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  1. My impression of FM21 after playing 50 hours: the game engine is nice the user interface - especially in match day - is horrible I don't want to repeat all the arguments already said, but I'd like to express one suspicion: The "user interface" is so bad because they try to make the game usable with a controller. I can't find another explanation why they have omitted so many information screens. Even in previous editions there were some questionable UI changes, but I can't remember ever having such a massiv cut-down on informations and settings. Unfortunately this
  2. And how do you differentiate between 3-5-2 with midfielders or wingbacks ? Is 4-3-3 with 3 strikers or attacking midfielders?
  3. As of the FM19 pre-release videos SI has changed a lot to make the game more accessible to new users. To familiarise yourself why not start with Bayer Leverkusen and imitate the two guys from SI? Choose a preset tactic and let the assistant manager deal with the training. If you want to dive deeper: Rashidi and Cleon have written great articles on this site. Rashidi has even a very good youtube-channel( BustTheNet).
  4. MacOS or Windows I'm running FM on MacOS - no bootcamp. (A trick if you play on MacOS is to use Steam in offline mode. Otherwise Steam is consuming a lot of computing power.) The amount of leagues is no problem at all. I'm sure that I could also play with 30 leagues. The slowest part of the playing experience is saving: how is it possible that saving on SSD is so slow?? MacBook A drawback is that even in Steam offline mode the Macbook gets rather hot and therefore I'm running the fans constantly on highest settings: better safe than sorrow That's the problem
  5. Unfortunately I've only got a MacBook Pro 15" from 2015 ( 2.2 I7 processor, 16GB Ram): an iMac with I7 from 2017 should be slightly faster. I'm running 19 leagues with 50.000 players without any problems. I'm sure that an I5 doesn't make any big difference. The main bottleneck is 3D as sometimes games are stuttering ( on medium settings). Therefore with a 5K display I would consider first to invest in a better the graphics card as your screen will be massively bigger and needs some serious work
  6. My question is: which part of FM needs at most an overhaul? And if this question is too quickly answered: how do you imagine will FM 2023 look like? Will it have a VR match experience? Artificial intelligence for the "AI"?
  7. The medical center is great but also slightly unsettling If I switch midseason from a "Balanced" General Training to "Ball Control" immediately there is a warning of an increased injury risk for most of my players. Regarding this I've got two questions: The warning suggests a huge risk factor. Is this so or is the increase only slightly? Why is "Ball Control" more demanding than "Balanced"? I always thought that only "Fitness" is more demanding and the rest is more or less the same
  8. You can switch off the match info screen. I know this is probably not the solution you want but for me it was worth.
  9. Some impressions after playing roughly 10 hours: Positive Dynamics + Medical centre absolutely great additions; massively enhanced the immersion factor User interface generally the look + feel is nice speed is good more realistic ( scouting, level of information) Negative Match day interface is very raw difficult to use buggy First I was so frustrated with the Match Day Interface that I thought to restart a FM 17 save. Unfortunately Dynamics + Medical Centre are such massive additi
  10. You are completely right. Why can't they define interface guidelines and keep to them? These constant fiddling with the interface means that every year we have to readjust. And as a software developer I can assure you in most guidelines for interface development this is usually one of the worst scenarios.
  11. Is ist possible to hide or move the annoying upload widget while watching a goal replay?
  12. Thanks...I've found it but it is only displayed while highlights are shown. On the fullscreen "Match Information" screen between highlights there is no condition information.
  13. Do you mean the widget in the "Match Information" view? On this widget I see "PKD,Status, Name, Rat, Gls and Body Language" but no condition. And there isn't a dropdown like in FM17 where I could chose additional parameters. Btw I'm playing on a MacBook Pro Retina.
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