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  1. @Kevin3, I have achieved only 53% of possession with your guidelines. Any suggestions why? Details: I playing against Man City(away) with my team that has better players then Barca. My CBs are "misplacing many passes straight to the opposition" and "getting skinned all too often" My AMC(Messi clone) "is not used to closing down opponents as often as asked". 78% of pass completion Missing many long shots Following players had pass completion lower then 80%: GK, WBL, CDs, AMC and AML Midfielders made only about 25 passes per player. Only DCs made many passes, near 40 I have watched whole 90 minutes of the match and noticed that my AMC is not closing down opposite GK at all (even I asked to close down GK and all defenders in opposite instructions). He is not very active with the ball too. No shoots during whole match, no clear cut chances, rarely receiving the ball. My Playmaker (Xavi clone) is also not active. He made less amount of passes than DM and other MC. My DCs often makes looong passes gifting it for opposite DCs, sometimes as a reactions on danger and pressure, but sometimes trying pass ball forwards on wingers run. Any suggestions?
  2. I have noticed that Kevin3 did not use low mentality. Is this mean that low mentality is not helpful in possession football?
  3. Diego, I suggest that Pirlo has small number of shot attempts due to his PPMs. He likes to play long balls, as I remember. The-Perfect-Fm'er! , Nice video, love the style of play
  4. @kevin3, did you tried AMC-SCL-SCR formation at the front? If you can try, please post here how it affect the statistics and style of play.
  5. @kevin's possession achieved by brilliant percent of passes completed. 90%+ it's unprecedented for me. Very interesting to see the tactic too
  6. Yes, I can't see how to replicate Barca style in FM. And I am confused with "Attacking/Defensive mentality" option in FM's tactic. From FM logic, if I need to replicate Barca style, I should set low(defensive) mentality to avoid too risky passes, runs, shoots etc. But it affect on risk taking not only with ball but also without ball. If team plays without ball with low mentality they will not take risk in pressing and tackling. And it's opposite what Barca do. And finally, I can't say that Barca plays defensive football, obviously it is extremely attacking, so how can I set "defensive" in FM?
  7. What % of possession Barca had with MU today? I think that probably only way to make it in FM is to analyze ball losing factors for each player and whole team: pass missed, interception missed, tackles missed, shoots off-target, cross missed, etc etc. "Match Analysis" feature is developed specifically for that needs. We should focus on that.
  8. I analyzing all ball losing factors in game, than making changes and play second game and analyzing the factors again, and then third game.... Here you can see the analytics, tactical changings and it's impact on possession: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtA965sN2T3_dG1JMmFfUTNHTDJRMmJmUGlCZkR3Mmc&hl=en
  9. Not works again. I have the same strong players as in Barcelona, but with two Messi instead of one, and my players has better ball control attributes. I see that Barce control the same position in FM like my 53-58%. Maybe position is hard fixed metric in FM currently?
  10. My pass percentage is 80-83%. In periods of time when it near 90% I have possession 70+%, but it is not often. So, I trying to change following: Individual instructions: Crossing only for WBs(sometimes). Runs with ball only for WBs,SC,and AML/AMR(sometimes), and through balls only for single play-maker(sometimes), rest of player are rarely. Passing style: Short passing instead of ultra short. Creative freedom: More Expressive Roaming: stick to position Time wasting: slightly reduced (now little more then average) Adding PPM "comes deep to get the ball" for all advanced players Let you know latter about the results.
  11. I have played several matches with above instructions. Only 51-60% of possession so far. Any next suggestions?
  12. I have summarized all your advices and will try to play several matches with following tactics and then tweak from there: Formation with strong midfield: 4-1-2-2-1 with wingers instead DL/DR All players has very high attributes that helps to control possession (passing, first touch, creativity, tackling, marking) General strategies: "very fluid" and "control" Passing style: very short (I made it even shorter manually for each player) Creative freedom: more disciplined Roaming: more roaming Closing down: press more Defensive line: very high Width: very narrow Tempo: normal Time wasting: very often Play offside No long shots, crossing only for WBs(often). Runs with ball only for WBs,SC(sometimes) and AML/AMR(often), and often through balls only for single play-maker (rest of player are rarely or sometimes).GK - defender collect, distribution to DV AML and AMR are inside forwards, are not crossing and cut inside to give space for WBs's crosses. WBs are wing backs, attacking role. DCs, DM and MCs are ball playing roles SC is deep lying forward, supported role
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