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  1. Yeah something like that. I think I've never done this much testing in any FM before. Yes for me it seemed to work much better with the support roles than with some attacking roles around the team. Also I'm with you with the tight marking. It seems to me that I'm caught more out of position when I have it ticked on than off. With my forwards the DF and CF both on support duty I've scored plenty of goals where the other has pressed the ball away from the opposition and passed it to the other who is in space free to score. I think the biggest issue with this kind of tactic is not the scoring goals, but how to make it work defensively. Obviously we all know that Bielsas teams concede alot and Sampaolis teams not so much, apart if there are some crucial players missing, like Marcelo Diaz who seems to be fundamental piece of Sampaolis jigsaw.
  2. Please do share your ideas as well? I changed the other WB to attack and the BPD to normal CD, as I've seen and read the BPD is really hard to make work in this game. I'm trying to figure what you mean that there no forward runs? Isn't a BBM running forward and the WB's? Also the attackers drop deeper to be able to make runs to the box and on to ball?
  3. Hmm my bad run continued so I was forced to make pretty big overhaul considering the shape of the team. I tried the 3 defender system for a good bit, but it just seemed to work from the beginning a bit and half. Then it collapsed all together. So to save my season I had to go back to a good old 4-5-1 for a bit, but still with more advanced attacking and pressing setup while I was thinking of my next move with "The Sampaoli". So here's what I did next: It's a bit of a compromise of the original as I finally opted against the DW's and went for the WB's instead. I also went on the expense of possession and opted for direct passing, but am pondering of trying normal passing again, once the team gets more familiar with the system. Also thinking of changing the team mentality to Very Fluid, as Bielsa/Sampaoli teams do defend and attack as a team, but atm its still on rigid, though I won 4-0 at San Lorenzo when I went very fluid on them. Also I've been switching the wingback positions up and down depending on how the opposition line up. Vs. stronger team a flat back four and against weaker 2 CD's with wingbacks a bit higher up. Also the Regista becomes a HB, as JimmyGuitarist suggested somewhere above, when the opposition plays with 2 strikers. So am now actually trying the spare man rule in action and so far it's been working. Have been trying to do without PI's as well apart from the goalie, who actually has gone way better with his distribution recently. It's off-season again. Won the Copa Argentina, but lost in the quarter-finals in the Libertadores and finished lowly 5th in the league which was really a low point as was hanging around 8-10 for most of the season. To strengthen my team am in in hunt of BBM to cover Zuculini. Will try to get the younger Zuculini to come back to me as a 1st option and go from there.
  4. By looking at the videos posted by Jimmy up there, they play aggressively when defending and fast on the counter. However when watching a whole game of La U or Chile, it's obvious they don't try to rush things and keep the ball with discipline and the tempo, when controlling the game isn't really really fast, but pretty normal.
  5. Yes! I've been thinking of the tempo aswell. I had a game today which I won 4-3. Was 3-1 down and slowed down the pace to normal and got back to to win it. So there is something there. Obviously myall my players aren't suited to this tactic and I think maybe slowing things down a bit but still playing high up the pitch and hassling opponent can be a way to go in this game.
  6. I'm on a bad run atm. Conceding goals like a madman. Most goals conceded were breakaways where the ball was played through from the centre and the opposing striker just ran through to score. Getting really annoyed with that and can't really figure out how to make it stop. It's not really because the wingback are playing high up, its the central players that cant get the ball away after a miss pass or a blocked pass. Latest example was against Colon as I drew 3-3. Colon scored 2 from set pieces and one from when my other CM's pass was intercepted and played through to their striker, who with one touch pass played it through to their on the run AM, who went on to score with 5! of my players running after him. On better note, my forward line is working well. Goals are look great, when a lot of players combine together to play a striker through on goal. Also few goals from DW's crosses. Though more goals should come from midfield as well. AP has stopped scoring lately and the 2 central midfielders are usually playing badly. So sometimes it seems that the strikers are the only threat to the opponent, and if they are nullified, then the whole team struggles. I might try some different formations soon to make the center more stable and so there would be cover if the ball is lost.
  7. Atm its 2-6-2 again, but yeah I've got into Libertadores final and Sudamericana final in the same year with more or less using this tactic, but fell on the final hurdle. The purpose of this thread is to find more consistency to overcome that final hurdle at last.
  8. Well I like to have possession indeed and with these small changes that I've made using advice that you guys have given me, my last 10 matches I've had a great deal of the ball, which is nice at this point, however only 3 games of those have been the real thing as I was going through off-season when I started this thread. But so far so good. I still have instructions on just push higher up, but I changed it during the game to much higher up and tight marking and I has seemingly worked when I've been leading. Will try that when the games get tougher and I'm chasing a lead to see how that goes. The defending vs counter is still the achilles heel, but I'm looking into it.
  9. I took off the Pass into space and it seems to working much better now at least with outfield players. Their passing has improved drastically for the time being. So there is hope that the Goalie also imporves his passing rate. Without Pass into space it however seems that I do not get many clear-cut chances as off yet. Gotta test more.
  10. Thanks for these tips also, I will give them a try. Somehow I've not tried the Regista yet at all, as the definition within the tactics gives me a sense that he likes to push forward and not hold his position in front of the defence. Its assuring to hear that he actually does drop into the defensive-line. Also I just watched La U - Deportivo Quito from 2012 Libertadores and noticed how much the La U forwards, or maybe just Junior Fernandes, liked to hug the line on left. So trying those instuctions could actually push my DFs to move more closer to the wing and cut inside from there if passed the ball there by the DW.
  11. Nice one, that makes a lot of sense possession-wise. Just like I was saying in the 1st post the DW's get isolated too much, by running down the line and often just make bad decisions and lose the ball.
  12. Yeah I know it's risky to play with just 2 central defenders and I've seen it in-game also, as I usually concede 1 goal at least per game. Obviously I've considered what you are suggesting for the sake of defensive balance and in the end I will probably opt for Wingbacks with CB's, but I still wanna test different ideas with DW's to try and make the tactic more balanced while defending, even though sometimes it feels like banging my head into a wall. I can see you have also chosen not to use attack duties in your tactic with Bilbao, how is that working for you? Are your IF's and DLF scoring regularly? and how does your central midfield work? Also the pointer about the DM/HB was spot on, I'm definitely reaping the benefits of that, thanks!
  13. Thanks for the videos and feedback. So far I've tried not to use the much higher defensive line due to the fact that the wingplay has not worked as well as I would have liked. Most of the goals against me come from either wing due to myDW being too high up to catch up his opponent and the CB not moving to cover him. I actually tried the Much higher def. line just now in a game against Independiente with 3-2 win. Their second goal was a 4 against 2. My own 2nd goal however was a great example of the tighter marking and much higher def.line as my forward harassed ball from their last defender and scored. I've also made changes to the shape and roles again, changed the trident back to AP, DF and CF, but instead of using attack duties I now set them all to support and so far that seems to be working a treat, at least the 2 forwards are scoring and getting good ratings in off-season games and both scored against Independiente, which was Copa Argentina game. Also I changed the BWM to BBM again, to see if it work better with an APs. The instructions you are not seeing are the Much higher def.line and tight marking. The second tactic on my 1st post was for a backup tactic, to be a bit more conservative against stronger teams, however as the 1st tactic wasnt always working against weaker, had to use it a lot against the weaker teams as well sometimes.
  14. Hello, I've tried to create a tactic based on Jorge Sampaoli's Chile, a bold 2-7-1. Playing with Racing Club de Avellaneda in Argentina, a team which has given me quite a lot of success in the previous versions of FM with various tactics. When I began I made a tactic based on Cleon's 4-5-1 and had pretty decent success with by winning few titles and both Sudamericana and Libertadores. My main goal however has always been to try and create a tactic that kinda resembles Sampaoli and Bielsa and coming across this: So I decided to base my shape on it, but with forward line not scoring frequently enough I changed the trident to include a SS and AP befind a DF. I've taken quite few pointers from various threads around here and the tactics is working to some extend, but there are still quite few problems with it. So I'd like some feedback of what I might be doing wrong and what kinda stuff should I consider trying? Here's the tactics, so you might get ideas already of what might be my problems with it. VS weaker opponent VS stronger opponent Player instructions: GK - play shorter, ditribute to defenders HB - fewer risky passes DWr - fewer risky passes, cross from deep DWl - fewer risky passes, cross from deep CM's - shoot less often OK, here are some observations and problems I've encountered and which might explain some of the player instructions I've chosen: 1. Goalkeeper tends to hit it long all the time, even with instructions. I think within a season that I've played with this tactic only in 1 game has the goalie actually got over 90% of his passes to my own team, which should be a basic rule of tactic. Is the shout Pass into Space having an effect on this? I've also tried a Ball playing defender in defence, but it seems that there's not much difference of the tactic working defensively nor does it help with the goalkeeper problem. 2. The main problem of conceding goals have been crosses that are played over the 2 central defenders to the inside cutting winger/striker of the opposite flank. Other variation is that the cross is flicked back by the free man behind the 2 defenders to other striker who puts it into an empty net. I've toyed with the idea of using wingbacks instead of DW's but somehow I'm obsessed that the DW's should work as wingbacks in the end and nullify the problem. Though maybe I should pay more attention to the spare man rule used by Bielsa. It might be a solution to actually drop the DW's to fullback positions against certain shapes and opponents. 4. DWS run down the line and get easily isolated with no support when they get to byline, with fewer risky passes i've got them to play simpler and got higher rating of successful passes, but still the problem occurs way too much. I'd like the CM's and attackers to provide support, a man unmarked to pass the ball to. I've tried Box to Box midfielders as CM's but seems that the CM's work better and help me to keep the shape together. However I've recently changed the other CM to to BWMs and got decent ratings from that position also, but still they CM's should work better. 5. Scoring goals can be very hard sometimes, as I've not figured what is the best combinations of roles for the tridente. I've tried various variations to get the players moving around effectively, but with only little success. It seems that the DFs scores most. Sampaoli bases attack around the Attacking midfielder Jorge Valdivia, who acts like a false nine/ten me thinks. Sanchez and Vargas play more wider and cut inside, but are not actual inside forwards nor wingers, so this is what I'm trying to create. I've tried Trequartista and AP in the AM position. Advanced forward, False nine and Complete forward support as attackers, because I think these roles resemble the types of forwards Sampaoli uses, but they just don't work together as well as they should. The current setup of SSa, APa and DFs has given me a new dimension to my attacking and all the players have been scoring regularly, still not as consistently as I would like. 6. The Halfback role. The player there moves back to being the 3rd defender, but throughoutly plays poorly. This player should be my Marcelo Diaz, who controls the game from deep midfield and is solid defensively. I've tried a DPd there, but seems that then the defence is even more open. I don't concede loads of goals, but the ones I concede are usually crucial if I'm not able to score at the other end. But yes there has been few 4-4 and 3-3's within my results also. Also I'm not quite sure how the player movement goes with support, attack and defend roles. I've tried using attack role with the CM roles and support with DW's. Defensively the DWd sounds more solid to me as I've seen my left winger leave his man unmarked plenty of times. Also with the attack role the CM and the players ahead of him seem to occupy the same space, which is not encouraged. Though I bet by looking at the average positions headmap with my tactics that this still occurs with certain players with these duties. I bet there are plenty of things you guys would do differently, so please do share your opinions! Help really appreciated, thanks!
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