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  1. Definitely Luton, they always seem to beat me when i really need a win .They managed to beat me in the FA trophy final, knock me out of the Fa cup, and denied me of winning the blue square premier league by beating me with two matches to go gifting the title to Oxford .. All that despite finishing 12th in the league themselves !
  2. 50% of future transfer of course ..the only way that the two would be equal is if you sold him for 0.. Also you should have in mind that they might not manage to sell him for a profit, at this case you will get nothing..
  3. I just choose "no comment" instead as i find that no matter what i answer some players will be unhappy.. As for it being silly, in fact winning 26 with no losses and only drawing once seems even more silly tbh ..
  4. I don't think so, however, you could try discouraging clubs from making offers to your players in the first place.If a player in my team seems to attract the attention of big clubs, i set his asking price to the highest possible with reject all offers. This seems to help somehow..
  5. FM10: Sergio Canales

    he is pretty good in the 10.2 patch , didn't notice him before that i don't now if this is supposed to happen but he was actually available on a free transfer in the third season in my game . didn't sign him however as i thought that was probably a bug , and didn't feel like exploiting it
  6. also does anyone know what tweaks do i need to help a target man fit into the tactic ? i bought mike hanke who is a decent target man in the game but he is not performing well as my advanced striker , should i change his role to a target man and will that affect the attacking efficiency of the tactic ?
  7. one tactic but so many versions anyway i am using the one with the shouts ( cd 2 better defence) , and i have to say that it is really working well for me , am scoring loads of goal and actually leading the bundesliga in goals in my first season after promotion with a mediocre dresden team however , the defence is still not quite right i think ..
  8. Is FMRTE Advisable

    yes it is a third party application but that doesn't necessarily mean that it sucks or that it will ruin your save or something like that . fmrte is actually a very good application and the chance of it ruining your save is slim if you know what you're doing .
  9. just guessing here , but maybe your problem is that the match engine keeps freezing rather than just being slow. if that's the case then changing to the windowed mode might help.
  10. try using miniscout of course u can do it the "hard" way by assigning good scouts and having them scout the world ,although this way u may miss a really good player . my advice if u don't mind cheating go with the miniscout way
  11. oh and regarding the regens on the contrary i've had many quality mr regens
  12. true the game has way too many good left wingers opposed to very few good right wingers but i guess this is just a reflection of real life anyhow srna has solved the mr problem 4 me