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  1. Wow! Battlecry! Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war! You have convinced me. I have to go now, I am filling up...
  2. True, personality is key, but I still like determination. I am sure it's down to nostalgically clinging to the misconceptions that used to be circulated about it. Come to think of it I have never assessed how it actually effects match performance. I just can't let go...
  3. You sir, are nothing but a heathen! But you're right about the personalities.
  4. You could try using one of the old ad board mod packs. I had an FM15/16 one in place at the start of the beta and it replaced the flashing boards. That one has fan flags and banners but there are others that have ad boards - see the skinning forum.
  5. I see what you are saying, and the problem is indeed down to effectiveness. In the real world state of the art facilities and infrastructure don't necessarily equate to the desired output, it is more complex than that, whilst in FM, they probably do - making it work is removed as a factor. All I am suggesting is that it is reasonable to jump a stage or two in-game in order to reflect the impact investment in the facilities can make. In real life, Liverpool are currently discussing moving the Melwood senior training ground to the Kirkby academy. When the work is finished it would not be ridiculously unreasonable for the game to reflect that as a move from good to state of the art. Just a hypothetical example that reflects the options that some wealthier clubs have.
  6. But aren't we attempting to apply objective standards to the quality of the facilities and infrastructure here? The quality of the output is a different matter. All I am attempting to comment upon is how the system is incrementally put into place and how that is a little too rigid in-game, not how to make it work. You are spot on regarding the real world issues, as exemplified by UK vs. Iceland, but they are far beyond what the game can reflect aren't they?
  7. I suppose it has to be a really high profile (or controversial ) target - it was available in relation to Sterling for me.
  8. Just noticed you can declare interest in a player, not just for transfer but also as a top target. Nice.
  9. Sorry, I must not have been clear. You are entirely right about determination, in fact, I'm just as much a determination-obsessive as you. The thought of actually lowering a young player's determination by using the wrong tutor makes my skin crawl It's 15 or nothing!
  10. It's in the back of my mind somewhere but I could be entirely wrong.
  11. I agree that it is unlikely, I also get that it is more than a building and equipment. My sole intention was to illustrate that if the most extreme example is real-world possible, then larger incremental jumps between the stages could, more reasonably, be introduced into the game. Revamping the facilities and infrastructure of an existing academy from, for example, good to state of the art, seems reasonable in that context. The grant process is a very interesting point and, if implemented in the game, could indeed be an excellent reason to maintain the current structure. Isn't that, however, tying a global in-game function specifically to UK/Euro-centric practices? Furthermore, emergent cash rich countries like China (as suggested above) could very well be turning the whole process on it's head in their rush towards a global football brand and FM has to reflect the diversity of the football world. EDIT: just thought that you may be referring to a grant system that is, indeed, global, so apologies if that is the case.
  12. If you look at Cleon's advice in particular you'll notice that the only attributes relative to young player development are professionalism and ambition - From that thread - "As I'm focusing on youth development with the aim of developing/buying cheap and selling for (hopefully) big money then player personality is a big part of what I'm trying to achieve. So for this I need players who I know will train hard and give it their all. What determines this is not determination, that is a misconception amongst the community, what you need to look for in a player is an indication of the hidden attribute professionalism. Ambition wouldn't hurt either but ultimately it is professionalism that determines how well a player applies himself in training. So with this in mind these are the personalities I'll be trying to give my players; Model Citizen – This would be the best one to have but they are limited and in really short reply. In fact so far in all my saves I have only managed to find two players who have this personality. Resolute – This is one of my favourite personalities due to high level of professionalism and determination. While I don't class determination as a vital attribute that players must have there is no hard in having players who do have good determination. It will help with on field events and make me stronger tactically. Perfectionist – Again this shows a player to have high determination, ambition and professionalism but does highlight low temperament. Spirited – Decent temperament, good pressure and professionalism Model Professional/Professional/Fairly Professional – Good professionalism and decent temperament There are other personalities that I could possibly use but for the purpose of pure youth development I find these 5 to be key for how I play and what I want to achieve. Others might prefer to do it a different way and that's fine its just this way works for me This should give you an idea of what kind of tutors I'll be trying to bring into the club. Some tutors though might be brought in purely for PPM training though, I'll go into this more specifically a little later in the thread."
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if the amount of DAs makes no difference beyond the first one. Am I right in thinking that this is still the case with physios?
  14. In the real world is it possible to build a 5 star academy from the ground up? If it is, then shouldn't that be the only consideration regarding making it possible in-game?
  15. Well that goes against a lot that I thought I understood about tutoring. I'm scratching my head now... Can it really effect flair?
  16. Love these features, thanks for the further insights Cleon.
  17. The player profile looks great. Media-handling would be an essential addition for me and I'd have PPMs in there somewhere too. Personally I preferred the orientation of the original titlebar, but I also prefer the continue button in it's original spot... decisions, decisions... This all looks really interesting and I can't wait to see your final vision realised in full.
  18. As managers we cannot personally influence our players the way real world managers do. The tutoring system compensates for this by giving us an in-game proxy to help guide younger players. Perhaps coaches would be more realistic for this role? Or perhaps we could have more scope to tailor the personality or our manager, which then, in turn, could have a more pronounced 'trickle-down' effect? My guess is that the tutoring-system will be phased out fairly soon to be replaced by a more fully-featured 'squad personality' effect. I just hope that managers still retain some ability to directly guide each young prospect rather than relying on some nebulous osmosis effect.
  19. Over-rated one, love that. Paul May to be banned from Anfield!
  20. Just to clarify, tutoring has no effect on things like dribbling, pace and technique. Unless something has radically changed it only works on hidden personality attributes, like professionalism and ambition, plus one visible attribute - determination (which is purely an in-match attribute relating to how players react to adverse in-match situations, a bit like 'keeping your chin up' when things go wrong. It does not help with off-field player development.) I agree that it is unrealistic in the main, but I still love it. So much so that I only buy senior pros who will be good role models to the younger players. It feels a bit like setting the tone of the club and partially makes up for having no actual presence to impose the way, for example, Klopp and Mourinho do.
  21. I agree with how stale many of the interactions have become and I do like your example. It is a shame that we cannot experience some element of the darker side of real football but I can understand why (BRING BACK THE 'ARSE' COMMAND). It may well be the case that re-structuring the whole thing is the best way forward, and SI may have plans. But if that isn't the case I'd like to see it opened out.
  22. I mean the actual script, not the non-existent one that conspiracy theorists claim determines the outcome of all their poorly-managed losses. I am interested in the one for press conferences, team talks, player interactions all of those things that feel as though we have been repeating ourselves for about a thousand years now. I would like to suggest that SI sheds a little light on how these interactions are implemented in game and provides the scripts (if that is actually how it is done) in a handy format for review. Let the community in on what has to considered, what restrictions there may be on types, numbers of responses etc. and then open it out to all of us who are interested to suggest re-wording the scripts and/or re-structuring the process. Personally, I would find the creative process much easier to engage if provided with something like a Word document of the existing script, rather than trying to work from the various fragmented instances from the game itself. However, I have no idea if this is realistic or possible. It could be a really interesting, inclusive and communal project and could help keep the game feeling fresh. Or am I the only language-nerd who'd enjoy having a go?
  23. Personally I'm not a fan of Instant Result, but that's immaterial as I can just mod it out myself. I LOVE that title bar, it is very aesthetically pleasing and does indeed feel modern and fresh.
  24. Cheers suncrush, at least i know I didn't imagine it.
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