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  1. This is a brilliant idea IMO. Also would like to see a personal life (maybe even being able to buy a low league club and become chairman if you have a lucrative contract at a big club, hard to implement though? I think this would be an amazing feature!). </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I'm with you on that. What is the point of working up to a high salary contract at the moment on FM? It makes no difference whether you're getting payed 1,000 pounds a week or 30,000 because there's nothing to do with the money.
  2. I'd like to see the player attributes to be ranked out of more than 20. 20 is nowhere near enough to truly represent the huge diversity of talent from the top leagues and players in the world to the bottom of the barrel. I realise that this is unlikely, as it would most likely require a complete rewriting of the game engine, but it's always been my main issue with the CM/FM series.
  3. Oh and another that I just thought of which would come in handy. The ability to "tag" players in your first team squad for use in the next reserve fixture. That way you don't need to mess about with moving them to and from the reserves, and you can just give them a reserve game every now and again to keep them sharp.
  4. Something very simple that CM 01/02 had that I miss. When you were searching for a player by filtering attributes, you used to be able to tell it to match say 7 out of the 8 you set. In recent games it has to match all of them, and you can't tell it to do that anymore. I'd like that back.
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