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  1. FM2010-FM2011 Gambare Nippon!

    wow, it's a great present in this christmas, thanks!
  2. To thehitman47, Yup, you're right, especially staff in JFL level.
  3. To hehehemann and thehitman47, I'm now making an update with manger and staff histories (J1, J2 & JFL), also PA would be modified in order to match the real situation.
  4. To Zigi, Thanks mate. Please check your inbox. Hope to hear your good news soon.
  5. To esbendk, At this moment, I have no plans to make a facepack in the database because there is difficult to collect player's photo in JFL level, sorry.
  6. Yes, those duplicated players not only included in J1, but J2 even in JFL.
  7. I've just sent a PM to you, please check.
  8. Ryo Miyaichi is not in my update coz he didn't join any japanese team before. I supposed he would be added in next version. Another mistake found: Lucas Severino in Gamba Osaka is Brazilian, not Japanese.
  9. Yes, it is a player database file that not including the league system. In 2010, the number of team of J2 is changed from 18 teams to 19 teams, that means 1 team promoted from JFL but no teams relegated in J2 in 2009...According to wikipedia, the league system is full of uncertainty that make me difficult to set up. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._League_Division_2) On the other hand, I hope someone can make a league system...
  10. To Veg It's reli a good question about the CA and PA. Last year, when I set up those abilities, I firstly grasped the following information: 1) ranking of J1, J2 and JFL, 2) CA and PA of some A-League, K-League and CSL teams even some teams in Western Asia. I would like to say the database was mostly compared with the teams in Asian league. For me, when I looked at the result of AFC Champions League (I believed this is a good platform to examine the CA and PA of teams). There were no clear differences between Korean, Australian or some top Western Asian teams. Korean, Iranian or Japanese teams etc showed equal chances to win the champion. How about the teams that not entered into the AFC Champions League? For each division of Japanese leagues, I decided to divide into 4-5 groups. Each group contained 4-6 teams which based on points it gotten in league table. Of course, if the team performed very very poor in the league, for example, Mitsubishi Mizushima, CA and PA would be set much more lower in order to show the differences in the division. Finally, I also picked up some Korean, Chinese or Australian teams in the middle and bottom of its own league table that to compare with those Japanese teams. Hope I can answer your question. ^^
  11. This database is based on the version in fm2010 (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/183835-J-League-players.xml). Features: - more than 1500 players and staff (including the promoted team in JFL level, i.e. Matsumoto Yamaga, Tochigi UVA and Zweigen) - updated players' and staff transfer until 10/2010 - updated players' histories to 2009 - updated players' CA, PA and positions - re-linked the following teams players' histores - FC Kariya, Zweigen, MIO Biwako, Matsumoto Yamaga, Arte - updated Japanese national team and Jap. u21 team appearences and goals - removed more than 20 duplicated players based on the 'fm2010 version' - removed the retired japanese players from the 'fm2010 version' http://www.filefront.com/17548829/japan (J1, J2 & JFL).dbc http://www.mediafire.com/?ktg7ci74m21pe4z http://rapidshare.com/files/432591507/japan__J1__J2___JFL_.dbc *** Bugs I found: With the FM2011 editor, there are mismatching with the database of 2010. For example, when I searched the team 'Albirex' and clicked 'Kurokawa', 'Cho Yong-Cheol' would show in the next screen. Therefore, I updated each Japanese player information by searching their name in the 'People', not in 'Players' tab under 'Clubs' *** This version is not tested in holiday mode. If you found any problem about the database, please post and share with lovers of FM2011 and me ^^.
  12. J-League players.xml

    To Mazz: Yes, you could post your database in this thread, thanks for your effort ^^
  13. J-League players.xml

    To frutloopz: You're always welcomed to merge my db with your update ^^
  14. J-League players.xml

    To magicmastermind124: Of course you can, it's my pleasure ^^