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  1. Nearly on page two already! Anyway yeah, I lost interest in FM09 a good few months ago, but I couldn't resist the lure of a new version. Gonna have a bash as soon as it's downloaded.
  2. That's an effin' disgrace!
  3. Not quite winning it, but I've seen non-league Oxford get to the quarter final of the FA Cup before.
  4. Yonezzz

    abandonded by mentor

    I had it once when I was flogging a regen who'd been at the club for ages. But the first time I had it was when I sold an Arsenal reserve keeper at the end of the first season. I don't remember playing him, so I'd be surprised if I was on his favoured personnel.
  5. My two main problems with FM are thus: a) I can't work out how to get my players to do a number of things that I'd like them to do and/or I can't work out to get them to stop doing certain things they always do [without major tactical changes] b) I think the motivation factor has been way, way overdone, and is often counter-intuitive, opaque and ambiguous Now, I really do think those two issues could be sorted by one thing: a whopping great manual. Don't get me wrong, the TT&F was a good stepping stone for the tactical side of things, but I really do feel that SI should give us an in-depth, if not entirely complete, guide to the 'real' effects of all the sliders/settings/stats. I'm struggling to think of how to explain what I mean by 'real' effects, but I guess I'd like to know details of the calculations going on behind the scenes. We all know that shorter passing means a player will primarily pick shorter passes. That's obvious. But I want to be able to know the exact implications for all situations a player might be in. I know (or at least I would assume) that this essentially comes down to lots of formulas, but currently the tactics in general feel too 'trial and error'. I know that's what management is a lot of the time, and I can see the argument that revealing the guts of the ME would cause a huge dent in the realism factor, but ultimately we're all playing a computer game here, and I think too much trial and error leads to a poor game experience. An in-depth manual would help a lot of people out, I suspect. As for the motivation side of things, I am stuck firmly in the 'it's too powerful, and is as random as it is consistent' camp. Too many times I have seen players react in near-identical situations to certain team talks, but too many times it's been seemingly random players who get the effects of a team talk boost. It seems to me as if there should be grades of effects, rather than 'team talk worked on player = play [well] above normal (current?) level'. It'd be great if the manual not only cleared up the exact effect of all team talks (currently there are so many different schools of thought on times to use certain talks), and also the exact (weighting of) factors that need to be taken into account (stats, form, morale, conditions, personality) and how they affect the potential risks/rewards of each team talk. I could see the argument that revealing the details of the motivation factor would be worse than revealing the details of the tactical settings, but I feel if it was toned down considerably then you could still have a far more accessible system that was very easy to understand yet difficult to abuse.
  6. Yonezzz

    Feeder Club.. Eng/SPain

    I managed to get Panathinaikos (Champions League), Levski (CL qualifiers then occasionally UEFA cup) and Espanyol (La Liga) with Arsenal. I was amazed I got Espanyol tbh, that seriously helped my youth players.
  7. It's a hidden figure that might get changed by a good tutor.
  8. Yonezzz

    Longest unbeaten run?

    75 games with Arsenal. Would have been two seasons straight but won the league with 5 games to go so I sent my kids out and they lost on the final day of the season away to a decent Newcastle side. If I kept playing nothing but my best I'm sure I could get to three or four seasons, with a bit of luck.
  9. I edited my ass man up to 20 for everything and let him do it. Seems to be working.
  10. Yonezzz

    setting freekick takers

    I find it the other way, myself. I only have one free-kick taker in my team, a left-footer. He's most successful on the left. The wall will generally cover the side of goal the free kick is on, with the keeper on the other, but there's still plenty of room for a decent free-kick taker (with good technique, I think that's important) to curl it round the outside and in. In all honesty I've rarely seen a free kick go into the far corner.
  11. Yonezzz

    Loans in Iceland

    Nomally open 9:00-6:00. I don't think you can loan stuff from them though.
  12. Yonezzz

    Help please, injury?

    Can you click on the inured players and request a physio report? That might sort it.
  13. Yonezzz

    Alex ferguson

    End of the second or third in mine, caan't remember the specifics. Actually, it was the end of third because I remember noticing he didn't buy any players in three years.
  14. Sorry, my response came across a bit rude there! It's just that my experience (and everyone else's, judging by what I've seen on the forum), is that the reason things like these aren't used is not because the AI choose not to, it's because they don't ever get the option as they don't ever buy players who would need to go to a feeder club.
  15. You need to go back a step and ask "has anyone seen an AI team buy a foreign youngster with potential?" The answer, sadly, is "no".