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  1. Would certainly give Celtic and Rangers some proper opposition. Would it be organised on reputation?
  2. Is it possible to post screenshots of the tactics for each position?
  3. Important to limit creativity and shorten passing at the back, increases the possession by not giving it away. Scoring goals i put down to having 2 AMs who are very creative to provide for my striker. Might help your goal tallys. Too much creative freedom and it wont work, you need to find a nice balance and I find it by limiting it to 2 although 3 in the right positions could work too
  4. If you bring in youth on nice wages you can pay almost 0 in agent fees. Its more for established players or when there is great competition for the players signature.
  5. Passing: Should it be on the shortest setting, or on the 1st notch of mixed to allow the occasional long pass, or short in defense and gradual increase to direct as you move up the field? Marking: Should it be man and tight to allow quick recovery of the ball, or zonal and not tight to keep shape Front 3: I am trying to get the barca formation (yes another person who wants to play like them) and the 2 inside forwards work, but should the striker be deep lying, advanced or complete forward? Tempo: Having it slow with lots of timewasting works, but if I made it faster, wouldnt it make the ball move around the pitch alot with other factors helping with ball retention?
  6. 1st season approaching jan. Thinking about buying a back up striker to torres. I currently have santa cruz on loan but he wants 90k a week and ngog is nowhere good enough. Lukaku or Babacar? personally im leaning towards lukaku because he wont dissappear for African Cup of nations. But i could just loan santa cruz in next year as a back up. Ideas?
  7. has there been a successful adaption of these theories to a 4-3-3? I have tried but I can never succeed for some reason
  8. Never thought you could have too much possession
  9. FM10 : Luis Alberto Suárez

    Having them cut in as inside forwards on support can create goals from nothing imo. They can cut back and have a shot, if your central striker is that good he can poach on any rebounds. Full backs I find are better for width but i dont like crosses, i prefer to play my game on the floor. I wouldnt worry about his mentals too much. I did have him on a dry streak once, but he was chipping in with assists that time so i wasnt dissappointed!
  10. in the way of backups, i just recycle through free transfers and sign someone adequete, rarely if ever have reina out
  11. FM10 : Luis Alberto Suárez

    Play him as a AML inside forward, he cuts in on his favoured foot and boots goals. g rossi does the same on the other flank
  12. The only way i can explain it is that Im just being outplayed. 1 vs 1 they win and they get to all the loose balls. Its probably the fact I have it as control and lots of closing down. But if i was to revamp an away tactic and sit back, perhaps play on the counter, would it be successful? Im not sure on how to handle away tactics, i usually just try to impose myself regardless of opposition
  13. I currently have a extremely successful high pressure, slow tempo, possession based 4-3-3 with inside forwards which easily dominates when playing at home, battering the away side with goal after goal. The problem for me is that it is not as effective when playing away. It is only effective a third to half of the time but I was wondering how i could change it to an away tactic to boot goals and win points. Consistency is hard to come by when playing away Ideally i would be able to package it up and upload it when im done
  14. 10-11 season finished. Placed second miles behind arsenal and won the Europa League Major Ins - Coentrao, Munian, Van der Wiel (offered him and snapped him up cheap), kevin and then g rossi in jan. Major Outs - Babel, Kyrgiakos, Kuyt Youth players came and went Lots of rotation giving youth a major chance my 4-3-3 was shaky but doing much better pre seaon for 11-12 season My finanaces dropped to -60m but prize money etc put me back in the black, contract renewals were a bitch