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  1. Still no answers as to why Westermann can't tutor Flannagan. I'll try the bug forum.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. As far as I can tell Westermann fulfills all of the requirements to tutor Flanagan, including squad status. Could this be a bug perhaps? Should I post it in the bug section? Scaramanga, I also have a few players - Balanta, Moreno, Sterling, Coutinho - who already have a senior role within the team so therefore cannot be tutored. As this seems to be a new status (don't remember it from previous FMs) I just assumed they were so talented as to be somehow beyond tutoring. It just seems odd that Sterling/Coutinho can't be tutored by Gerrard.
  3. I've brought Heiko Westermann, as well as a couple of others, to my Liverpool squad as both backup and tutor but there seems to be a problem. E.g. Why can't he tutor Flanagan? The option is absent from both of their screens but other tutors and tutees are available. Westermann is available as a tutor to others; Lloyd Jones for example and Skrtel can tutor Flanagan. Westerman - age 30 - rotation - continental rep Flannagan - age 21 - backup - national rep Neither are injured nor is any preferred move training getting in the way. Have I forgotten something? Or has there been a change I
  4. Well, well, did not know that. I am about to become a bit more of a disciplinarian - thanks.
  5. Cheers Gooner and Cleon, that clears it up nicely. I've already read all your stuff on player development Cleon, in fact, the Ajax thread is pretty much forming the core of my current, and hugely enjoyable, Liverpool save. Let me take this opportunity to say a great big thanks. Kevmaan - Interesting, I've never really done much warning or fining (sometimes for a particularly bad sending-off), what can be achieved if if it does correctly?
  6. I think we all know that game time is essential for young players to develop. I have a couple of questions though - Is it number of appearances or minutes on the pitch that matters? Logically I assume it is minutes on the pitch but you never know. Secondly, as I don't know how the equation between playing and developing works, does the quality of a young player's performance make any difference? For example if he plays 60 minutes and has an 8 rating is that better for his development than 90 minutes and a 5 rating? Hope that makes sense.
  7. Thanks for the info, I'll give the upgrade some serious thought before pulling the trigger.
  8. I have tried to check it out on here http://www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=5215&canMyGpuRunIt=Football%20Manager%202013 but it doesn't seem to be there - unless I am missing it somehow. Hopefully somebody can give me a yes or no before I splash the cash.
  9. I lost out in the end, but the silver lining is that I have managed to up my budget and I'm now looking at a modest new build. Thanks for the info and insight Dave.
  10. Hi, does anybody know if/how AMD Radeon HD 7480G would handle the 3D match engine? I am currently looking at a budget new build based upon - AMD A-Series A4 4000 Trinity Socket FM2 3GHz 1MB L2 Cache http://www.ebuyer.com/505360-amd-a-series-a4-4000-trinity-apu-socket-fm2-ad4000okhlbox Asrock FM2A55M-DGS A55 Socket FM2 VGA DVI 5.1 Channel Audio mATX Motherboard http://www.ebuyer.com/406726-asrock-fm2a55m-dgs-a55-socket-fm2-vga-dvi-5-1-channel-audio-matx-motherboard-fm2a55m-dgs Crucial 4GB DDR3 18GGMHz Ballistix Elite Memory Module http://www.ebuyer.com/342441-crucial-4gb-ddr3-18ggmhz-ballis
  11. Thanks Dave, I'm wondering if it is too good to be true aswell but it is good to know that it would cope at least reasonably well with FM. I would certainly consider installing XP as I'm no fan of Vista. It has been pointed out to me that the Radeon 9800 that I had planned to use (if needed) in any new system would not be compatible due to the whole AGP/PCI issue so if I do not go for the Advent I will have to factor in a supercheap PCI card that can cope with FM. Food for thought - quandry - confusion - doubt. Ponder, ponder, ponder...
  12. Hi folks I am hoping some of you with a bit of tech knowledge can help me out. My old, old P4 desktop is on its last legs and I have a very limited budget to replace it. I plan to whip out the Radeon 9800 and re-use it and can do the same for the hard drive and the 2 gb of ram if necessary. My budget tops out at £60 (oh thank you wife) so I have been trawling to find something that will improve my FM experience a little. My choices seem to boil down to ex-business refurbs based on Intel Dual Core processors around the 2.00-2.66 mark (E7300 etc.) but I seem to need one in a full desktop cas
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