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  1. I had and it had no effect... but i just reloaded my whole machine and that seems to have sorted the problem out
  2. Download will not complete...i am getting this message?? Any help gratefully received
  3. I once drew 1-1 in a meaningless, mid season game of little consequence. But in it, a long serving midfield general, 300+ appearances, captain, absolute warrior...popped up with a 30 yard screamer for only his second goal for the club. I watched the highlight about 10 times it was so good. Then the game crashed before I saved and the goal lost forever. I was heartbroken for him
  4. Thanks for taking the time to reply FrazT Upon investigation, the problem seems to have been that I was using a downloaded db to take me down to county leagues. Something must have been tweaked in there. When I started a game with the default database and ran a season to test, cards appeared pretty normal and in line with what you are experiencing.
  5. I need some help I have just downloaded FM17 after my long term FM15 save ran its course. I have played 5 pre-season games and the first 7 competitive games. In all bar 3 of these games there have been red cards. There have also been a lot of yellow cards as well. This is for both teams, not just me. I did think it was just coincidence, so I ran a holiday test to the end of the season twice; once with 'keep my tactics' and once without. Both tests saw the number of cards dished out remain high and particularly high for full backs. Again, I checked all teams, not just my own. In a 38 game season red cards per team ranged from 12-28. Is this something that others have noted? Any help gratefully received as I cant see me maintaining interest if this is something that cant be altered.
  6. I am still FM16 - started in county leagues with a club I made in the editor...still absolutely loving it and having even considered buying 17 as a result. They are a fake local team to the city where I live...made everything the lowest it could be (rep, money etc.) except the youth academy stats which ae above average...my team is made entirely of my own academy products. I did this because I hate having real life problems imposed on me to solve (e.g. debt). At least with a fresh start club I know any problems are of my own making and therefor a bit more organic.
  7. Jose Mourinho is adamant the game is broken. Manchester United had 68% possession v Bournemouth 20 shots to Bournemouth's 3 Bournemouth played over half the game with ten men Zlatan missed a pen This is so unrealistic and blatant evidence the game is cheating against him. Urgent fix required or he will not manage again in 2018.
  8. In answer to the original question...I watch the games! I'm not sure how you expect success when success is determined on the pitch and you don't watch that part??? As others have said...the game has evolved. The days or watching commentary only and sticking with the same 11 every match are gone
  9. I probably wouldn't sign him back for exactly the reason you said...spoils the immersion a bit
  10. I would suggest uninstalling If you are expecting someone to say "you know what...you are spot on...the game is at fault and you are a football genius whose level of understanding is not matched by a flawed game" you have not spent much time on this forum. I fear your are searching for an answer that is not there and torturing yourself further my result in more property damage. BTW - I broke a finger once after punching my mouse when conceding a last minute goal to lose 4-3
  11. My avatar face keeps growing and then losing a moustache...very odd.
  12. I have tried to delete/verify cache in game and on steam...deleted preferences and cache from my C drive. Moved existing widgets that have not disappeared from the edge of the screen. Still no change. Is there an order in which I should do these?
  13. No...they just aren't there. Weird thing is they have been going one at a time for a couple of weeks. Very odd...I thought it must be some kind of graphics glitch but my computer knowledge is below average. Next time I'm on my PC i'll try the cache thing and move them from the edge of the screen,
  14. Thanks for help all...I will give these suggestions a go.
  15. Cheers Erik Tried it but to no avail I have trawled bugs forum but kind find anything yet
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