the above six categories add up to 200 or more, you are awarded a bonus of 100 points. Example: if you score 2 goals in exactly 23 games during the season, you would score 46 points for that category (2x23) Section 2 League G/D - value of your league goal difference League Points - value of your league points tally Team of the Year (x25) - Number of players in the divisional team of the year multiplied by 25 Unbeaten Streak (x6) - Highest number of games unbeaten multiplied by 6 (must only be that season) Winning Streak (x10) - Highest number of games won in a row multiplied by 10 (must only be that season) Yahtzee (500) - Winning League, FA Cup and Champions League in a season. Chance (MPx25) - this is awarded at the start of the save file for Media Prediction multiplied by 25. The idea is obviously to score as many points as you can in 12 seasons and I will keep a leaderboard in the next post. I was going to post this idea for FM16, but I'm interested to see how balanced the scoring is first. Here is a simple spreadsheet to use and screenshot as you score. Thanks for reading and good luck!
  7. Looks like he is worth every penny, if I'm honest. He could be the difference between title challengers and dominating the league. Nice buy!
  8. Notepads seem like a bit too much to me. If I really get into a save game, I will end up remember everything about my squad anyway. I do assess my squad at the start of the season, but I do that through sorting by position.. pick out my starting XI... then my subs... then see what else I have to come in.
  9. After finding this story today, it would drive my OCD insane if you didn't win the league. You've done everything else. Getting a new stadium that is named after YOU would also be nice, too.
  10. Unless I'm mistaken, you can turn it off view-only to playable... but you won't be able to access it until next season reset points (like when adding a new nation/league). Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. I chose the countries I did to give me a nice diverse selection - if I succeed in any way and, for example, get down to just Europe needed... I'll probably open up a dozen nations in Europe. My PC is new and pretty hefty in what it can handle (especially compared to my laptop which I ran FM on previously) so I don't mind what I open. I did take England off view-only and got 4.5 stars for game speed, I think. September has been more settled with results - the tactic I adopted from this forum is much better. I need to learn about the ins-and-outs of the tactic system a little better before I can devise a tactic of my own. I hate using other people's tactics because I feel like I'm not putting any effort in. I lost 2-1 to Gainsborough before a disappointing 0-0 to Leamington. But 1-0 victories against Vauxhall and Stalybridge has boosted morale. Three consecutive clean sheets too! I applied for the Tuvalu job... but they knocked me back. Then they sent out a news report laughing off any interest. How disappointing!
  12. Merely a stepping stone. I did consider restarting because I didn't want to play them again. I'm almost certain they've been lacking a manager in previous iterations. However, being my first game on FM14 Beta, I've immediately suffered tactically. I put together a few tactics and tested them during pre-season but nothing seemed to bring me a solid approach. A 1-1 draw to Conference Premier team Macclesfield Town could not hide how bad we were playing and it was further compounded by an embarrassing 3-2 loss to Stockport Sports. I made minor adjustments and persisted, picking up a win against Boston United. The next four games went by very quickly to end August and I only picked up one point - a 1-1 draw with Colwyn Bay. I've sought some help from the Tactics area from this forum and I'm currently rocking the 3-6-1 Gyro. While it provides me a much better grip on the game in terms of possession and domination, I'm still have the same defensive issues with crosses from out wide causing even more havoc than before. I just lost 2-1 at home to Gainsborough. But maybe after a team meeting and a bit of morale boosting session, we can better fit into this tactic and make it work.
  13. I'm going to load up a game and try this now. I doubt I'll put too much into my posts - I'll just give you some brief information as I'm going on. Leagues I've got open are England (Skrill N/S), Australia, China (First Division), Mexico (Promotion League), South Africa (National First Division), USA, Uruguay (Second Division). English divisions are currently View-Only. The database is large and the Approximate Player Count at 38,000. Unemployed and Sunday League reputation as required. I don't really mind where I start, but I want to get to Africa as soon as possible because I can't bear that one division. I'll edit in once I've found a club who want me. Edit: After applying for 6 jobs and attending three interviews, I was left with two job offers. I didn't fancy Challenge Division in South Korea so opted for Stockport in Skrill Conference North. I feel they should get promoted immediately and their team seems to fit the style I want to play. I'm looking to use this as early experience before moving on to greater and better opportunities elsewhere.
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